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Lots of people talking about commercial space travel, some companies even offering tickets as prizes for promotions..realistically do you see that as a probability within the next 50-100 years?

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Let's skip more pleasantries and ask the second question everyone wants to know, which companies will be fitting the bill for your campaign and therefor kicking America in the balls during your term?

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What about the parents so desperate to get their kids a better life that they risk everything? No empathy for them?

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Don't avoid uncomfortable questions and be straight up about how you're benefiting those funding your campaign and you should be okay. I mean..no one's ever done it, but that seems to be what American voters on here want. I'm Canadian, so I can't offer much else.

Welcome to reddit.

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Sorry if it's been asked, but are you happier now that it's 100%, as in it's not noticeable patches anymore and people just assume you're a white guy?