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No sir, uncuts get the sluts.

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Sure do, you'd be surprised how many people drink and drive! If they are too drunk we refuse them service but if they are drinking but not drunk we serve them and let them on there merry way(home, party, jail, tree)

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Nah, by the time we call them and they arrive the person would be gone. But i think it would be a good idea for police to sit up the road and get people for DUI.

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My state is one of the few that it is legal to have open drinks in the car, aslong as the driver isn't over the BAC limit of (0.05) however at my work we are only allowed to serve closed lid drinks, if they ask for us to open them we have to refuse. So if they are arrested for drink driving we can't get in trouble for serving alcohol.
Hope that makes sense

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1) parties and sports clubs come through all the timing spending upwards of $500. We even get people from an hour or so away coming through and stocking up if we have good specials 2) Cheap Cask wine 3) Never really, it's hardly worth the risk of losing my job. I can have one after work anyway! 4) I've never lived elsewhere so wouldn't know really. Everyone is always so happy go lucky I guess. 5) I'm only a casual so it varies week to week. I'm on $27 an hour and get roughly 25 hours a week