I have to get back to work... won't be doing much more on this....

IF you want to buy the DVD of the film its at this link on SALE:



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Venial720 karma

What are your thoughts on reducing the mortality rate amongst the transgender community? It seems like it is more dangerous to be transgendered (suicide + partner/dating violence) than it is to be a soldier.

KristinBeck699 karma

THIS is the best question so far.

This is a problem and I wish so much that people, the haters, the bigots and the people who don't get "Transgender" would watch the film tonight or even watch or look up the info on the web.

The amount of violence against transgender women is atrocious and needs to stop. how do we do that? EDUCATE and INFORM each other. take a look around and learn something about each other and you will find that we are pretty cool and JUST LIKE YOU.

durnJurta142 karma

I pity the people who try to harass you.

2edgy4mlady157 karma


KristinBeck359 karma

haha, you'd be surprised :)

BUT the harassment is mostly from behind a keyboard and anonymity of the internet

Andre93259 karma

Will you wipe them the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth?

KristinBeck173 karma

People who harass me.... I will just try to share some of my story in some way to see if they are able to evolve further than cavemen who see the constant need to hate... If that doesn't work then I move on.

The haters will hate and all of that hate will catch up to them and be their demise.

ColorMeGrey152 karma

He's referencing a piece of internet history. I can't say I know the full story, but there's a long paragraph that shows up every now and then that goes as follows:

"What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo."

Sorry for the wall of text, and thank you for the AMA!

KristinBeck16 karma

Who wrote that paragraph above? Doesn't sound like a authentic "SEAL" sounds like a gamer who played CALL OF DUTY way way too much.

Funchal427453 karma

I'd like to know how your fellow SEALs have reacted to you being transgender, generally speaking. Have most been supportive or not? And was there one particularly positive reaction that sticks out the most for you?

KristinBeck1644 karma

The best response from my SEAL team commander was "I have known Chris for 20 years, that sister is my brother."

Meaning ONCE A SEAL always a SEAL

DT6000176 karma

With the exception of Jesse Ventura.

ianmaude420106 karma

Can you elaborate on your comment?

KristinBeck300 karma

The comment about Jesse was a bit tongue in cheek... He kind of broke the SEAL code when he went after Chris Kyle and then after Chris was killed(trying to help someone with PTSD issues), Jesse further broke the code and continued the suit against the widow of Chris Kyle... that is just wrong.... but that is all just opinion and doesn't count for much.

cassus_fett97 karma

essentially he was in a bar with chris kyle and said that navy seals need to die sometimes. this was right after chris and friends were remembering a fallen seal. Chris got up and allegedly punched the shit out of ventura. years later after Mr. Kyle's book came out, ventura sued his widow for all the money made by his book.


Alleged confrontation with Jesse Ventura[edit] In interviews with both the Opie and Anthony Show and Bill O'Reilly in January 2012, Kyle claimed to have punched former Minnesota Governor and Underwater Demolition Team member Jesse Ventura at a bar in Coronado, California in 2006 during a wake for Mike Monsoor, a Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient who had been killed in Iraq the same year. Kyle claimed that Ventura was "bad-mouthing the war, bad-mouthing (former President) Bush, bad-mouthing America" and that Ventura said the SEALs "deserved to lose a few guys".[19] In a subsequent interview, Ventura denied that he was punched by Kyle, saying that he never met Kyle nor even heard of him. Ventura adamantly denied saying any derogatory remarks about the military.[20] Ventura filed a lawsuit against Kyle for defamation.[21] After Kyle's death in February 2013, Ventura announced he would continue his lawsuit by adding Kyle's estate as a defendant.[22] On July 29, 2014, a jury awarded Ventura $1.8M.[23][24] On August 8, 2014, U.S. District Judge Richard H. Kyle, no relation to Chris Kyle, upheld the jury's award of $500,000 in defamation damages and $1,345,477.25 in "unjust enrichment" as, "reasonable and supported by a preponderance of the evidence." Attorneys for Kyle's estate said that the defamation damages would be covered by HarperCollins libel insurance. The unjust enrichment award was not covered by insurance and will come out of Kyle's estate assets. Following the verdict, HarperCollins announced it would pull the Ventura story from all future editions of the book.[25]


well i was at all positive karma this thread but the tide went out and now i guess it is all downhill from here. sorry for whatever i did

Warlizard92 karma

Except it's bullshit.


For more information, read the summary court docs. If you're going to voice an opinion, at least have some data to back it up.


KristinBeck30 karma

Very cool, thanks for posting what "really" happened according to the courts.

Warlizard14 karma

Man, I dunno what really happened. If I had to guess, based on my time in the military and the hours spent drunk as hell telling war stories with buddies, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

But hey, sound bites work. It's easier to believe that the crazy pro wrestler / conspiracy theorist / former Gov got his ass knocked out by a hero than it is to believe that the hero just made the whole thing up.

Anyway, good luck. I have a hell of a lot of respect for people who choose to live life on their own terms -- seems it's a lost quality.

KristinBeck5 karma

right on... the truth was never really exposed. I know guys who were standing right there and what was said in court is not what they said happened. Its just too bad that Chris Kyles wife had to endure this after his death.. it should have been dropped.

LetsTalkCareer109 karma


Chel_of_the_sea75 karma

Most people are far more bigoted in the abstract than they are with a real human being.

KristinBeck18 karma

Thats very true... and people are way more bigoted and outright nasty on the internet and animosity of the web...

beernerd311 karma

If I happen to meet a transgender former Navy SEAL at a bar, what pickup line should I use?

karmanaut711 karma

"I hear you're a master of camouflage and quick insertions..."

KristinBeck523 karma

It sounds as if you are experienced?

karmanaut204 karma

I think we've all found ourselves in this situation at least once or twice, right?

KristinBeck92 karma

haha, you're ok...

KristinBeck240 karma

haha, just say hi and be respectful... be respectful just like you would to everyone you meet for the first time.

beernerd201 karma

Totally, I'm especially respectful when it comes to people who can kill me...

So... uh... hi...

KristinBeck210 karma


Skyscrapersofthewest181 karma

Hope I don't come off as crass, am genuinely interested; when did you start 'feeling' like a woman? Before or after your SEAL career?

How, if any, did your Military service affect coming out as a transgender?

KristinBeck330 karma

I was always like this and felt gender neutral maybe. In the end none of this really matters and we all need to chill out on the DIFFERENCES of each other and start thinking about who we are all the same... I am a human and deserve dignity and respect. Just like anyone else.

Eternally65158 karma


KristinBeck200 karma

Very difficult, but we are getting there :) thank you

Throwaway86756796148 karma

Lots of team guys saying you didn't go through Green Team and were a WARCOM LNO. Doubt it means much to the average reddit user but care to respond?

KristinBeck188 karma

Green team is the top qualification for the "door kickers" and its true, I didn't do green team. I was recruited for a special job at the team and did that job.

oleada87132 karma

How did your other Navy SEALs comrades react to this?

KristinBeck257 karma

I have about 75% support on this journey and 100% support as a HUMAN and as a SEAL team brother.

Heavyweight8773 karma

What are your plans for the future?

KristinBeck225 karma

I want to be part of the solution... I want to run for political office and try to help us get back on track as a country. I want to see the politicians start working TOGETHER instead of all this fighting on capitol hill that seems to be the norm.

Funchal42765 karma

What does that mean to you "getting back on track"? Please give some specifics.

KristinBeck82 karma

For a year I was going through puberty as a "new" women. It's difficult attempting to live a "new" life. I found that I didn't need a new life, I just needed to adjust my old life. So now getting on track is me accepting who I am , as being beautiful in my own way. Not living the stereotypical Barbie life.

T99058 karma

How long can you hold your breath underwater?

KristinBeck153 karma

Four and a half minutes. Anyone can do this, it just takes practice.

Flaeor57 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, and thank you VERY MUCH for serving in the US military! You're very brave in two VERY different ways, far braver than me!

Have you seen the movie, Zero Dark Thirty? Were you actually part of the operation depicted in it? How accurate was it? What was the biggest part of it that they got wrong?

KristinBeck118 karma

I was there... didn't want to watch the movie as they seem to always glamorize things in Hollywood. WAR is not glamorous, BUT at the same time people need to see the story and know and understand what we are doing over and also understand the loss of life and sacrifice that we make as warriors.

noneofdabove47 karma

How are you? I am a transgender too, for a long time, also in that grey area, and NJ father of 3 boys.

Very best of luck to you.

KristinBeck39 karma

Thank you. Good luck to you. :)

IFellIntoTheAbyss44 karma

What do you think of Chelsea Manning? Do you think her actions were reasonable considering the stresses of being transgender and in the military?

Thank you for your service.

KristinBeck145 karma

BEING Transgender has nothing to do with CRIME or mental instability.

Chelsea Manning as a woman I like and would help her and her journey.

Pvt Manning that was in the military I do NOT like. A whistle blower would give up 100 documents and only the ones that were pointing out the problem. 700,000 documents that Pvt Manning "didn't read" was reckless. People died because of those documents that she had no idea what they contained.

Frajer40 karma

do you think being Trans impacted your decision to join the military ?

KristinBeck77 karma

No, I was born this way and on this journey.... I am a Sheepdog.

girlybri34 karma

How do you feel about "mis-gendering", particularly by complete strangers (e.g. the checkout clerk at the local food-stuff place)? In a researched piece of journalism, close family/friends, etc it's important. As a trans woman myself I feel that many of my fellow trans people get way too hung up on what pronoun is or isn't used. Any thoughts on this?

KristinBeck44 karma

I agree, we are to hung up on the "mistakes" that people make when using the wrong pronouns. It happens. BUT When a woman gets married and she takes on the husbands name, how long does it take for everyone to use that new name?


Puigeater32 karma

I'm a 16 year old kid, any advice on how to become a SEAL?

KristinBeck193 karma

Advice for becoming a SEAL...

Rule number one: Take care of yourself! Again this is the number one. Don’t show up broken and injured to anything in life, if you do they will break you totally and you will not make it.

Wear the best running shoes you can afford, change them often, they wear out. Go to a running store and have them fit you to your foot and style of walking/running. Don’t run in boots, you will do that when you arrive.  Remember rule number one. To break your boots in... wear them into water till fully soaked then do light chores wearing them till they dry. Do this 3 times. Wear 2 pairs of socks when you do this to protect your feet(remember rule number one).

Your goals as a Target: Running down to 8 minutes per mile for 6-8 miles. Swimming get 2 miles in 60min wearing fins. (find some good slip on surface swim fins, not diving fins they are to stiff, you have to build up to stiff fins... remember rule number one). Run 3 times a week or swim 3 times a week, not both.
Did I ever tell you to REMEMBER rule number one, take care of yourself. If you need a couple days off then take them to recover, heal yourself. If you body is telling you something then listen…

Eat well, your body needs it.  They say eat a rainbow; meaning eat carrots, orange, lettuce green, meat brown, other foods yellow/red/purple etc. Most Americans eat brown all day every day, Mcdonalds and other junk...check it out, you will see how bad people eat.

Twice a week do this workout:  25 pull ups(if you can't do them in a row then drop down and then do them after you take a few seconds rest(GET 25 pull-ups), rest 4 min, then 80 push ups in 2min, rest 4 min, then 80 sit-ups in 2 min then run 2 miles in 16 minutes.

Read the books: "A Message to Garcia" (do the job don't ask to many questions, figure it out) "The Ranger Handbook", (pay attention to small unit tactics and leadership) "The Moon is a harsh Mistress", (leadership and how to organize...) "Defense of duffer drift" (memorize this book.... if you ever want to go.) "The soldiers Load" Enders Game(good grand tactics and fun easy read, movie... not so much.)

One last note: Be able to read a map and use a compass, use a pace count and contour navigation skills. If you don’t know what these are then look them up and practice with a friend in a national forest near you. When out doing practice long range navigation always have a plan and leave that plan with a friend who can “rescue” you if needed.


Ruxy_usy25 karma

You said in your video you love your shoes. What's your favorite pair and style? (stilettos, open toe, platform)

KristinBeck42 karma

It has been a very fast transition since I've started this journey. I joke that last year in my teens I was into high-heels and fashion. A year later I think of myself in my 30's and I'm into flats. Next year in my 40's I'll probably be into flip-flops and jeans like my GF. As far as designers go my favorite is DVF.

CorgiMum24 karma

Hi there! I saw that you posted a photo on Twitter of you standing in front of the Team One sign. Was it known as "No Fun One" when you were there, or is that something that has evolved since? Also, what do you think about integrating women into the Teams? Thank you for doing an AMA! I am enjoying reading your responses.

KristinBeck111 karma

I think allowing women to join the teams is good as long as the standard remains the same. Lowering the standard is not good, it is there for a reason to select the best.

xalt122 karma

How has being transgendered impacted your SEAL physique and muscle memory? Could you still do the things SEALS are required to do? On a more personal note, what has your dating life been like recently?

KristinBeck48 karma

Muscle memory will always be there, we call it instincts. Physically I do fine but have some loss of strength and definition, but doesn't that happen to all of us as we get older.

I have a girlfriend named Heather and she is awesome!

StaceyInOkla21 karma

Cant wait to watch your documentary tonight. When I grew up, nobody knew how to deal with anyone who was transgender even though there has been a few in the small town of 1200 over the years. Do you think schools should address it? What is the best way to make people understand more. (Desert Storm veteran who learned more about the world through the military and shed the small town thinking years ago) Proud of you!

KristinBeck41 karma

Schools NEED to address the issue of mental wellness of EVERYONE. If a kid is transgender then that is something that if addressed will help that kid deal with him or herself in a productive way instead of being unhappy. The suicide rate and bullying is out of sight and its because IT IS NOT ADDRESSED. Talk to each other and learn who we are.

judomonkeykyle20 karma

I just want to say, thank you for your service! My question, what was your favorite place you visited while on deployment?

KristinBeck52 karma

Petra Jordan by far my favorite.

Annie197118 karma

How can I support you and people like you on their journeys?

KristinBeck33 karma

Just be nice. If you have questions for them then ask, always be respectful and they will answer. :)

EnIdiot14 karma

I met a former MP and general bad-ass who was a Vietnam-Vet and she had known all her life that she was transgendered. Bob became Bobbie after the war and was a great nurse at the rehab center my uncle (who was a Navy pilot) was recuperating at. My question to you is is there something about the military that appeals to transgendered people? Given my admittedly limited knowledge, many transgendered (formerly male) people seem to move from one extreme to another (very masculine to very feminine) as far as picking a gender. I'm I mistaken about this?

KristinBeck23 karma

As a transwomen I wanted to control and bottle up my feelings... the military is a good place to go. Transmen go into the military as its a great place to go and be at least a "tom boy" and even get medals for being a "tom boy."

Many of us join because we feel a patriotic duty to serve our country...

PhDcriminology14 karma

I am doing my PhD research on trans identities within policing and I know you had to overcome a lot being in a masculine profession. Do you believe working in a hyper-masculine profession makes it harder for trans feminine identities?

Also, based on your opinion, what additional changes do you believe the military can incorporate to help other trans individuals in the future?

Oh...and keep on rocking girl and I can not thank you enough for serving and fighting for fellow Americans like myself.

KristinBeck21 karma

you should email me.... www.ladyvalor.com

thepottsy11 karma

Are you pretty much still a bad ass? I don't know why I think this, but it seems like anyone who was as much of a bad ass to make it as a SEAL, will be a bad ass for life.

Also, thanks for your service, and best of luck to you with your journey!!

KristinBeck19 karma

Intellectually yes...

thehungry111 karma

How are you doing?

KristinBeck20 karma

I am doing better every day as I am on a mission of PEACE now and I hope to help the next generation fix some of the mistakes of our past as a person, country and world... we can all do better.

hazy_haze9 karma

First off, thank you for your services. I'm not sure what seems scarier, becoming a SEAL or coming out in a world that seems so quick to hate anyone or anything that's different... If we miss the Doc on CNN will there be another way to see it? Will it be on netflix or iTunes??

KristinBeck7 karma

I'm being told if you are on the east coast it will re-air midnight eastern time. As far as we know it will not be available on Netflix or iTunes.

vittu9 karma

How hard was it to come out to your friends and do they treat you differently now? Thank you.

KristinBeck21 karma

It was a huge deal and many of them treat me different at first, but then they realize that I am the same person and we are back to just being "brothers."

T9909 karma

What was the most difficult part of seal training?

KristinBeck16 karma

HELL WEEK was a difficult week

vin3d8 karma

Hello, thanks for doing this AMA. Could you share your feelings on the whole Jessie Ventura VS Chris Kyle thing? Do you or did you know either of them?

KristinBeck17 karma

I know them both. Chris was a good friend and a great person. Jesse was famous, and didn't really interact with us young SEALs.

It is shameful that this whole thing happened and I no longer consider Jesse a part of the "frog family." He should have dropped the law suit after Chris was killed.

Wellpaidrichguy7 karma

Hooyah shipmate. Proud of what you are doing. Since it's a AMA here is my question. Glock or beretta?

KristinBeck23 karma

neither... Berretta breaks when you shoot over 4000 rounds and Glock is clunky. SIG is my choice pistol

FatHitman7 karma

Do you still wear aviators and think you are badass?

KristinBeck38 karma

Im not Tom Cruise...

UTATexasNinja7 karma

Have you every been through an helicopter crashes during your service? If so, how many?

KristinBeck14 karma


Vannysh6 karma

Kristin, as a mtf transgender myself, you inspire me. SO much.

I am completely out, but I'm unable to really make any progress where I live. When I go out dressed I am afraid. People have been rude and I can sense their judgment of me. My question: What were the first initial steps you took when you began to transition? What would you suggest to other mtf individuals who are starting?

KristinBeck8 karma

Thank you.

Advice for how to start?
1st: Just take your time. 2nd: find some friends and get help. Help each other and be nice to each other.

helgathewife6 karma

It's awesome that you are willing to be this kind of fantastic role model, but how do you deal with all the attention to your person? Do a lot of people reach out to you for advice?

KristinBeck9 karma

TONS of people reach out and I feel obligated to answer them all and I get wrapped up so deep in answering everyone else that I can't live my own life... I am finding balance. :)

LadyFeral5 karma

Hi Kristin, big fan. I'm a trans woman and a former SF operator out of ACo 1/3 SFG (and I'm a little jealous that you beat me to writing a book!)

Anyway, on to the question: since transitioning I've found that the way I'm treated and the things I care about have made a fairly drastic shift in my political views and I'm wondering have you experienced anything similar? That's pretty much it. Keep fighting the good fight. De Oppresso Liber.

KristinBeck4 karma

I am still me and have many of the same views, but finding that I am learning many new things and getting more experience and with that experience I am becoming a more rounded person.

IAMA_13_yr_old5 karma

Were you on the mission that killed Osama?

KristinBeck52 karma

The entire US Military was on that mission since 9-11.

doctor19885 karma

what are you going to do now since your transition?

KristinBeck11 karma

I'm currently getting my Masters in International Relations. After that I'd like to move on to Politics. I really want to be part of the solution.

OriginalDonFloss5 karma

What was your regular workout routine for the Seal Program? And do you still have the same level of fitness?

KristinBeck8 karma

there are a number of programs. but it was never enough.... you can never be good enough, you have to be better.

I am not as fit as I used to be, getting older :)

Lieutenant_Rans5 karma

Who would you say was your most important supporter during your transition?

And thank you so much, you're an inspiration for all us trans people.

KristinBeck11 karma

Back in my military days on active duty it was an Ex-girlfriend of mine... she was awesome and was a rock in my life for about five years when I was still active duty.

NOW it is my best friend and partner, my new girlfriend that is sitting right here beside me... My family is also a great supporter of mine.

rejs75 karma

What is your take on trangender people openly serving in the military? Do you believe that the military should be blind to gender as long as a person can pass the required tests, or do you think the government should continue to preclude a person from certain roles due to their gender?

As a trans woman myself I wanted to thank you for having the conviction to keep yourself in the public eye after your started your transition.

KristinBeck12 karma

Meeting the qualifications is the most important thing. There are 13 countries that accept transgender people in the armed forces... we should follow their example and take a look at how they did it.

molrobocop5 karma

What type of firearms did you regularly carry? I hear SEAL's have a fair bit of flexibility when it comes to choosing weapons to take with them on missions.

KristinBeck8 karma

Sig 226 still as a retired SEAL and my CAR-15 and 870

SnallTrippin4 karma

Do you know any other transgender former military people? Because I met an Army Sgt. when I was working at a hotel and he looked like the quasi-Hunter S Thompson character from Venture Bros and was going to become a transgender woman while in the military while he was still in the military and get on Opera...I don't watch Opera so I have no idea if that worked out for him...

KristinBeck11 karma

I was just at a conference and we had room of 80 prior military people who were transgender.... there are a lot of us and its no big deal. We are just people and want to be alive and happy, just like anyone else.

su30mki4 karma

Would you write a biography?

KristinBeck7 karma

I have written once, but that turned out badly due to a contract.... lesson for me was to have a lawyer always read a contract before you slgn.

I have another book that I give away for free with a donation to the anti-bully campaign and the other work I am doing. www.ladyvalor.com

T9904 karma

Do seal candidates really have to stay awake for days at a time? If so that's intense.

KristinBeck9 karma

Yes, 6 days.... it was tough, but doable

livkillsit3 karma

Hello Kristin, i was wondering what you thought about females joining as SEALs. Do you think it will happen by 2016?

KristinBeck4 karma

There are women serving with honor in many parts of the military... there are women that were in the trenches right beside me. Currently there are Not any women "SEALs" and I doubt that women will be SEALs by 2016... but it will happen... one day.

Mead273 karma

I'd like to know what was it that finally clicked and made you say "it's time to be me"?

KristinBeck3 karma

I was retired and had no holds on me... I was living a double life and got tired of hiding. So I did it. The time was just right.

helgathewife3 karma

So, I don't know if this is too personal, and if it is I totally understand. How are your sons (and family) handling this? This being your coming out very publically with a lot of subsequent media attention.

KristinBeck2 karma

I'm working on it, raising kids is a challenge for everyone... I need to work more on that challenge and try to make it right.

striger3 karma

Did you do tai chi in your training and if so, can you tell us a little about it?

KristinBeck5 karma

I did a lot of mixed martial arts during training as all of us do.

Lucky_Bastard633 karma

How do you prefer to deal with phony SEAL/s or stolen valor in general?

KristinBeck16 karma

Stolen Valor and Fake SEALs is very disappointing to me. I wish people would be happy with their life and what they do. If they are unhappy with their life or what their job is then change jobs OR go out and DO SOMETHING. There are so many issues in this world that you could help solve. Jody Williams started an campaign to end LAND MINES. She was a house wife form New England.. she saw a problem and started a campaign to FIX It. She won a NOBLE PEACE PRIZE for her work.

dirtysmuttygood3 karma

Trans supportive big ol' country dyke here-congrats on an exemplary career, life, love.

Have the attitudes of any of the republican base (the evangelical crazy pants who love Jesus {as I do and many of us do} and think that He might want them to at least give you a really hard time) made you worry? Also, I am going to pore over your comments about the SEALs. Would you care to share the strangest way you ever procurred and prepared some food while deployed?

Warmest wishes and godspeed

KristinBeck3 karma

cooking spaghetti over a 4 hour period of time.... just put it in water and let it get soft and mushy then add ketchup.... meal fit for a SEAL. and good enough if thats all you got.

harryson3 karma

Are you attracted to other transgender women?

KristinBeck6 karma

I really am attracted to people and intellect and attitude and the spirit of a person.... I met someone very special that just sees me as "me"

effyoucancer3 karma

So what does a retired SEAL do for kicks? It seems like everyday life would be so... dull.

KristinBeck12 karma

I play XBOX with my girl friend... we stayed up all night after the release of Diablo :)

I am also working on my masters degree

MSG-P3 karma

Saw your screening yesterday! I am a gay man that served 18.5 years closeted in the military. I was inspired by your story. When I got out, I was initially so uncomfortable in the gay world because while I was gay, my time in the military still clouded my thinking in ways. Do you feel more comfortable being yourself, a trans woman, around the LGBT community or among your accepting military friends?

KristinBeck2 karma

great question... I am comfortable around my FRIENDS, in the LGBT comity and my SEAL brothers. Just be with friends and be good to each other.

It always gets better, but you have to start somewhere.

HitlerIsBlack2 karma

Do you ever feel like you are just a man pretending to be a woman?

KristinBeck9 karma

I feel more like a Human trying to be a Human.

TheBigBadDuke2 karma

How do you rationalize to yourself that the US doesn't fight defensive wars? "War is a racket"- General Butler

KristinBeck4 karma

The best defense is offense SOMETIMES..... is there such thing as a "JUST WAR" ???? that question has been being asked since the beginning of time.

WE as a WORLD need to COOPERATE instead of compete as nations. WE can all win... there needs to be no losers.

I want to work on this question..... give me some time :)

Lil-Doomie2 karma

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a good trans ally but is confused when trans identities sometimes intersect with traditional, queer-phobic gender identities?

P4282 karma

First off, cant thank you enough for your service. Navy SEALs are the highest respected people in the world to me. I'll be getting an option 40 once I graduate college in the spring an attempt to be an army ranger. Any advice for someone trying to join the special ops community?

KristinBeck7 karma

If you have doubts then you already have failed. Positive attitude, hard work, and confidence in everything you do is the only way you're going to be successful at anything.

shotgun_ninja2 karma

How many tacos can you eat in one sitting?

KristinBeck17 karma

African or European?

CloudlessTwo2 karma

Did you ever think about coming out as transgendered before?

KristinBeck3 karma

All things happen in there time... I may have thought about it every day of my life, but it happened when it had to happen.

captainmc_chance1 karma

First of all thank you for your service. As someone who is about to quit their job to join the military. Special operations peeks my interests..such as navy seals. Did you get to travel around the globe?

KristinBeck6 karma

Yes, five times around the world... every continent except Antarctica... good times :)

You can do this in the Peach Corps also

bozobozo1 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

KristinBeck4 karma


4pointohsoslow1 karma

This may be a hot topic especially for a SEAL, but what is your opinion on the whole Chris Kyle Jesse Ventura ordeal? Granted it's over with I'd like to see a SEALs perspective. Also thanks for your service!

KristinBeck4 karma

I'm pissed off about that law suit and the whole thing between Jesse Ventura and Chris Kyle. If I saw Jesse I would like to knock him out with one punch, face to face NOT like a sucker with a knife in the back of a brother... but I am nicer than that and would just walk away from him...

KingDoink1 karma

First off I would like to say I'm supportive you and your goal. I do have a few questions though.

What made you want to change genders? I know usually it's because they identify themselves as the other gender. Could you elaborate on what made you feel this way, and why?

How would you respond to the statement, "You should be happy in your own natural body?" I've heard people say this before but I'm just curious as to what you think.

Has life in the military been difficult or brought up unique problems for you?

Do you think our government should handle transgenders any differently then they do now?

What would you do if you were attacked by a group of adorable vampire ducklings?

KristinBeck2 karma

Thank you for your support and nothing made me want to change genders, this is how I was born and always felt. I am much happier now being able to express my true self, the way I have always felt. The military is the military and I was focused on the missions at hand. I feel that we as humans should all be treated equal and be held accountable for the job they can do not how they look. What would you do?

johnny123bravo1 karma

What goes through your mind when enemy attacks ? IS IT JUST KILL OR DIE AND KEEP THE PEOPLE SAFE

KristinBeck3 karma

when the wolves are running toward the flock, what do they do? I feel that I am a sheepdog and helping the shepherd... I will defend life liberty and justice... I do my job to help the human race survive... if there were no sheepdogs then the wolves will take over. Check the news. There are bad people out there that will kill you just for being you. I will defend those who are unable to defend for themselves!

shouldbeworking231 karma

How did your family react? Also, what was the most positive thing you heard and most negative? Thanks!

KristinBeck2 karma

It's a process. At first disturbed, and then they began to understand this is my life and I earned their respect. Just like any journey we start out crawling, then walk and then run. Coming out for me was a 40 something year process, for them it was that day.

The most positive is you have a beautiful soul. To me that is the most important part of someone. I don't want people to focus on my physical features.

The most negative was a punch to the back of the head and then waking up to 4 people kicking me on the ground.

veteran9541 karma

How many missions did you go on during your service?

KristinBeck2 karma

too many missions.... MY most difficult mission is right now and just trying to live a happy life.
I have been given a very difficult challenge in this life and many of you are seeing some of that challenge in the film "LADY VALOR".... we all have challenges and need to just do our best. I am doing my best.

poopstix1231 karma

Wait so you still date girls? I don't get it.

KristinBeck1 karma

Im attracted to HUMANS

rowdybme0 karma

I am genuinely curious how happy you are with your new um hardware. Does it work like a normal vagina? Can you experience orgasm still? Do you ever miss your um old hardware?

KristinBeck1 karma

Very personal question... :(

flippy1230 karma

What are your thoughts on today's military?

KristinBeck3 karma

We have some work to do....