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I've always thought riding a motorcycle from the tip of South America up to california would make an awesome trip. What kind of Visas did you guys need? How familiar at motorcycle repair are both of you, and was that ever an issue?

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awesome. thanks for the info

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Hey Tarec- thanks for doing this! Could you talk a little bit about Shihaishin? It reminds me a lot of kyokushin and I reckon it's an offshoot? How difficult was it transitioning to striking in mma? I think you have some of the most talented striking abilities in mma! Thanks

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What was the most difficult part of the transition from taekwondo to striking for mma? Do you feel your TKD gives you an edge in terms of dexterity and creativity?

A selfish last questions: I'm in the process of adapting my karate background to muay thai... I'm having a hars time changing the mechanics of chambering my leg as I kick? Any tips on how to do that haha? Thanks for doing this!