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My paranoid side thinks that they want total control over iAMA, in order to put forward only the questions that they want and delete anything that goes against their interests.

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Hello. Since an incident I had when I was 4, I became an emetophobic - My worst and most crippling fear is vomiting. So, I would like to ask you: How did you get used to it? How did you managed to overcome any fears about your condition?

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You have all my respect. Hope the medical science can do something to understand and cure that illness.

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Wow, I didn't know that Vitiligo would progress this way, effectively changing your entire skin color... Did you notice a change on the way people treat you based on how you look? I think that the aversion that some people experience towards persons affected by vitiligo is more based on aesthetics... So, did people started "accepting" you more as the patches started becoming less and less?

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I have had this kind of experiences, too. For a lack of a better explanation, I have the theory that, since a lot of information gets processed and moved into long term memory during sleep, sometimes the brain tries to "extrapolate" all this data into a possible outcome, which, depending on your actions, it can become a reality. When this happens, you remember your dream, and the cycle is complete.