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I think it's to do with pubs and hotels not getting penalty rates, so the overall pay is higher. Or something like that.

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As a South Australian, I think you were obligated to say Coopers. But I'll let it slide, just this once.

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Scott, you referred near the end of your speech to the Liberal government using scare-campaign techniques in the election and beyond. These types of campaigns are clearly effective, as the most recent election results have shown. Do you have an opinion on scare campaigns as a whole (not just "protect the children from foreigners", but also "Tony Abbott will bring back Work Choices")? Specifically, do you think that they are a legitimate campaign technique?

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Yep, I used to work at the race course, and it was the same thing. I think I earned more money overall than I would have otherwise though, so it worked out fine.

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But in the ACT can't you buy alcohol in regular stores? That's all I remember from when I was there last.