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1) Would the waitresses make good money?

2) How would you determine if someone was over 500 pounds?

3) Was it ever creepy having to spank people?

4) How much money did you make?

5) Was there a limit on how much food in a day the people who get free ones could order?

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1) What is yhe largest purchase anyone has made?

2) If someone onlu has a pocketfull of change and wanys to get wasted, what do you sell them?

3) How often do you drink at work?

4) What is the best thing about living in Australia?

5) How much do you make?

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1) What would happen if a rookie tried growing a mustache?

2) What are some unwritten rules of being a fire fighter in NY?

3) How common of a problem is alcoholism?

4) Is there a noticeable racial divide throughout the department?

5) How many calls does your station usually respond to in a day/week?

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