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I love how deadpan that last line was. As if you said it with nervous shifty eyes... << >>

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Be very careful with that response to a shoplifter. You never know what's going through their head at the time, or why they're willing to take the risk in the first place. Also, you never know if they're armed, and you surely are not.

I understand that if they keep getting away with it, they'll keep returning, and we don't want criminals to frequent our shop. However, there are better, safer and more effective ways to deal with a shoplift issue. Also, no matter how much stock is lost, it'll never be worth more than your life. Even a minor injury from an assault is going to cost your company thousands in investigation, legal fees and return-to-work costs.

You can usually safely ask the customer to pay for their goods, and remind them that if they are unable to pay, that they can return the goods and there'll be no issues. But the best bet is deterrents - cameras are a good start, and provide excellent customer service (it's hard to pocket a bottle if a team member is right next to you being super friendly).

Stay safe out there ya fridge-jockeys!

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Quite right - but there would be an aisle or area which would be the licensed portion of the premises where minors are not allowed - a liquor outlet would be have the entire premises designated as the licensed area, and thus no minors allowed.

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Boozle is not always accurate, and I'd be surprised if Dan's accept anything off it for a price-beat. Their policy is to beat any advertised price, but Boozle is not an advertisement, so there is no obligation for them to follow through.

Use boozle as a guide, do your own follow up with the respective outlet.

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Ahh pity... Keep an eye on it, Pinot G's are very fast growing - a lot of Sauv Blanc drinkers are converting, and that's a huge market.