I work in a fairly busy drive through liquor store for a large(40-50 stores) chain company , it's a Sunday night so I'm on my own for the next 2 hours. Currently at work so the replies may be delayed. First time posting on reddit so go easy! Kgo


EDIT: Wow this is getting so many replies, So much fun! Thanks guys

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autumnx380 karma

Do you ever get drunk drivers?

Throwawaysel645 karma

Sure do, you'd be surprised how many people drink and drive! If they are too drunk we refuse them service but if they are drinking but not drunk we serve them and let them on there merry way(home, party, jail, tree)

AsianDecoration216 karma

Do you notify the police? Could save lives.

Throwawaysel428 karma

Nah, by the time we call them and they arrive the person would be gone. But i think it would be a good idea for police to sit up the road and get people for DUI.

Year30303 karma

So do you basically have a concrete chute for them to pull into so they don't ram your building or something

Throwawaysel6 karma

Think of it like a McDonald's drive through, except it's a bit more open, we don't talk through a window. Hard to explain if you have never seen one

Psyforce-18 karma

It's good to know you condone drinking and driving, most people would feel regret if someone were to be murdered by their ignorance or lack of action.

Throwawaysel-3 karma

I drink drive, but I don't drive drunk. Big difference

Pee_Earl_Grey_Hot290 karma

In the US state of Louisiana, drive though liquor stores can apparently serve mixed drinks with a lid and a straw with the paper still on the top and it will satisfy the legal requirement of no open containers in vehicles.

Is this something you can legally do at your work? How do the laws work regarding this? (I'm not condoning drinking and driving, just curious.)

Throwawaysel241 karma

My state is one of the few that it is legal to have open drinks in the car, aslong as the driver isn't over the BAC limit of (0.05) however at my work we are only allowed to serve closed lid drinks, if they ask for us to open them we have to refuse. So if they are arrested for drink driving we can't get in trouble for serving alcohol.
Hope that makes sense

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No sir, uncuts get the sluts.

IhaveSomeQuestions56128 karma

1) What is yhe largest purchase anyone has made?

2) If someone onlu has a pocketfull of change and wanys to get wasted, what do you sell them?

3) How often do you drink at work?

4) What is the best thing about living in Australia?

5) How much do you make?

Throwawaysel153 karma

1) parties and sports clubs come through all the timing spending upwards of $500. We even get people from an hour or so away coming through and stocking up if we have good specials 2) Cheap Cask wine 3) Never really, it's hardly worth the risk of losing my job. I can have one after work anyway! 4) I've never lived elsewhere so wouldn't know really. Everyone is always so happy go lucky I guess. 5) I'm only a casual so it varies week to week. I'm on $27 an hour and get roughly 25 hours a week

rogue_rogue46 karma

I didn't realise liquor store employees earned so much. I make about $23 p/h at my retail job (also in Aus) and I thought that was good!

Throwawaysel43 karma

Yeah aslong as it's connected to a pub/hotel it's good rates. In stand alone stores I think it's only about $19. No idea why

number6_toaster13 karma

I think it's to do with pubs and hotels not getting penalty rates, so the overall pay is higher. Or something like that.

Throwawaysel11 karma

Your probably right, we are on flat rates even NYE and Christmas day

hands_on_tools100 karma

Thirsty Camel? What area? I used to use the Glynde one pretty regularly because I lived across the road. They would print out pictures of the people who shop lifted and had a big wall of shame.

Throwawaysel84 karma

Not that one, mine doesn't have a wall of shame but I like the idea. Not too many people shoplift from us. Most of us are young, fit and willing to confront them before they get out the door if they try.

DubTheWino22 karma

Be very careful with that response to a shoplifter. You never know what's going through their head at the time, or why they're willing to take the risk in the first place. Also, you never know if they're armed, and you surely are not.

I understand that if they keep getting away with it, they'll keep returning, and we don't want criminals to frequent our shop. However, there are better, safer and more effective ways to deal with a shoplift issue. Also, no matter how much stock is lost, it'll never be worth more than your life. Even a minor injury from an assault is going to cost your company thousands in investigation, legal fees and return-to-work costs.

You can usually safely ask the customer to pay for their goods, and remind them that if they are unable to pay, that they can return the goods and there'll be no issues. But the best bet is deterrents - cameras are a good start, and provide excellent customer service (it's hard to pocket a bottle if a team member is right next to you being super friendly).

Stay safe out there ya fridge-jockeys!

Throwawaysel22 karma

Yeah definatly. If it happens it's usually young kids but rarely happens. The spirits are always locked too so us making their life harder is always a plus

jwikked68 karma

I once bought some beers for the drive home, one of which required the use of a bottle opener. I didn't have one in the car, and for whatever reason the seatbelt metal bit wouldn't open it either.

I went back inside and asked if they had any for sale, he grabbed one off the shelf threw it to me and said "don't worry about it"

Have you ever done anything cool for customers like that?

Throwawaysel78 karma

All the time, if your a regular or ask me nicely enough we will return the favour. There is always boxes of promotional gear hidden away. Half of the people that work with me are cold hearted and will simply say no though

jack-the-lad65 karma

What's your thought on underage drinking and what's your stance on ID checking? Are you vigorous or really only check if you can be bothered? And how often do you get U/18 people coming in and trying to buy off you?

Also do you follow the footy and who do you support?

Throwawaysel65 karma

I like checking IDs, especially attractive girls so the boys can check them out on Facebook ;) But it feels good to know you have some sort of authority too. Footy I go for Port

jack-the-lad36 karma

Hahahahah it's an unorthodox reason but I like it, but so the trick is to getting away with buying booze underage is to be fucking ugly?

Throwawaysel70 karma

Ugly but still confident. Or take your p plate off and Come through, that's what I used to do :)

happyaccount5562 karma

My job was ama worthy?! This whole time? God dammit

Throwawaysel3 karma

Theres dudes doing them about wal-mart and everything, Why the hell not haha

banjobonnie60 karma

Do you keep dog treats and suckers handy?

Throwawaysel55 karma

Sure do hah. Saves the dog ripping chewing on our arms when we have to put cartons in the back of cars!

dick_spanner47 karma

Have you ever sold a can/bottle of Fosters?

I worked 2 years in a bottle-o and managed to sell a 6 pack of Fosters lite ice before it went out of date!

kunoburesu50 karma

Is Fosters not popular in Australia? In the US it's promoted as being really popular in Australia. I guess it's similar to Stella Artois being promoted as a really classy beer in the US while most of Europe considers it piss water.

ipecacdelight4 karma

Is Fosters not popular in Australia? In the US it's promoted as being really popular in Australia. I guess it's similar to Stella Artois being promoted as a really classy beer in the US while most of Europe considers it piss water.

It's sold as "Crown Lager" over here in a fancy bottle. Some vat, different bottle.

Throwawaysel3 karma

Wow I didnt know that! Thanks.

Throwawaysel21 karma

Wow, lite ice was the only fosters we have ever had. Sold the last of it like 3 years ago and never got it back in.

wario16327 karma

as a fellow South Australian working at a bottle shop (BWS, not a drive-through) I approve of this ama. Can I ask what area you work in roughly? like, north/south/east/west? Ever been involved with a hold up or any other hairy situations with customers?

Throwawaysel22 karma

South of the City, never had a hold up but the gaming room has before. Refusing drunks service can get hairy but nothing ever eventuates. I had a guy throw an empty bottle at me from up close once for refusing him for being drunk and having open alcohol in the shop.

CrimeAlley18 karma

What's general protocol with drive thru Bottle-Os? I always get out and grab my stuff and pay.

I see people sit in their cars and make you guys do everything. Are they dicks?

Throwawaysel27 karma

We know where it all is so just leave it to us. Sit comfortably! My store has wireless eftpos machine also so we can do card sales right there too. It's easier then you getting out and clogging up the lane. Unless you are browsing and haven't made your mind up. Then just park and walk in.

386essex13 karma

Any of your customers pantless or engaged in sexual activity in the drive thu?

Throwawaysel3 karma

In the summer half the time its bikinis. But nothing very sexual

woopwoopwowwee11 karma

Do you have to have certain knowledge about beer and wine or do you just have to be able to carry a slab?

Throwawaysel13 karma

Originally I didn't know much at all, just what I liked and didn't like, but my knowledge has grown a fair bit. I've worked there 4 years or so now

woopwoopwowwee9 karma

If possible I ask the attendant for something new to try but I usually get 'I duno' so now I just buy the wine that has the most bottles bought from the row, funnily enough it works and have found my most favourite wines that way. Can you recommend a nice white wine that isn't sweet that I could add to the list that's under $20?

Throwawaysel17 karma

Sounds like your giving your money I retards. I usually just ask for their price range and pick out the best bang for their buck. Under $20, look for Nepenthe, Stoneleigh, Squealing Pig. All New Zealand Sauv blancs.

3LollipopZ-1Red2Blue10 karma

I frequent either the Tonsley Sip'n Save or Avoca Thirsty Camel. Sometimes I feel awkward asking them pricing for certain bevies.

Is there etiquette when asking for specials / deals / haggling? Or am I one of those dickhead customers that you wish didn't turn up?

I do admit, I've played the Tonsley off plenty of times saying that 'such and such' does it cheaper.... not a lie, but secretly I can't be stuffed driving to the next place to get it for that $4 cheaper...

Throwawaysel25 karma

It's pointless trying to haggle or telling us the price is different elsewhere, nobody can change the prices really. The store manage could but you'd have to be really lucky. I don't like those customers, but if you want to know the specials or any deals or discounted stuff. Simply ask. You don't sound stupid or like a scumbag, every second customer asks. We know most of the deals to help you get your money's worth :)

Jim_Laheyistheliquor10 karma

What Australian state do you live in? Also, what are the corresponding liquor laws? I'm in the US and we have ridiculous Puritanical alcohol restrictions (other than a few states such as Louisiana and Nevada.)

Throwawaysel17 karma

South Australia, fairly basic laws really. If your drunk or we suspect you to be drunk we send you away, if your rude we send you away. If your under 18 or buying for someone under 18 we send you away, even if it's a parent buying for a child. If you'd like more details feel free :)

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Throwawaysel12 karma

All the time, sortve scary if they don't take off their helmet right away we just ask them to. I've seen some ...different characters come through on motorised scooters and put them between their legs. Or on their lap.

TMorrow7 karma

What's your favorite drink?

Throwawaysel10 karma

I see and try that many drinks, this question is a great one! Ah Licor 43, blue alize and wild turkey have to be top 3

NukeDefectHD2 karma

Do you ever take liquor away or do your company let you?

Throwawaysel4 karma

We often get free samples if we take on new products, a free beer every couple of weeks but nothing substantial really