Hey Reddit. I have a fight coming up with Rory MacDonald and I thought it would be fun to answer some questions for you.

Here is the proof

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sfduck36 karma

do you think if Rory wasn't a UFC fighter he would be serving multiple life sentences for homicide ?

TarecFighter11 karma

no idea lol

Ballacaust300013 karma

How much would I have to pay you to beat the shit out of my brother? He thinks he's so tough.

TarecFighter11 karma

loool. How much can u afford?

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TarecFighter22 karma

a manga hero name Kiichi Miyazawa

jibhalyard1 karma


TarecFighter9 karma

Yep lol

Superminhou3 karma

Super TOUGH lol

TarecFighter24 karma


jrcooper9512 karma

You've only fought once in nearly two years, while Rory has fought four times in the same spell. Do you think this is a disadvantage for you?

TarecFighter17 karma

I dont think it is. I train my butt off for this fight and I am use to have long time between fight from when I was fighting in strike force.

oscarveli12 karma

Would you be interested in fighting Jean-Claude Van Damme for the title of “The Muscles from Brussels”?

TarecFighter18 karma

its his title, I can't take that away from him but I would love to fight in a remake of any of his movie ;)

MetalOcelot9 karma

Hello Tarec. First of all, I am excited to see you fight live in Halifax at my first ever UFC live event. My question is, with news coming out about the UFC using two different sized Octagons (one bigger and one smaller) I want to know if you could choose a bigger or smaller cage, which would you prefer?

TarecFighter19 karma

Thx for attending the show live bro!!! I didn't know about those new rules, I like bigger cage. In the small cage, we end up clinching too much.

Newo927 karma

You frequently post videos of your young son practicing his kicks. Would you want your children to follow in your footsteps and compete in Kickboxing or MMA?

TarecFighter21 karma

Nope, my son did that couple times and he stopped. I will support whatever he does but I would rather have him going to school and play other sport.

peekay4277 karma

who's your pound for pound #1 fighter in the world today? also, how well do you think Ronda Rousey would do if she fought in the mens division?

TarecFighter15 karma

Cain!! Women vs Men is a different debate but I think she can do pretty good.

two_off6 karma

What are the best trash-talk lines you've heard?

TarecFighter35 karma

Chael Sonnen, too many to remember!

Abstroose5 karma

How do you deal with fight nerves? I'm a professional Thai Boxer with only 4 fights under my belt, but I find the nerves leading up to a fight worse than the fight and weight-cut put together. Do you get the same anxiety still?

TarecFighter26 karma

Nerves are part of the deal, the more you fight the more you can handle them but they dont go away. Jean Charles Skarbowski said that he retired because he wasn't scared to step into the ring anymore and THAT scared him. Nerves are good as long as you take them at your advantage.

Nomn5 karma

How is the fight going to end?

TarecFighter49 karma

My hand raised

NLPEI5 karma

The Halifax event will be my first live MMA event! I can't wait! With that said, what's your favorite zombie movie?

TarecFighter6 karma

I like the TV show Walking Dead

ChimpyMehdi4 karma

Hi Tarec, who's your favorite manga character, and why? Also, if you could fight one fictionnal character, who would it be? (mangas or movies)

TarecFighter7 karma

Manga call TOUGH, I would fight Kiichi Miyazawa, the hero!

dj-shortcut4 karma

hello Tarec, Huge Fan and Belgian here. i watched you fight against Hyun Gyu Lim. and have been (im)patiently waiting for your next performance.my question is two parted:

1 = will you be able to bring the UFC to Belgium one day? many of our countrymen still don't know that we have an accomplished MMA fighter competing in the UFC.

2= You are know for your devastating kicks,will you change it up against Rory? or are you inclined to do what you know best. would you mind it if the fight went to the ground?

TarecFighter6 karma


  1. I hope man, its one of my goal.

  2. I am ready wherever the fight goes.

LilWinnie3 karma

Tarec! You're an awesome fighter. I always make sure to catch your fights. What goes on in your head before, during and after a fight? Thanks again.

TarecFighter8 karma

Thanks LilWinnie!!!

Before, I am focus and want to win, during I am in the zone and after I am glad I won.

iamchase3 karma

Hey Tarec- thanks for doing this! Could you talk a little bit about Shihaishin? It reminds me a lot of kyokushin and I reckon it's an offshoot? How difficult was it transitioning to striking in mma? I think you have some of the most talented striking abilities in mma! Thanks

TarecFighter3 karma

My pleasure, its really similar to kyokushin but my coach taught us Judo, Muay Thai and BJJ as well so it was pretty close to MMA, the transition was easy.

Marmks3 karma

Does Belgium really have the best beer in the world?

TarecFighter21 karma


Phoinikis3 karma


TarecFighter8 karma

I hate running!

bad_tenet3 karma

In the locker room or otherwise behind the scenes, is there a fighter who has had an unexpected positive influence on you?

TarecFighter7 karma

Dan Henderson

beachdud33 karma

Glad to see you're back in the cage!

What is the worst part about your job?

TarecFighter5 karma

Thanks bro. I love everything about what I do but I would say being away from family and friend for almost 6 years now.

TarecFighter3 karma

Running in to the GYM! Please keep sending in your questions, I will be back shortly!


The_Spider-Man2 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

TarecFighter3 karma

Kiichi Miyazawa

PornPorn69692 karma

Hey Tarec huge fan here!!!! Who punched you the hardest whethere in a ufc fight or practice??

TarecFighter6 karma

Dan Henderson punches pretty hard

zombiejeesus2 karma

Hi Tarec thanks for doing this! I'm flying to Halifax from Newfoundland Canada to see you and Rory fight and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm a fan of both of you so this is a hard fight for me to cheer for someone, but I'm looking forward to one of you taking the next step.

Now for the question. If you weren't an mma fighter what would you be? Oh and what's your favourite tv show?

TarecFighter3 karma

Thanks for coming bro!

I have no idea what I would be.

Breaking bad was pretty damn good! Didn't have the time to start a new one!

kierandunne112 karma

1.Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

  1. All time favourite UFC fighter?

  2. Your favourite moment in career as a fighter?

TarecFighter8 karma

  1. too many people!
  2. I really like BJ and Jose Aldo.
  3. winning for the first time in the UFC and winning the strike force belt

Indydegrees22 karma

What is a typical day like for you?

(training, diet etc)

TarecFighter7 karma

8am I am, eating + kids training at 10am 1pm eat and rest 5pm second training after, family rest and food

riscocosta2 karma

Tarec, I'm a pretty new UFC fan, but I really enjoyed your fight with hyun gyu Lim. One thing I noticed was how calm you were in the octagon and how clinical your performance was. I saw Rory shut down Tryon Woodley in a fight that reminded me very much of your fight with Lim. Without giving anything away about your game plan, How do you expect this fight is going to go down? I'm really looking forward to the fight

TarecFighter4 karma

Thanks bro. I have to fight my fight not his fight!!

LOWERCASEcaps2 karma

Being that you came into the UFC as the Strikeforce Welterweight Champion, there was a lot of hype around you. Then your fights with Robbie Lawler and Jake Ellenberger (twice) got called-off. Do you think this fight against Rory MacDonald is your chance to really prove yourself? What holes do you see in his game that you think you can exploit? And if you come out victorious, are you expecting a title shot?

Bonus question: Did you like working at a restaurant, a cinema, as a gardener or as a security guard the best?

TarecFighter3 karma

Its definitely the biggest fight and opportunity of my career and I want to take full advantage and win! Holes, he has a lot. We shall see after the fight.

Bonus: none of them, I was sneaking out to go train lol

Perdin2 karma

Hey Tarec,

Since UFC is going to Japan this weekend and you've fought for Dream what's it like fighting in Japan compared to Brazil and the US? Is there a favourite place you rather fight?

TarecFighter5 karma

I wouldn't mind fighting anywhere. In Japan the crowd is definitely more quiet than US or Brasil.

Jordanfr2 karma

I'd dream to see you fight against Nick Diaz : could you try to make that happen ? :D

TarecFighter11 karma

First Rory!

lanadelreyzorblades2 karma

What is your favourite music to train too? Favorite song that gets you the most pumped up? Good look in Halifax!

TarecFighter9 karma

RATM is always good! Thanks

aendrea2 karma

Thanks for your time. I have three questions.

  1. What motivated you to join UFC? Was it your ultimate passion from the beginning or were you led to it by serendipity?

  2. It's a very tough sport you're in. It must affect your relationship with your family. How does the sport affect your family life, and what do you do to support each other?

  3. If you could give advice to young adults and kids aspiring to MMA, what would you say to them?

TarecFighter2 karma


  1. Being the first belgian to go and win inside the UFC.
  2. my wife has been there from the very beginning and she understands and support me everyday.
  3. have fun, find good school and good trainer.

dc12041 karma

1.) Who gave you the nickname "Sponge" and why?

2.) Out of the 15 fights that you won, you only have a 40% finishing rate, and 0% for the past 4 years, are you afraid this will impact your career in the UFC as they are known for disliking fighters who doesn't "pursue the finish"?

TarecFighter4 karma

  1. my former belgian coach gave it to me because I would learn techniques really quick, I would absorb them like a sponge.

  2. I am not worry.

MisterPhum1 karma

Who is your inspiration?

TarecFighter3 karma

A lot of people, especially my family.

dcblackbelt1 karma

If you could fight any fighter on the current UFC roster who is not in your weight class who would it be?

TarecFighter6 karma

Mark Hunt, great fighter

AyJusKo1 karma

I know you like TOUGH, but any other mangas, animes, and TV shows you like?

TarecFighter3 karma

I like DBZ of course. Breaking Bad was good. I dont really have the time to watch more to be honest.

OfTheCircle1 karma

I saw you KO Nate Moore on a Strikeforce card years ago. Been a fan ever since. Thanks for doing the AMA.

I know you've only had one fight in the UFC but you been on their roster for a while. What's the biggest difference between to the two orgs and how they treat you as an employee?

TarecFighter4 karma

My pleasure, thanks.

Not much difference, I have been treated really well by both.

missdanners1 karma

I have only recently started watching UFC within the last year (loving it) and being a typical girl, I always wonder, how long does it take to recover from a fight? How long are you sore and probably have a headache for?

TarecFighter5 karma

it depends on the fight and the intensity of the fight, if you have injury or not. it can last 1 day up until 1 year.

minotauro111 karma

Your leg kicks have been the deciding factor in some of your biggest fights. How do you go about conditioning your shins, or is that something that has come naturally through years of training?

As a Strikeforce veteran, how do you feel Coker will do as the new head of Bellator?

TarecFighter6 karma

I dont do anything special, just kicking and kicking as much as I can in training. I guess Karate helps a lot with that.

Penguinoo11 karma

What does your daily diet consist of?

TarecFighter5 karma

organic food, diversify the food and WATER!!!

Dr_King_Schultz1 karma

Is there a particular type of fan that annoys you?

TarecFighter3 karma

nope I am good with everyone!

redditguy12981 karma

Your fight against Hyun Gyu Lim was great and I loved watching your style. You clearly won the fight but seemed to fade in the later rounds. If you go the distance with Rory, how do you plan on combating taking as much damage/being as tired in the later rounds?

TarecFighter4 karma

After a year off I definitely wasn't in my best. but it won't happen for this fight.

Letmeneckbeardbro1 karma

Where you at Tarec?

TarecFighter2 karma

Running in to the GYM! Please keep sending in your questions, I will be back shortly!

Liqa_mydiq-7 karma

I watch ufc and have never heard of you. Your thoughts?

TarecFighter15 karma

soon you will!