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stillwatersrunfast23 karma

Brain cancer took my friend Jessica from me. She was a rock star, a killer Mom and always knew what to say to me to get me in the right mind set. I miss her a lot. Your post cheered me up. Thank you for that.

stillwatersrunfast8 karma

My hotel provides condoms in the rooms haha. Hello fellow front desk agent! I'm behind the desk killing time right now :D cheers

stillwatersrunfast7 karma

I feel bad for her. It's a genuine video about her sadness.

stillwatersrunfast5 karma

Currently night audit because I left the hotel and came back so I got stuck with the worst shift. I hope to move back to day soon!

stillwatersrunfast2 karma

America is the least of his worries when it comes to food. You seen Scotland's creation that is called THE MUNCHIE BOX? Now that's some next level shit!