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do you think if Rory wasn't a UFC fighter he would be serving multiple life sentences for homicide ?

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haaa NICE

you know that nickname has been taken, so it whooshed me

but i think stephen bonner needs to give up full rights !

awesome !!!!!!

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hmm.. if this is an 'i wanna new drug' reference it would make sense

hip to be square, i dont think so but may be for the reddit peeps(no offense)

power of love? heart of rock and roll " god i hate that band

i wish you asked if i liked hall and oats or some shiat, another band my mom made me listen to as a child(dont date me bro)

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ironically, that was the first concert i ever went to..i was about 10

and the crackhead bassist lived right down the street(mario)


but i fcking hate them


do i know you ? did you go to that concert with us kids back in like 84 ?? Concert was in Sacto.. was not my idea to go buy a friend invited. so SHUT UP

I should have learned to play the guitar at that point, all these chicks were all over those losers...

that is a pretty intuitive response tho,