My short bio: I go by Lucky or Aaron, whichever you prefer. I was a mechanic for a few years, certified and trained by Ford. I went to Ford's course at a college in Baltimore MD, and worked at a Ford dealership. I changed careers some years back, and currently use my mechanical abilities to work on redditors cars free of charge, in the hopes that they pay it forward to a stranger or redditor in someway. I normally pack my car up with tools, jacks, and stands. Then drive to the redditor in need, normally up to an hour away.

My Proof:

My history should show enough proof. It also helps to use reddits search function on justaluckyshot and view the [THANKS] posts made in the subs that I frequent.


EDIT: Thanks for the inquiries and such! Im off to bed. So far I've got about 7 redditors to work with in the next few weeks, so if you need work in the area, please understand that I may take a while getting to you.

Much love!


Woo, I can finally do this! edit THANKS FOR THE GOLD :D

edit this blew up much more than I every figured. I honestly can't express my gratitude for the upvotes and questions. Thanks so much.

I'll do everything I can to help, but please forgive me if I forget what you were asking or the like, there's.....there's so many of you guys. D:

I want to help you all, I do! Just... One at a time! :D

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tattoosnchivalry204 karma

People like you are what I love about this site. What has been your most fulfilling repair? Or most memorable one?

PS: this reminds me of the today you tomorrow me story!

JustALuckyShot334 karma

Answered this up above, copy paste!

A moment that made me feel truly good? Ive got just the one. One of the more recent requests actually... This couple came down to Washington DC from Boston for a mini vacation. On the way, their brakes were completely shot. One of them recalled my post in one of the subs I frequent and PMed me. Mind you, this was at about 4am, luckily for her, I get up at 330am. She told me her problem, asked if I could help, and it really REALLY lifted my spirits through the day. I knew that I was literally reaching across the States. It was a thrill for sure. We met up in DC, I had them follow me back home, we got the parts, got their brakes apart and the parts were wrong! Boo! Luckily we called the store in time to get them to swap our parts. I finished up and sent them on their way. Just thinking about it at the time made me swell with pride. They were 11 hours from home with no money for a tow or anything of the sort, and I changed that. I love changing peoples lives.

greygoat12389 karma

You're an amazing person.

JustALuckyShot70 karma

I'm not, but thanks for thinking it! :D

Big_booty_ho26 karma

Holly molly you're real. What you're doing is amazing. Sooo umhh how does one page you for help?

JustALuckyShot53 karma

Well Big_booty_ho (ha, I just wanted to type that.) (I can imagine someone putting on glasses and sipping wine, "Ah excellent, Big_booty_ho has accepted my date at Wimbledon!")

All you need to do is live nearby, and pm me if you need anything. :D

Big_booty_ho8 karma

Haha. I do take my tea game very seriously. Any chance you're in MA? With my luck, probably not:( ill just ask you a question: why does my car heater smell like gas and how on earth did I break my car phone charger thing?

JustALuckyShot25 karma

I'm in MD. Only one letter away!

It smells like gas because its leaking gas. Donde? No idea :(

You broke it because you probably plugged something in that it can't handle, iPad? (We had a lot of issues when they came out drawing too much)

Check your fuse, I bet you popped it. If you've got one of those splitters so you can plug more than one thing in. Don't, that's probably why it popped.

Big_booty_ho9 karma

I do have one of those splinters.. how did you know?!!!.. thanks. I don't wanna hog the ama so I'll Google the follow-up questions. At least now I have something to work with.

JustALuckyShot15 karma

:D ask away. I'll get to it when I can. There's so many replies! I've never been so overwhelmed with comments!

mecrosis3 karma

Do you pay for the parts? If so do you take donations?

JustALuckyShot18 karma

I do not buy parts, unless the recipient PayPal's me before hand. I purchase the parts though, because I get a discount at my local store for bringing them so much work. Haha.

I do take donations for me AND for parts. If you donate, and specify that it has to be for parts, I'll keep it separate. If its a donation for me, I'll put it in my buy-Lucky-a-house fund

Checkers1016022 karma

If you don't mind me asking, why do you get up at 3:30?

c0de76177 karma

The city needs him.

JustALuckyShot44 karma

That made me legit laugh out loud. Thanks for that :D

JustALuckyShot37 karma

IBEW construction electrician. Work 6-2

ChiptheChipmonk6 karma

My IBEW brotha! What local are you in?

JustALuckyShot7 karma


LulzATron-50003 karma

I almost joined the elevator union. How do you like IBEW?

JustALuckyShot2 karma

I love it. Nothing bad to say at all. Good to meet a brother!

monday52 karma

I'm Broke Every Wed I worked with some of your guys in 2011, that's what they told me it stands for, had me crying I was laughing so hard because there was always this one guy who would actually be broke by wed.

JustALuckyShot3 karma

I block every hallway is what I was told :p

Chucmorris2 karma

Do you like your job? I'm debating whether I should go back to college or try to get an apprenticeship for electrical work. Would you say the pay is decent?

JustALuckyShot3 karma

We make roughly 85$/hr. 42$/hr take home after all our benefits are paid for, all automatic

pavpatel2 karma

$42/hour?! What in the world? How the heck do you make that much? I'm an engineer and you make more than me.

JustALuckyShot5 karma

That's a journeyman's wage in my are :) its a hard job and dangerous to boot.

Soperos8 karma

What terrible stuff are you trying to make up for? Just kidding. You are doing a valuable public service. If the world had a few more people like you this world might not be so hopeless.

JustALuckyShot23 karma

I've never done anything ridiculously terrible, but I've done some stupid stuff that I'm not happy with.

MizzleFoShizzle50 karma

First off, I think what you do is completely amazing. Thank you !

What made you start doing this? Was it a way to keep your skills fresh or just a way to give back?

JustALuckyShot113 karma

Ive always been one to try and help other when they are down. My parents have told me forever that even when I was a kid I wanted to give everything I could to other people.

It started when I was working on /r/loans. A redditor was asking for 200$ for a brake job. I thought to myself, well, thats a fair price, parts and labor, but I wonder if hes in MD? Well, chance would have it, he was. I asked if he would like me to do them and he asked how much. I figured, why not? Im making good money, and I dont do anything with my weekends anyway... right? We met up, I knocked it out, and we said our goodbyes.

After I did that, I thought to myself, anyone can loan someone money, Ill let the givers handle that. If someone needs money for car work, however, I would handle that request. Which slowly led me to other subreddits. /r/assistance and /r/randomkindness mostly.

mynameisalso6 karma

I can't tell if that sub is sad or not. I would feel gross loaning grocery money to a single mom and expect it paid back in a week with 50% interest.

JustALuckyShot11 karma

I don't loan anymore, its easier to just donate!

DeftShark45 karma

You're pretty much a superhero. Anonymous, altruistic, specialized talent that allows you to help local citizens in need. Have you considered a costum for this role?

JustALuckyShot117 karma

Im thinking, now follow me on this one, thinking dirty jeans and a dirty tshirt. Eh?

DeftShark25 karma

Mask, cape and utility belt with a ratchet set attached to it. Also a raspy Batman voice as you explain to them what the problem is and how you plan to fix it. You're a superhero

JustALuckyShot158 karma


Um, my car won't start?


Alright, fuck this dude, you're weird as shit.


DarkAvenger20123 karma

Lmao, i am really amazed by you. God. You're just such an awesome person

JustALuckyShot6 karma

I'm really not. You should check out /u/backpackwayne

ScrdMnkyDst37 karma

How many times have you been offered a happy ending as payment?

JustALuckyShot161 karma

Ive gotten a happy ending everytime I watch them drive off in their car safely.

Sorry that wasnt the joke response you were looking for. Boo OP

STLuNaTiC_v3435 karma

What do you drive?

Also, any chance you'd like some help? I live in MD and wrench as a hobby. I'm a novice and can only tackle basic stuff, but I would love to lend you a hand while learning more at the same time.

JustALuckyShot25 karma

Where do you live in MD?

STLuNaTiC_v3418 karma


JustALuckyShot45 karma

I've got a few jobs going on here soon. Want to shoot me a PM? I can bring you along!

StringJunky14 karma

And that's how you get a sidekick, Reddit.

JustALuckyShot11 karma

'Helperman' is his official title.

mreg21525 karma

Brah in San Diego you have a place to stay. Guys like you are welcome anytime What can I do to help make this a trend?

JustALuckyShot77 karma

What can you do to make this trend? Easy.

Go to /r/assistance and help someone

Go to McDonalds and purchase food for a stranger

Go to the library and ask if they need volunteers

Go to the foodbank and help

Go pick up trash on the street

Go be a big brother/sister in your area

Ask everyone to pay it forward, dont ask for anything in return.

Change the world!

businessmanwannabe17 karma

You're actually creating a chain of good acts. You're my hero

JustALuckyShot19 karma

No no, I'm trying to. I don't think I have yet :(

Maybe next time!

Glad I inspire you though!

gotsp812 karma

But that shit is too hard. Isn't there a facebook post I can like or something?

JustALuckyShot12 karma

Only if you 2 million accounts to vote the cancer page up, then they will donate enough to save that kid. Right? :(

emilvikstrom5 karma

Go pick up trash on the street

This is a great idea. You will probably not get any praise for it by anyone, but boy will the neighborhood look nicer! You need to be kind of altruistic to go out doing that regularly without anyone noticing.

JustALuckyShot10 karma

I don't want them to go out and do it for praise though, they should do it, and hopefully spark someone else to do it, and so on :( don't think it happens though

uzpurnis22 karma

Have you been paid yet?

JustALuckyShot72 karma

One redditor gave me a few bucks for gas.

One redditor gave me everything in his wallet, and refused to take it back. I felt terrible because I could see it was everything he could spare. The point of my repairs is to save you money so that you can live your life! But I was humbled that he was so gracious with the giving.

Though I still did ask him to pay it forward.

Arsenault18511 karma

Reminds me of the parable about the poor woman at temple when the Pharisees were mocking her contribution.

JustALuckyShot5 karma

I can only give a dime, but its all I have.

Arsenault1853 karma

You're an inspiration to me. For a couple years now I have toyed around with doing something like this when I "retire". I'm not shop trained, or school trained, but a semi-decent shade tree guy. I want to got to school, and get ASE certified, and when I retire from them military, open a shop for low income folks charging absurdly low shop labor rates. Parts get expensive, sure, but its the labor that kills folk. 70-100 bucks or more per hour? That gets expensive REAL quick.

My vision is to offer shop rates of 10-20 bucks an hour with some kind of verification that your low income. Getting certified I don't see as a problem. Its the legality of the whole thing that has me stumped.

Anyways, God bless you for what you do for people. I wish you the best, and hopefully you keep motivated to keep doing it, and that you continue to have the means with which to do so.

JustALuckyShot2 karma

Can I work for you? :D

slavmaf17 karma

Hello, thank you for doing the AMA, and thank you for doing the good work, I've seen people reference you a couple of times in unrelated subreddits/threads, just as an example of awesomeness.

As my question, how about a moment that made you feel truly good about what you're doing, and in contrast, was there a moment that made you rethink your helpfulness?

All the best.

JustALuckyShot32 karma

A moment that made me feel truly good? Ive got just the one. One of the more recent requests actually...

This couple came down to Washington DC from Boston for a mini vacation. On the way, their brakes were completely shot. One of them recalled my post in one of the subs I frequent and PMed me.

Mind you, this was at about 4am, luckily for her, I get up at 330am.

She told me her problem, asked if I could help, and it really REALLY lifted my spirits through the day. I knew that I was literally reaching across the States. It was a thrill for sure.

We met up in DC, I had them follow me back home, we got the parts, got their brakes apart and the parts were wrong! Boo! Luckily we called the store in time to get them to swap our parts. I finished up and sent them on their way. Just thinking about it at the time made me swell with pride. They were 11 hours from home with no money for a tow or anything of the sort, and I changed that. I love changing peoples lives.

A moment that made me rethink it? Well, actually it was a few weeks ago, here recently, that I almost gave up. I contacted /u/Poem_for_your_Sprog and ask for a poem to give me the drive to keep going. They wrote an absolutely perfect poem, and I carried on. It was the lowest point Ive been at, during the reddit repairs I mean.

OutOfEffs25 karma

I just want to say that I've been having a really shitty time of it lately and this thread and seeing what you've been doing has really helped restore some faith in the universe. I don't have a question, just want to thank you for making me happy cry when I've been doing far too much of the other kind lately.


JustALuckyShot24 karma

:D Horray :D

But dont cry D:

honestthrowout5 karma

what made you almost quit?

JustALuckyShot12 karma

I dunno really. I guess I thought I wasn't making the impact I intended on making

[deleted]5 karma


JustALuckyShot4 karma

Thanks! I truly hope you can change a life, its an amazing feeling I'm sure.

AshleyBlackhorse12 karma

Any tips for someone looking to buy a good used car that will not cost big bucks in future repairs? Besides the obvious of getting it checked out first.

JustALuckyShot30 karma

As far as cheap and reliable, my most suggested car is a Mazda3. Love those things.

scrutchinmyballs10 karma

My 08 Mazda3 hatchback has been put through hell in the past 2 years and the worst that has happened is a flat tire.

JustALuckyShot40 karma

The hatch? Where do you live? I may kill you for your ca- I mean.... Hey.... Hey buddy.

VegetarianBoy12 karma

What do you think of Volkswagen's compact cars?

JustALuckyShot27 karma

I do not like working on German cars, although, I do LOVE their styling.

Griffin-dork9 karma

Im an ex mechanic as well. It fills me with happiness knowing I will never have to work on these new crazy german cars filled with black magic and hate. That and ford 5.4 triton spark plugs. Oh boy does that make me happy.

JustALuckyShot18 karma

Don't you EVER talk about the Triton plugs to me. The horror.... THE HORROR!!!!

I won't sleep tonight, hope you know

VegetarianBoy6 karma

Follow-up question: Favorite car judged by look? (only look, nothing else shall matter)

JustALuckyShot24 karma

Pontiac Fiero GT

ZombiePudding8 karma

With a V8 swap, of course.

JustALuckyShot20 karma

Supercharged v8 of course.

GallopingCow3 karma

i've got two fieros you can feel free to take a look at if you're ever around my area. ;)

JustALuckyShot6 karma

Are they 88.5 GTs?!

GallopingCow2 karma

they're both completely stock. my first was an 84 SE notchback with a 4 cylinder automatic. my second is the 87 GT 6 cylinder 5 speed fastback.

here, you can see them in their natural habitat (parked in my parents' driveway until my dad and i can get a chance to work on them)

JustALuckyShot3 karma

Good thing you took the photo behind the bushes. Fieros are known to be territorial. I want that 87 so bad right now. The SE, eh, not a huge fan. Dat GT doe.

Shugbug198611 karma

Have you ever considered making a series of videos to help teach people basic car maintainance and precautions? Like a way to help those you can't reach. Oil changes, tire changes, pressure checking, stuff like that. Maybe even a guide for things to stay away from and must have items.

JustALuckyShot12 karma

If I had the technical know how of YouTube, absolutely! I'd love to

professor__doom10 karma

Know anything about GM transmissions? What would make the transmission in my s10 (1993, 4l60e 4x4) go "clunk" on the 1-2 shift (but not on any other shift)?

JustALuckyShot14 karma

Im no trans guy, especially autos, but I would have to guess the solenoids seal on that shift has issues. But again, automatics are tricky for me.

repens5 karma

All weekend mechanics I know say the same thing, that they will fix anything but a transmission!

JustALuckyShot19 karma

Automatic run off of magic, it's true. You need three witchcraft books to get started, it's no fun

ruiz1203110 karma

I just wanna say thanks for what you do! Quick question, I wanna get a Ford focus titanium hatchback but I'm worried about the 6 speed transmission that is available, have you worked on that car and if so, any tips? Thanks again.

JustALuckyShot15 karma

The new "Dual manual" automatic transmissions had a few issues when they first came out. Especially with the "Learning" process of the transmission.

I dont enjoy how the feel, and I dont enjoy the cost associated with them.

Thats my advice!

saintcaylee10 karma

Hi!!! I live in M.D. currently and bought a 2003 dodge neon. Whenever I turn it on it screeches from 15 sec to 1 min. Firestone says its my belt and they'd have to lift the engine quoting me at $800. Is that a fair price for the area? It's been screeching for a year now so is it something that I need to get fixed or can I continue to piss of my neighbors lol

JustALuckyShot26 karma

Uhm.... if its the timing belt, maybe. But Ive never heard a timing belt screech. I think its the serpentine belt.... Which can be done for, oh, say, 25-40$?

Connorthegod9 karma

How to you find the people you help?

JustALuckyShot21 karma

The redditors, I make posts in /r/assistance /r/randomkindness /r/mechanicadvice

The strangers in town, If I see a broken down vehicle, I leave a business card on their window.

redditguy0018 karma

Are you located in Los Angeles? My car isn't turning on help a redditors out :)

JustALuckyShot17 karma

Maryland, so sorry D:

FukDatShit8 karma

How do you feel about the auto technician field? I love working on cars and would love to do it for a living. But the more I research the more I find how unhappy people are in the field. Whether it's the pay or the working conditions just seems like it's not so great. I keep putting off going to school for it because I'm afraid I might end up hating it after everything. Any advice would be appreciated.

JustALuckyShot15 karma

I LOVE working on cars. I enjoyed the work, and everything. But the trade is dying. Theres no money left in it, I strongly suggest you do not get into it.

Simonzi4 karma


JustALuckyShot11 karma

The internet!

Know how isn't hard to come by anymore, and watching how to change brakes on YouTube will get you through a brake job in no time. Hell, a guy I worked with (I'm an electrician now) told me he pulled and swapped an engine just by looking it up. He had basic tool knowledge, but no car knowledge.

The only time you need NEED a mechanic is when something goes to the abnormal. Broken stud, rounded head, torch needs. That's where the tricks of the trade come in. But you can't make a living on the of chance a bolt is seized up. :( boo

imnotdangerous6 karma

I think what you do is great. Hopefully this nothing bad has ever happened but maybe it has. Have you had any bad experience with people? Like really creepy or wanting to hurt you.

JustALuckyShot14 karma

Nothing so far, knock on wood. I met one guy at a storage facility, and that creeped me out, turned out to be a very very nice man.

JamesK8526 karma

I always love helping people and I love working on cars but I refuse to work on other people's cars unless they are my closest friends due to liability and if anything goes wrong in the next 3 months it would automatically be assumed I caused the problem.

Do you ever worry about these things?

JustALuckyShot13 karma

I do, and I know the feeling you mean.

No lie. Hand to God, a customer (while I was at Ford) once blamed me for his brakes squeaking. What was his car in for the day earlier you ask? Ac inop. I popped in a fuse, sent him on his way, and "WHAT THE FUCK YOU LITTLE TWERP. YOU MESSED MY BRAKES UP SO THAT YOU COULD MAKE A FEW MORE BUCKS ON MY CAR EH!?"

People bro...... people.....

thatguy3464 karma

What you do is awesome. I try to help out people where I can. I can do some basic work and as long as the parts and supplies are there I usually do it for free and if I charge I usually do it for a sandwich.

I have a couple questions. I have a 2000 F150, V6 5 speed. My check engine light is on and the code it puts out is that cylinder 1 and 2 are not getting enough air. How would I fix that myself? Second question is, my rear passenger tire is wearing unevenly, basically it is getting a bald spot on the tire that stretches the entire width of the tire and is about 5 to 6 inches in length, is it the wheel bearings that cause that? In cause of reference the rear brakes are drum brakes.

JustALuckyShot10 karma

Well, the rear doesn't have 'wheel' bearings. It has axle bearings. And no, I doubt they could cause tire wear. I'm not sure, by your description, what the pattern looks like. Can you give me a picture?

The code doesn't make sense either. I've never heard of a code about cylinders not getting air. There's.... There's literally nothing but a valve not opening that could cause this. I think the code says maybe 'misfire' cylinder 1 and 2, in which case you'd have to track down what's causing the misfire.

thatguy3464 karma

Thanks fir the response.

Yea, it was misfire, sorry it's been a few months since I've had the code read. But as for the tire, I just got a new used tire on that rim. So I won't be able to get a picture.

As for the misfire, could a bad vacuum hose cause that? I've read that other F150s from that time frame have had vacuum hose issues.

JustALuckyShot4 karma

What motor is your 150? The 4.2 is known to crack the vacuum hose at the PCV. Yes, a vacuum leak CAN cause a misfire, but so can a lot of other things as well. Lots of things!

bwirth23 karma

What state do you live on? Also do you think most mechanics in shops tell the truth or upset you thing

JustALuckyShot2 karma

I think the mechanics are about 50/50 right now. 50% rip you off, 50% are genuine guys.

I'm in MD

Catatac7133 karma

I'm around York, PA. Would you be able to reset an airbag sensor by any chance?

Also, you're awesome for doing what you do.

JustALuckyShot9 karma

Can't unfortunately. Would need a computer capable of connecting to it. Not just a code scanner

Cydro6 karma

You can get one of those EOBD bluetooth plugs, and connect your phone to it with the Torque app. It'll let you scan for codes AND remove them!

JustALuckyShot3 karma

Not for airbags. Right?

bpharoah473 karma

I hope im not too late! i drive a '93 2.3 mustang. when the temperature goes above 80 and i drive the car for any extended period of time, white smoke starts billowing out of the passenger side. when i finally park transmission fluid seems to be leaking out. If i let the car sit for a couple days and refill the trasmission fluid the car drives fine like nothing ever happened.

Is something damaged and leaking when it gets too hot or is that normal?

Would replacing the thermostat help?

JustALuckyShot5 karma

Does the temperature gauge show it's over heating? If so, please for the love of all that's holy stop doing that! Never overheat a car.

I don't know if your car has a trans cooler or not, as I've never worked on the 2.3, but if it's got a trans cooler, and you overheat the engine, the trans will start to heat up too.

YeahImFreeTuesday2 karma


JustALuckyShot6 karma

Let me answer with a question. I've got a Sentra with new tires and brakes, want to buy for 800$?

tommy_s892 karma

Hey man. My 97 ford taurus has some kind of transmission problem. Whenever i accelerate from a dead stop, i have to very slowly ease on the gas, or the whole car like, shakes. this stops after apprx 20 miles an hour and then i can accelerate as fast as i want. im car-tarded please ELI5?

JustALuckyShot6 karma

the Taurus had 2 transmissions, an N and an S model (If I remember correctly). They had a few issues with each, and unfortunately I cant recall exactly what was the issue, but theres a repair kit offered from Ford for them. Probably pricey though. Id throw a trans flush at it, and baby it til she finally quits.

ChiptheChipmonk2 karma

Since everybody is asking about their car problems, I figure I could use a second opinion as well. I have a 2008 dodge avenger r/t with 145k miles, the car shakes like nobody's business while I hit the brakes, depending on speed, faster I go worse it gets, I'm thinking it's my front passenger wheel bearing but I would love a second opinion?

JustALuckyShot3 karma

I blame rotors!

No_Yogurt2 karma

I really dig what you're doing its pretty awesome. I kind of want to buy a smart car are they reliable in your experience?

JustALuckyShot3 karma

I have never worked on one! D: Sorry

jessepinkmen4 karma

Good sign then? :P

JustALuckyShot4 karma

They were quite new when I left the trade, never got the chance to work on one :)

sleepyhollow_1012 karma

What is it like being literally the best person in the world?

JustALuckyShot10 karma

Why are you asking me? I hear this guy sleepyhollow_101 is pretty great.

sleepyhollow_1013 karma

I love you. Marry me.

Serious question: has anything really creepy ever happened to you during one of your escapades?

JustALuckyShot8 karma

I've answered this before, and I know its no fun, but no. :( everyone's been nice and normal. Boo. Just once I would want someone to try and stab me! Wait, wtf am I saying!?

The one time I sat back and went 'uhm...maybe not?' A user asked me to look at his jeep, and gave me an address. I googled the address and it was a storage the woods....

I brought friends along just in case. He was a super nice guy, it was my fault for judging him. I was the bad guy in that situation.

hellyeahranger2 karma

I have a Ford Focus 2010. Do you have any advice to look out for things in particular with this model?

My family has always been pro-FORD, but I'm afraid this car may be cheaply put together and I just want it to last.

JustALuckyShot3 karma

Nothing comes to mind on the '10, drive it til it dies! Keep up on regular maintenance though.

greeenscreeen2 karma

Hey Aaron! I just wanted to say that I was having a bit of a crappy morning but seeing this on the front page and reading through all these comments really made me feel better. It's nice to know there are genuinely amazing people out there. Please know we all appreciate you so much.

As for a question, what do you get for the guy in your life that is really into cars and seemingly has every tool possible? haha My FiL is a crochety old man (but I love him so) and has a literal lifetime's collection of tools. I feel shitty getting him a gift card for holidays but I don't know what else would do :/

Oh, and, while I'm here- I drive a 97 mustang, one of the v6 manuals, and I've noticed when I back up (especially if it's backing up AND turning) there's this sort of...pop. Like a shoulder coming back into socket. It only happens once per reversal, no matter how long I drive around like that, and only happens after driving backwards 2-3 feet. I've worked on our car and my husband has worked on our car and my FiL has and we can't find a thing wrong with it. If you have any insight, I'd love to hear it!

this is really long and sorry but last one!...what do you think of Suburu's? :D We're looking at the BRZ for next ride

JustALuckyShot3 karma

I love subbies, and the brz!

The pop, maybe something in the rear suspension, or something in the driveshaft.

The FiL, hm, maybe something from Summit racing?

shinerai2 karma

Since you mentioned you work at a Ford there any truth at all to the whispers that dealerships will intentionally fuck up something on your car so you have to come back and spend more money?

JustALuckyShot2 karma

No, never in my 4 years did that ever happen. Even on the customers that you wished you could punch in the face. Never.

anythingbabe1 karma

Aaron, you're doing a truly fantastic thing. People like you inspire good intentions all around.

My questions are: where in Maryland do you live? I lived near Baltimore and my car has seen better days.

And what are my chances of being screwed over in car shops? Because that's something I can't afford, but something I expect to happen..

JustALuckyShot1 karma

Near a small town of Boonsboro.

Depends on the workers of the shop. I was an honest mechanic, I wouldnt try to sell something that wasnt needed. Regardless, people thought I was trying to 'upsell' them something that was just so I could make money. Thats not the case. But thats what you get for being a mechanic! Everyone thinks the worst! D:

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Proof? How do we know that you are certified and trained by Ford for example?

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Ill see what I can muster up around here for proof. Ive got my certs somewhere on file.

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Heres all I can find D:

My old Hagerstown Ford hat, my Skills challenge hat from when I helped out at the college with the high school skills challenge, and a watch Ford gave the ASSET graduates.