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Yep. I was (jokingly) anti-legalization for a long time using this reasoning. Weed, acid, shrooms, and other drugs that I had no interest in at the time, were a mere text message away.

But getting booze was a HASSLE. I had to find some sketchy guy I didn't know, work up the nerve to ask him, drive him to the store, pay extra so that he could get drinks too, and YOU STILL MIGHT GET RIPPED OFF.


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I saw you KO Nate Moore on a Strikeforce card years ago. Been a fan ever since. Thanks for doing the AMA.

I know you've only had one fight in the UFC but you been on their roster for a while. What's the biggest difference between to the two orgs and how they treat you as an employee?

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Who would you say has been your "toughest" opponent so far in your career? And by toughest I mean, most difficult to deal with, not "durable".