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Hi guys, big fan. I preach the good word of our Lord Abe Burmeister whenever I can. Honest question, what's up with the buttons? I have 100+ wears on a pair of Chinos and 100+ wears on slim dungs, but the only problem I've encountered with any of your products are buttons. Maybe that's a compliment to your quality control, but seriously, these buttons be poppin' off whenever they get a chance. N.E. Pivot buttons actually broke. Both my Chinos lost their buttons, peacoat has needed all of them refastened.
I would like to formally request that you up your button game to meet the standard of the rest of your product line, thank you.
P.S., I accept discrete codes as remuneration for my A+ hypetraining.
P.P.S. Crossposted to MFA.

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The best part of Schoeller dry-skin is being able to pee your pants without getting wet.

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Why Frisbee? I imagine that you were relatively athletic as a child, what made you pursue frisbee when, to be frank, there wasn't (and arguably still isn't) a huge following of the sport?
P.S. Recently started playing myself with some friends. Any tips for mastering the flick? When I'm stall-counted and can't make my backhand out, I end up looking to a crumby hammer or dragon to get out of the thick of things.

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You frequently post videos of your young son practicing his kicks. Would you want your children to follow in your footsteps and compete in Kickboxing or MMA?