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LilWinnie3 karma

Hey Forrest, if a small velociraptor and a young silverback gorilla were to fight in the octagon who would win?

LilWinnie3 karma

Tarec! You're an awesome fighter. I always make sure to catch your fights. What goes on in your head before, during and after a fight? Thanks again.

LilWinnie2 karma

Hey Michael, Big fan of your fighting style. What are some of the things that go through your mind before you walk into the cage also how easy is it to hear coaches or trainers during the fight? Good luck on your next fight!

LilWinnie1 karma

Thanks for the response! Hands up, chin down!

LilWinnie-5 karma

What is the most badass thing you can say before you get in a fight? My personal favourite is "How about you go outside and start punching yourself in the face, i'll be out in a couple minutes to finish the job"