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Hello Mr. Offerman, My best pal and I are big fans of your work, especially Parks and Recreation. She is expecting a child in December. A boy.

So my question is, do you have any ideas for a good name? She and her husband have been struggling to come up with one.

Although I’m a believer in the theory that each person creates his own destiny, perhaps you can bestow upon this child a name that will ensure a safe and happy passage through life, and maybe inspire fear in the hearts of his enemies.

Thank you for your time, and your good works. We love you very much.

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What was the worst AMA you had to help out with? Don't lie. It's reddit. We can tell when you're lying. Anyway, have a good day. Keep up the good work. I love you.

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Do you ever wander into an AT&T store and blow people's minds?

What is like working on Silicon Valley?

Just want to say you're the most adorable thing associated with a telecommunications company. Well, maybe besides that PrimeCo alien. And if you're into watching a magic show, maybe some chicken wraps after, holla at ya boy.

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I think the biggest question on everyone's minds is:

What up with BioDome 2?

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Can you put a free download of the theme song up somewhere? I wanna bump this shit forever and always, so that we all die listening to it. Or maybe until people kill me. I don't care.

"Too many cooks! Too many cooks..."