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Thanks for your time! I have three questions.

  1. People of different ethnicities have different genetic makeup, implying there's a difference in their enzyme and other protein composition. Do people of different ethnic backgrounds have different microbial makeup as a result?

  2. Genetic conditions like celiacs must have an effect on your microbes. Is there anything you could teach me about different genetic conditions and their effect on microbes inside human body?

  3. I forgot what I was going to ask.

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Thanks for your time. I have three questions.

  1. What motivated you to join UFC? Was it your ultimate passion from the beginning or were you led to it by serendipity?

  2. It's a very tough sport you're in. It must affect your relationship with your family. How does the sport affect your family life, and what do you do to support each other?

  3. If you could give advice to young adults and kids aspiring to MMA, what would you say to them?

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Thank you for doing an AMA. I'm surprised no one has asked this question yet amidst the chaos of the vote. What's your favorite Scotch whiskey, and have you any funny stories from drinking Scotch whiskey? You should get at least one easy question.