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What is the number one misconception you have encountered that people have about the blind?

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Lupus is when your white blood cells - the blood cells that help make you better when you are sick with a cold or the flu- decide that your body is a space invader mutant zombie warlord. Then these special white blood cells go and attack your organs, joints and skin causing damage to them.

The white blood cells are confused, so people with lupus take medicines that attack the army of white blood cells so there won't be so many of them to attack their body parts.

I hope I did a good job doing this. I subscribe to/r/explainlikeimcalvin so I tried to do it more in that style.

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Never! Usually every year I use this picture on my Facebook profile for Lupus awareness month.

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I am like that episode where it actually was Lupus. Unfortunately, I am not a magician LOL!

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Were these inmate victims violent or non-violent offenders? Not that it matters in my opinion, just trying to understand.