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How do you feel knowing that people say "I'm no Martha Stewart!" when they're critiqued on their cooking/crafting etc?

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Do you ever get drunk drivers?

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I was going to ask something related to the accident but I find this question to be more pressing.

How the hell did you have sex with 14+ girls in 18 months post scrotum accident and with a cane? Do you resemble Channing Tatum?

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Oh, that line. As a female, I know if you looked like Fred Flintstone or something, they wouldn't care to make you feel better. Nicely done.

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I've been trying to look for a pair of frames I had and the company has brushed me off. They won't even help me. I bought them originally in November from some Sears in a different city so they aren't that old. I lost them but I have a picture along with a picture of the brand name, style, color, etc. Any reason for this and who else could I go to? Sears was no help either.