Vitiligo is a skin condition in which there is a loss of brown color (pigment) from areas of skin, resulting in irregular white patches that feel like normal skin. Here are some images of my vitiligo progression. [Removing image link for privacy reasons]

EDIT 1: Thanks for asking such interesting questions and suggesting nice “white” names for me. All questions no matter how irrelevant are appreciated. I will be answering questions throughout the day. Thanks for helping me spread awareness.

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InfernalWedgie39 karma

Does this make you sunburn more easily now? Does your skin tan when exposed to UV?

texan190129 karma

My skin does not tan at all. Only color I get is red. And yes I burn easy bit for some reason only in presence of water, rain, pool or waterpark. Dry heat does not bother me that much.

AddemF3 karma

It's normal for all people to burn more around water, it reflects the light and gives you more sun exposure than you'd think.

texan19012 karma

So I guess that's where the difference becomes clear. People can lie and tan for hours, I burn in 10 minutes.

Handska33 karma

How do you still manage to look cool, before and after?

texan190123 karma


ThingsThatAreBoss6 karma

Answer the question, sir.

texan19018 karma

"ThingsThatAreBoss" are you a bot? Its nice to get compliments and I thank OP for that.

ThingsThatAreBoss-14 karma

Please, sir, this is still not an answer to his original question.

texan190121 karma

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

ulobmoga22 karma

Have you noticed any changes in the way people interact with you based on how they perceive your race?

texan190119 karma

I do notice that they react different. Sometimes its funny.

ReverseSolipsist11 karma


texan190136 karma

So once I was at target and someone behind me said something like "move along dumb ass" in my native tongue not expecting me to know it. He did not expect me to know. I moved my cart and said "I am sorry" in native language. His wife/girlfriend laughed so hard and his expression was priceless. Similar thing happened at the front desk of an Indian restaurant.

At a Chinese buffet me and some of my friends went for lunch the server handed me the check on a table of seven. It was pointed out to me because I was the only "white". We tried it twice more and no matter where I sat I always got the check.

ReverseSolipsist7 karma

Haha. Wow. Weird.

texan190127 karma

Me and my girlfriend who is not white were once at a beach and she noticed that few of the old people were giving us a weird look. It took me some time to realize that they did not like us being a mixed race couple. lol

foolofsheet9 karma

We still have a long way to go!

tenpoundpen26 karma

If old people are the problem, then it's not too long of a wait.

texan190117 karma

lol! I know I should not laugh but this is funny.

Traubster16 karma

Do you find it easier to get approved for credit?

texan190128 karma

My name on the application still does not sound white. lol

Kohvwezd25 karma

Change your name and you will have gamed the game.

texan190117 karma

Good Idea. Any suggestion for a good white name? lol

Kohvwezd9 karma

John Doe.

texan190112 karma

That would confuse the government so much. Arrest warrant issued against John Doe or John Doe owes 10K in back taxes. the file will go straight to cold cases.

pkcrossing898 karma

Evan James

texan190110 karma

That would increase my credit score by 100.

Applebeignet4 karma

Oh, some kind of name that's obviously from a very white country.

You could go Irish: Ciarán O'Malley

Or Dutch: Willem de Zwart

Maybe Scandinavian: Søren Jonsson

Polish?: Przemyslaw Czubak

texan19018 karma

Thanks. May be I will mix and match like. Willem Czubak. I will try to pick french accent. I think that will go nice with this name.

Knight_Iron_Tarkus4 karma

Tyrone Sango

texan19019 karma

Tyrone Sango

That doesn't sound very white. I need a name that makes me sound like an established KKK member. lol

IBeBallinOutaControl3 karma

Wesley snipes

texan19012 karma

pamplemus3 karma

Kevin. Kevin is the whitest name.

texan19014 karma

Kevin Hart

sys_disconnect2 karma

Bobby or Hank Hill?

texan19015 karma

Well I feel like a moon shine smuggler already.

Minifig812 karma

Michael Jackson ?

texan19011 karma

May be not, the name comes with a lot of baggage. :)

fireash16 karma

That is interesting, I didn't know it could encompass your whole body like that. (I know Micheal Jackson supposedly had it, but he just went from black to white and not speckles in between) My mom has this on her hands, feet, face and a few other random spots. Her's affects the color of the hair growing in those spots as well. Do people treat you better now that you don't have patches anymore? My mom was pale skinned to begin with so she just didn't tan and wore makeup.

texan190119 karma

For the first 2-3 years I sought after numerous treatment for vitiligo. Every treatment seem to increase it. I had so many dietary restrictions. starting 2012 I decided to give up on treating and enjoy. This is the result. I am happy with it. And yes I too have grey hair on a lot of places because of Vitiligo I shave some hair color some and don't care about rest.

workaccountoftoday16 karma

Some sourceless comment I saw said that MJ had it, but used make up to cover up the "different" spots. So at no point did you ever see his condition as it should appear.

Some other people also claim he never really had it. I'll likely never know the truth.

texan190129 karma

There are some medication that help you bleach your skin and become white fast. That is a treatment advised for people who have over 60% area covered with white patches. The draw back is that it makes skin extremely sensitive to sun and all your hair turn grey. The reason why MJ had umbrella over him everywhere he went.

Sirisian5 karma

He had a single white glove. There are people that worked with him that said it was to hide the early onset of vitiligo. My dad has it only on his hands randomly. It seems to start there for a lot of people.

texan19012 karma

I knew someone who had just this one spot between his thumb and index finger of the size of a lays chip.

EdYOUcateRSELF3 karma

At that point its just a reverse birth mark :-)

texan19012 karma

Yes but that person was in his 50's and so self-conscious about it. Would cover it with makeup. The problem with Vitiligo is that the patient is his/her biggest enemy.

maximae4 karma

I'm pretty sure his autopsy confirmed it. And his son has it.

texan19015 karma

Yes it did. People still won't believe it because it could have been arranged.

StarFox42014 karma

Do you ever pretend to be racist because you look white?

texan190126 karma

Yes yes I do. Just as a joke and only among close friends. Its funny for I can get away with it.

Dexadrine2 karma

Tell em you're indonesian, or filipino, then say a line of jibberish, or real tagalog, they won't know the difference. ;P

texan19016 karma

I am can just say my native country and I do speak 3 languages other than English.

reticulated_python2 karma

What is your native country, and what languages do you speak?

texan19016 karma

Lets just say I am from somewhere in Asia and I speak 3 Asian languages.

isync2 karma


texan19011 karma

No. Guess again.

No_Hetero1 karma

I'm guessing Taiwan

Flynn582 karma

Chinese Taipei


thefoolofemmaus3 karma

Republic of China


texan19013 karma

I never thought anyone would call me Chinese, well there is a first for everything.

texan19012 karma

Now guessing my country of origin is a game. Cool I am in.

MrBison12310 karma

Do you have any before pictures? Oh, and in the imgur album why did you block your eyes out in 5 of the pictures but on the 6th you didn't? Seems kinda pointless lol.

texan19017 karma

I do not have any digital images. Might scan them and post them later. I had the last pic with eyes blocked but that one showed up in Google image search so I posted another one and forgot to block the eyes. LOL.

NikolaiVonToffel5 karma


How does it feel to be white?

Did your penis also change color? How has this affected your sensitivity?

How long did the process take? Did your changing skin itch?

Can you change back and forth like a chameleon now?

texan19018 karma

Honestly it feels good to be of one color after a long time. Yes it did. Only change in sensitivity was towards sun. So unless I am making love to a girl out in the open on a sunny day everything is still the same. It tool almost 12 years for total transformation. Vitiligo causes no itching or pain of any sort. This is the reason it is a disorder and not a disease. Yes I can change color depending on my surrounding.

tossinthisshit15 karma

have you ever heard of re-vitiligo?

texan190119 karma

Only in case of Uncle Ruckus.

Dexadrine-7 karma

I suspect my brother has it, even working inside most of the daylight hours, he just looks more and more like a damned red indian every year. Course, it doesn't help that he's in Florida, so 4-5 hours outside, and poof! From tan to red indian. ;)

ThisIsNotAMonkey9 karma

Dude, we need to work on these racial epithets...

texan19011 karma

What if the Brother is Indian and he turns red making him red Indian.

texan19012 karma

Well if he has vitiligo he will glow under black light. He should use sunscreen getting burns is not good for skin.

Colopty1 karma

Glow? I want a picture of that.

texan19011 karma

Next time I go to a bowling ally I will get remember to take a picture.

workaccountoftoday4 karma

Do you know anyone else with Vitilgo? And if so, what's your relationship with them?

texan19018 karma

6 years after I was diagnosed with Vitiligo, my father also noticed a few patches on his skin. His vitiligo is also progressing very fast.

bradshitt4 karma

Can this just happen at some point in your life or have you always had this?

texan19016 karma

It could happen anytime. Most o the cases I have seen generally start after some sickness or injury when the body is weak and recovering.

Colopty4 karma

Good sir, I believe your vitiligo is contagious. Soon everyone around you will be white.

texan190111 karma

In that case I should start a business. :)

joebob8014 karma

Did your penis get smaller when you turned white?

texan19015 karma

I was worried that might happen. For some time there was contrast with the base color and it looked even bigger, but now its the same size but white. ;)

Osbourne3 karma

How does it affect your life now that it covers your whole body?

texan190113 karma

For one I am less self conscious and more confident. I take more care not get sun burnt and I see people treat me better specially while out shopping or in Job interviews.

seancashmere3 karma

Can you tan? I guess this is similar to Infernal Wedgie's query, but just yesterday I was scratching my head about this whole Zoom Tan craze. I live in Southwest Florida. I am extremely tan. The sun sears every single day. How has this business become so successful here? Anyway, can you get a tan?

texan19014 karma

I can ton only the spray kind. Sun/UV only burns me.

bobaf3 karma

Is your skin more sensitive to touch now?

texan19016 karma

No, not really but I did notice that get scratches easily. I get cuts or scratches that I have no idea how I got them.

Vexelius3 karma

Wow, I didn't know that Vitiligo would progress this way, effectively changing your entire skin color... Did you notice a change on the way people treat you based on how you look? I think that the aversion that some people experience towards persons affected by vitiligo is more based on aesthetics... So, did people started "accepting" you more as the patches started becoming less and less?

texan19014 karma

People were already accepting. I never faced any kind of rudeness. There was at times by my overly self-conscious issues but rarely from someone else. I do recall some people being curious and this one dumb girl who thought it was contagious and she could contract it by shaking hands with me.

radfishflow2 karma

Same thing happened to me in elementary school :(((

texan19013 karma

Elementary school can be brutal. I am sorry about that. No grown up or teen has ever been rude to be about vitiligo back when I had patches. But small kids would always ask what happened? Why are you like that? And its never easy to explain to them.

Bosola3 karma

  1. How long did the change take, all in all?
  2. You say that you feel people react differently to you now that they think you're white. Can you elaborate on this? I'm really interested to hear an objective account of what it's like to 'change race', so to speak.
  3. Did you ever contemplate wearing makeup to try and blend the spots or did you just leave it as is? Did that ever make you self-conscious?

texan19016 karma

Sorry for slow reply:

*1. It took 12 years in total. Till 2011 I did not have many spots on my face so I was taking precautions to prevent if from spreading. Once it reached my face I stopped doing anything for it.

*2. There has been a shift on the behavior on every side. For example I get better service at restaurants. Once this elderly guy walked to my car in parking lot to tell me that I should be careful in snow as he just say a mustang like mine get into accident but when he saw two other people in car he realized I am not white and got very awkward and said "namaste" and left. There are many more.

*3. I never wore makeup never felt the need to. I was self-conscious when the first time some spots appeared on my hand. I would keep my hand in my pocket all the time. I realized none of the people were bothered or said anything. I was the same person/friend/cousin with or without these marks. I stopped caring about them. There were some dark days when I would see some new area covered be a bit sad but I guess everyone around me was supportive by not pointing it out.

Edit: Format

ricebubble3 karma


texan19015 karma

I don't see why I can't use the "N" word. Just not a good word for anyone to say. No people have no clue even after knowing my name. A girl i worked with thought I was from Egypt and for someone thought I am from Ukraine or somewhere.

merper3 karma

Have you considered being a spokesman for Fair and Lovely?

texan19014 karma

If they pay the right price, sure.

usersalwayslie3 karma

My husband has vitiligo and he was told it was inherited and can only be passed down on the mother's side(his mother had it) and not the father's side. I'm not sure that's true but he was very happy he couldn't/didn't pass it on to our child.

The wikipedia article doesn't seem to be entirely accurate. It didn't mention a genetic connection as a possible cause.

So onto questions: 1) Do you know if your case is inherited or caused by an autoimmune disease? From your description, it doesn't sound like there was a trigger event that started this.

2)If inherited, do you worry about passing this on to future offspring?

texan19013 karma

Well from all my research online and talking to over a dozen of doctors, there is no known cause for vitiligo. My dad also has vitiligo, his was diagnosed six years or so after me. Yes I am a bit worried that I might pass it on to my offspring, but there is always a small chance that they might get it even if I never had it. I wish your husband good luck. I was lucky to have friends and family who supported me and I guess he has too.

ThisIsNotAMonkey2 karma


texan19012 karma

Vitiligo is heredity; no surprise there, but it can start at any age. For me 16, my dad 52 some people never. I know kids as young as 2 and people as old as 80 getting it.

Doctors don't know why the cells fail or die. It may be related to:

A disorder in which your immune system attacks and destroys the melanocytes in the skin
Family history (heredity)
A trigger event, such as sunburn, stress or exposure to industrial chemicals

endoflineprod3 karma

Why did you cover your eyes in all but the last photo? I know it's really not the most important question in the thread, I'm just genuinely curious

texan19011 karma

I replace the last picture at the last minute. Now I feel i should not have covered the previous picture as well. It really doesn't matter.

endoflineprod2 karma

Yeah, definitely not a big deal. You seem to have a great outlook on everything. Keep it up! Cheers!

texan19012 karma

Thanks. From what I have learned ones appearance might be good for first impression but its ones personality that makes the lasting impact that matters.

UniversalOrbit3 karma

Sorry if it's been asked, but are you happier now that it's 100%, as in it's not noticeable patches anymore and people just assume you're a white guy?

texan19012 karma

I was never shy about my vitiligo. I am not very attractive, or tall or athletic but that was one thing that made me stand out. No one who meet me once could forget me for I was different. As a kid I never had to do yard work or chores that meant going out in sun. Since I turned all white I am one among all. I blend in. Seeing how I am in America being white has its privileges too. So i guess I am some what happier.

UniversalOrbit2 karma

Cool, I imagine myself I'd be very annoyed by people staring and whatnot in public, but if you could own it then more power to you my friend!

texan19011 karma

Well you got to make the best of every situation. I still get staired at times.

bh94453 karma

Do you wanna be startin somethin?

texan19012 karma

I didn't get it.

Bampari2 karma

texan19012 karma

Thanks for explaining. To answer OP. Yes i be starting somethin.

nikolaprof2 karma

Will your skin ever get its old color? What are your thoughts on losing this vitiligo?

texan19011 karma

I doubt that my skin pigmentation would ever return. I am happy that I am of a single color after a long time. I hate that I get sun burn so easily. Lucky for me this disorder does not cause any pain or discomfort. On a day to day bases I never really worried about it or thought of it as a problem.

ExplosionsintheEye2 karma

What has been the biggest effect of Vitiligo on your life?

texan190113 karma

It started when I was 16 so it killed my chance with girls or that's what I thought. What I learned from my friends and my first serious girlfriend that it was all in my head. I learned to value myself.

Dexadrine2 karma

For girls, there's always pervs out there, like me, who want to see where all the fade out spots are. :D

So, I imagine there are females who are similarly curious the other way round.

texan19015 karma

That's the reason I am on Reddit. To find a girl/s like that.

dannyrdam2 karma

What treatments did you use: UV light? Cream?

What dietary restrictions were you on? Did stress cause it to progress?

texan19012 karma

Yes I tried UV, creams, herbal, some steroid medication, etc, etc. The main dietary restriction was no vitamin C.

pm0792 karma

Dietary restrictions because of the medication? Or is vitamin c bad for vitiligo?

texan19011 karma

Vitamin C is bad for Vitiligo. Good for skin. A lot of other acidic food as well including soft drinks not good for Vitiligo.

pm0791 karma

Ah, kinda wish I knew that before it spread...

texan19013 karma

In that case consume a lot of these and you will be all white sooner.

pm0791 karma

Ha ha, I already am white though. Some parts more so than others.

texan19013 karma

In that case you should invest in good sun screen.

joshwatson12 karma

A few questions if you don't mind brah:

  • Do you prefer to have some spots or do you prefer to have just turned white?

  • Also, Is Vertiligo just an issue that affects appearance or is there a legit health problem/effect to it?

  • How long did the whole process take?

  • How did people react to you when you looked like in picture 2?

texan19013 karma

I am here to answer questions, thanks for asking.

  • I prefer to be of a single color, white, black or any other shade in between.

  • Vitiligo effects skin and hair pigmentation. It does not cause any physical damage to health. All the damage is physiological.

  • For me it took almost 12 years.

  • Most of them made joke about my hairstyle. No one ever said anything mean. A lots of time people had questions specially because someone they know also has it. A few times they wanted to know how it happened and what not to do so they don't get it. At times kids would ask why are you like that? But no one made a big deal out of it no one treated my any different.

scarfacetor2 karma

I have vitiligo on my face though not on my arms nor my legs. Will this thing grow? Have you had them in your armpit and your crouch first?

texan19011 karma

For me it started on my chest. It grew to my knees and my elbows. And later to my fingers and toes. My face was last to get white patches. Yes it did spread to my genitals and my armpit as well.

scarfacetor2 karma

I literally have it on my dick. Lets hope it doesnt spread.

texan19012 karma

Won't you like the color of your ball sack match the color of your dick :P

On a serious note you should see a doctor because if you have just one or two patches the treatment is fairly easy.

SteamPunk_Devil2 karma

Have you noticed a difference in the way people have treated you when you looked more white?

texan19012 karma

Yes I did. For one people stopped asking me "Where are you from?" Also the store attendants are less suspicions that i would steal something. Although that might be because I am not a student anymore and I dress better.

SteamPunk_Devil2 karma

How does its spread, like does it just fade or what? Also how long did it take you to find out what it was and what did you first think?

texan19011 karma

Most of my spots had rough edges. Some even like spray, small white dots on normal skin and they would slowly grow and cover the area. Some times there were spots which i would see and be like, "where did this come from?". Also all cuts and scratch would turn white leaving an outline of the original cut/scratch. Shaving was a bi**h and that is how lot of my face turned white.

rice-cream2 karma

Do you have, or have you ever had, any freckles?

texan19012 karma

No never but at times the colored patches near my nose looked like freckles. Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin and my skin has no melanin not anymore.

allahsnackbars2 karma

Have you considered moving to cloudy/rainy places the like UK?

texan19011 karma

I did move from Texas to NJ. Thank god for sun screen I can enjoy sun.

TheShadiestKoala2 karma

Have you experienced any negative health problems from it?

texan19011 karma

No health problems. Only things I notice that I get sun burns easy and my hair turn grey in the most unexpected places.

megazver2 karma

Michael Jackson apparently felt the need to change his features to be more Caucasian with plastic surgery after he began to get whiter from vitiligo. Have you considered it?

Just don't do your nose ten times until just falls off.

texan19012 karma

I am and have been very comfortable in my own skin, dark, patchy or white. I have never thought of any alteration. May be braces for my teeth but that's it, nothing more.

Bold10Ten2 karma


texan19011 karma

So this is what I know to be fact. He used treatment to bleach his skin white. Naturally vitiligo won't progress that fast. The underlying reason he did it can very well be vitiligo. Which can be a kind of deal breaker for a famous celebrity.

For some reason today for a musician to be popular he/she has to be good looking. In MJ's situation I might have done the same thing.

WangHubris1 karma

Which color would you rather be? You personally, how are you side effects other than aesthetics?

texan19015 karma

All I can say is I would like to be one color. Either would work. If I had to chose. My original skin color because I like out door activities.

ThingsThatAreBoss1 karma

What are your thoughts on the actor Milo Ventimiglia?

texan19013 karma

I really enjoyed is role in the TV series "Heroes"* and I think he has potential to be next Hollywood star, but I am not sure what he has to do with Vitiligo.

Bearded_Stranger1 karma


texan19012 karma

lol and No. Life has been more or less good to me. :)

Madane1 karma

Can you get a tan with vitiligo?

texan19011 karma

Vitiligo is caused because the skin pigment cells start dying. So the areas that have white patches can not create more pigment (tan). The rest of the body does get tan. That is one reason vitiligo patients are told to avoid sun. Because of they get tan the contrast makes white patches more visible.

mc13131 karma

Does your chocolate starfish should be called vanilla starfish now?

texan19013 karma


xcel11-5 karma

How to I make waffles just the way I like them without damaging my nipples?

texan19012 karma

Using a good waffle maker.

xcel11-2 karma

But I said just the way I like them...

texan19013 karma

Using the Waffle maker that makes waffle the way you like them.

Macroaggression-7 karma

Isn't this more of a cure than a disease?

texan19012 karma

cure for racism maybe. Humans are smart, if racism ends we will find something else, money, religion or the size of a persons genitals.