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Part of the popular story goes that when Roddenberry heard what Dr. King had said, he said something like "finally, someone gets it." Any truth to that part of it?

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You're going about it all wrong. You want the porn folder to not stand out. On all my machines "tax docs" is just crammed full of filth.

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Good on you! You are providing a valuable service, and should be able to derive compensation from that.

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Thanks for doing this, Cap'n. What should be done about ship security in the future? Do you support arming private ships?

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Jeremy, you're doing God's work, and I want to buy you all of the beer. On to my question.


How does one do this? There is a timeshare in Branson, MO that every few months decides to call me every day for a week trying to get me to sign up. I have tried talking to managers, asking to be removed, and uttering just the vilest curses I can think of at them. Nothing works.

(Side note: has anyone else noticed telemarketers are getting more thick skinned? It used to be I could tell one to jack off with sandpaper and they'd hang up. Nowadays, nothing I can think to say fazes them.)