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If a clerk can identify someone has drunk, but not too drunk do you honestly think they're under .05 which is 1-2 beers in most cases? On top of that do you think that person who got away with drinking and driving this time will stop and never do it again?

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I've been in the same position before that's partly why I feel so strongly about this but seeing the consequences of not doing something and living with the regret is worse than being hated by some drunk.

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In many places in Australia the limit is .05 as mentioned prior which is most cases depending on the weight is 1-3 beers. Mind you 3 beers for a very heavy individual. Driving impaired has the potential to harm not only yourself but others as well, however it is often made a joke of.

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You knowingly let people under the influence of alcohol drive and on top of that you provide them with more alcohol. You know that these people have no qualms of driving drunk and yet you don't even make the effort to stop them. That person you thought wasn't too drunk may swerve around the corner and ruin a lot of lives, all of which could have preventable if you had taken the initiative to do what was right.

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You don't but the police do which are only a phone call away And no, letting people under the influence of alcohol drive is not like selling fat people take out. Drunk drivers are not comparable to fat people.