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reward pendantry

Did you mean pedantry?

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I frequent either the Tonsley Sip'n Save or Avoca Thirsty Camel. Sometimes I feel awkward asking them pricing for certain bevies.

Is there etiquette when asking for specials / deals / haggling? Or am I one of those dickhead customers that you wish didn't turn up?

I do admit, I've played the Tonsley off plenty of times saying that 'such and such' does it cheaper.... not a lie, but secretly I can't be stuffed driving to the next place to get it for that $4 cheaper...

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Actual serious question.

See any things you can't explain in there on the graveyard shifts?

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sounds fantastic, thanks for the answer, and thanks for ruining every other space sim for me :)

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Hey Paul, I'm sorry that you didn't earn $1mil on kickstarter. Maybe next time :)

Your game looks awesome and I'm really looking forward to it.

By the way, you have now ruined my X3 experience :) . You said in one of your videos that it would be excellent to have a space game where if the ship you were piloting was destroyed that it wasn't the end of the game. Most space games are so unforgiving and I love your approach.

Oh, I did have a question. Can you elaborate on resources at all? (I secretly love being able to Turtle and have unlimited, but slow, resource increments). Are there any unlimited asteroids? etc.? Or is there a way you can harvest enemy ship scrap or something crazy like that?