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As a Hot Saunce connoisseur, have you tried The Last Dab?

Also, do you think you would do well on the YouTube show Hot Ones?

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If you get on it, good luck. Would be interesting to watch.

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Where their xmen characters you wanted to use but couldn't because they have plans elsewhere or because of the R rating?

Also, favourite mutant? Any plans for Cable?

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With what happened in Ottawa, I have a question.

When a person dies and it turns into a big media spectical, how would an old acquaintance of those affected give them their best meaningful wishes without making it seem like they're only doing it because it's a big news story?

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Hey Anthony,

Are you glad you didn't make the EA Sports UFC cover, so you can avoid the cover vote curse? Not only did Gus get injured but Jones got injured as well and they both made the cover!

Have you seen TommyToeHold show on Youtube?


Why is everyone ducking Vitor Belfort?