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I once bought some beers for the drive home, one of which required the use of a bottle opener. I didn't have one in the car, and for whatever reason the seatbelt metal bit wouldn't open it either.

I went back inside and asked if they had any for sale, he grabbed one off the shelf threw it to me and said "don't worry about it"

Have you ever done anything cool for customers like that?

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Hello there!

Do the hunting reserves actually do more for animal conservation? From what I understand they use the proceeds from the game hunters to spend back on animal conservation.
I hear two sides of the story, those that are against it and those that say it does far more good than harm.

Do you know much about that side of the industry?

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Hey man, saw you guys during the 2010 Metallica tour of Australia and it was so weird.. I'd never heard you guys before but after the show I listened to some Lamb Of God albums, and I could remember every single song you played live. Every single song you guys played live stuck with me and I could pick them out when I listened to the album versions.
You guys put on a good show that night (I presume, not knowing what your other shows are like) what makes it different when you're opening for another band as compared to headlining?

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Dana White has spoken about Whitey Bulger running him out of town or some shit. You know anything about that? Do you know much about Dana White? Righto.