In 1995, I was arrested for murder, along with five other people. We were all convicted and sent away for 25 years to life.

From the very beginning we all insisted we were innocent. I never gave up, and launched my own investigation from my cell. I actually found out who the real killers were from behind bars.

Finally, two years ago, all six of us were exonerated after nearly 18 years in prison.

Tomorrow at 9/8c, Dateline NBC is doing a show on my story. There's a preview up here:

PROOF: This is me now, holding a photo of me before:

Ask me anything!

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Dovahkiin_Vokun3936 karma

You've said you'd be interested in running for office. Please do. I'm a political reporter in Albany. We need more genuine people who have passion and a cause to get into office. I cannot tell you how often I find myself bemoaning the utter lack of humanity in our state's legislature and government.

And if you are ever looking for a PR/Communications person, yours is the kind of campaign I dream of working for. Don't lose that drive, and don't stop fighting until you've turned the tide.

EricGlisson3658 karma

Send me a message, let's keep in touch.

ppinick3242 karma

Biggest shock as far as technology goes?

EricGlisson3950 karma

Cell phones!

GhostOfPluto2280 karma

Have you gotten used to them yet?

EricGlisson4069 karma

I've ran through about seven of them so far. I keep breaking them! The screens are fragile, and I washed one in the washing machine.

iDamix3209 karma

What did they say when they released you? "Our bad"?

EricGlisson4667 karma

They didn't say anything. I went up to the assistant DA who opposed every appeal that I filed and I shook her hand and told her it was finally nice to meet my long-term nemesis, and she's won a lot of battles but I just won the war. Seemed to me she put her head down in shame.

bluelily2162993 karma

If you could advocate for one change in the justice system, what would it be? And what piece of evidence did the prosecutors focus on the most?

EricGlisson4956 karma

That prosecutors and detectives be held accountable for their actions if they cover up evidence.

Human-Remains2920 karma

Were you ever victim to any violence while in prison? How did you get along with other inmates and the officers? Thanks for doing an AMA.

EricGlisson5338 karma

I mostly stayed to myself, and frequented the law library a lot. I taught a lot of people to read and write. I taught the GED class. I stayed busy. I went to prison with a sixth grade education and left with a bachelors of behavioral science.

DKoz19652668 karma

What did they have for evidence to convict you/how were you convicted?

EricGlisson3775 karma

They had an eye-witness who falsified her testimony. She was drug addicted and homeless, and said she saw all of us exiting the back of a taxi cab. There was no forensics, no fingerprints, no nothing.

sgtwonka2534 karma

May I ask how one can launch their own investigation from their cell? That sounds extremely hard.

EricGlisson3318 karma

It was hard. I used the FOIA. I have a stack of letters I sent... they denied me for years. Finally, in 2012 I got ONE document that opened the whole case up and proved who the real killers were.

salydra2419 karma

Did you have any friends or family who believed you were guilty and how did that go?

EricGlisson3389 karma

A lot of family members and friends were under the impression that I actually committed this crime and as a circumstance of that and abandoned me. They all now know the truth and have taken steps to amend their past judgement of me and I've accepted it.

whatthehelluk2163 karma

Do you blame them for thinking you were guilty?

EricGlisson3656 karma

No, it's typical. Once you're accused of a crime and you sit at the defense table, everyone is skeptical.

MarxShrugged2330 karma

What is the craziest thing you have witnessed while in prison?

EricGlisson3557 karma

I walked past a cell, and saw a guy who was hanging.

terattt2304 karma

Did you ever consider suicide while being trapped in there?

EricGlisson3685 karma

Several times. When you lose all of your appeals, and you have to consider that you'll be in there the rest of your life because parole almost is never given to convicted murders, you think the only relief is to end it. But, something inside you keeps telling you to fight.

coriacea2251 karma

When the other inmates asked what you were in for, did you bother to tell them that you're innocent and if so, what was their reaction (to what you were in for and that you were claiming to be innocent)?

EricGlisson2971 karma

I told everyone I was innocent. There were mixed responses until the facts of the case were revealed.

Gurip1168 karma

are there a lot of people in prison that claim they are innocent? like when asked what they are in, they obv lie that they are innocent, or most of them just say the crime they did?

TahoeTweezer2217 karma

Don't you know? Everyone is innocent in Shawshank.

EricGlisson2962 karma

You might be surprised that a lot of people that are guilty admit to it in prison.

seando172096 karma

How much can you bench press?

EricGlisson3329 karma


EricGlisson3498 karma

I squat 430.

Jrpre332065 karma

Eric Glisson I would have to say you are the most strong willed person I've ever read about. It takes a lot for what you did and you have all of my respect.

My question is: During the time you were imprisoned, what was the one thing you truly missed the most?

Ps. I want to apologize for what our social culture has become over the years lol

EricGlisson3684 karma

My daughter. I was taken away from her one week after she was born. She's 19 now.

Greesygun2038 karma

Were you framed? Was it a mismanaged case or both? Seems odd that 5 people go to jail for one murder.

EricGlisson2284 karma

I believe it was both.

Snoopsalot1910 karma

What was the one thing you really wanted to do once you got released? Was it travel, a certain meal, what?

EricGlisson3416 karma

I just wanted to eat lamb chops.

hwa151907 karma

Were the real killers connected to you in any way, did you know them or know of them before your arrest and wrongful sentence?

EricGlisson2594 karma

I didn't know them personally, but apparently they lived in my neighborhood.

ChrisBenRoy1843 karma

Has the stigma of once being in prison for murder been hard to live with? Such as finding a job or anything like that?

EricGlisson3844 karma

I have difficulties with credit issues, housing. I just got a new apartment, and had to pay a full years rent because I don't have credit.

I opened a juice bar in the Bronx called Fresh Take On Life, and work there every day.

ChrisBenRoy1975 karma

That, is brilliant. I am very happy for you and you chose an awesome name for such a business. Do you have a website? Shirts? If so I would love to buy one.

EricGlisson3378 karma

Conscripted1824 karma

Michigan is possibly going to pass a law that would pay people like you $60,000 per year for incorrect incarceration. As someone who has actually went through this and isn't just one of us sideline commentators, do you believe that $1,080,000 would be ample compensation for the 18 years you spent behind bars?

Edit: For some additional context on this, here is a link to /u/mepper post over on /r/Politics: Link

EricGlisson3110 karma

That's nothing.

PieceOfPie_SK1699 karma

How has your relationship with your daughter been? Were you able to meet her while in prison?

EricGlisson2678 karma

It was strained, and still it feels like she resents me for leaving her for all of these years.

pullinbirds1666 karma

What most shocked you about the world today after being in prison for so long?

EricGlisson3033 karma

Seeing all of these young kids, how the subculture has changed. With all the piercings, and body tattoos, they way they dress with their pants hanging.

karmanaut1626 karma

Have you spoken with the prosecutors who worked to convict you? What have they said about the situation?

EricGlisson3391 karma

The prosecutor who convicted me had a massive heart attack in court, and died during a different murder trial.

bryanatl1543 karma

How long after you found out who the real criminals were did you remain in prison?

EricGlisson2364 karma

Almost eight months.

EricGlisson929 karma

Almost eight months.

spartangrad0071398 karma

How do you keep yourself from hating everyone and life? Is there some sort of inner peace that you realized while inside that allowed you to stay sane?

EricGlisson3659 karma

What good would it do to hate everyone? That's not who I am.

two_off1368 karma

What are you going to do for work now that you're out?

What was your first meal, and how was it?

Have you bought yourself Sriracha sauce yet?

EricGlisson2233 karma

My first meal was lamb chops and cheese cake, which was awesome. It was like the first time ever tasting lamb chops again.

I haven't had it yet. Should I get some?

valentinerrainbow1317 karma

Welcome back! Was there ever a time when you didn't think you being freed was going to happen?

EricGlisson1939 karma

Every second you are under the impression you will never get out of there, but you have to think optimistically and think that a day would come that you would eventually be released.

Fishermang1310 karma

Did you play any video games before 1995, and have you tried any of the newest ones, for comparison?

EricGlisson2821 karma

I played Nintendo, but now I have an Xbox360. Graphics are totally different.

Sexual-_-Predditor1246 karma

How did you keep your skin so young?

EricGlisson2467 karma

I ate raw aloe.

ryanando1223 karma

What was the biggest shock when you first got to prison?

EricGlisson2467 karma

It's not the image you see on TV. There's not as much violence, the food isn't as bad. If your family sends you food packages, you can actually cook for yourself.

millero1112 karma

That's rough. I can't imagine how that would feel to go through that.

Is it possible for you to get "repaid" for the years of your life that you will never get back?

EricGlisson2830 karma

you to get "repayed" for the years of your life that you

There's no amount of compensation that could "repay" for my time lost.

Laeira1111 karma

First of all it's incredible that you had the strength to fight for so long. Did it help that you were 5 and could support each other? Do you think you're a rare exception or do you think this kind of injustice happens all the time?

EricGlisson1757 karma

We were all separate, and I never saw them after going away. I did write to them though.

It happens all the time. More than you know.

MasterPooBlaster1108 karma

How in the loop were you with what was going on outside of the jail on a World/Political level? From what I can gather you were in prison over 9/11/2001. We hear what it was like for people who had the news readily available, what was your experience like?

EricGlisson1615 karma

Newspapers were my only connection to the outside world. And radio.

MasterGrok1064 karma

Were you treated poorly in prison? I applaud your apparent bravery throughout all of this.

EricGlisson2434 karma

I mean, I had to sleep in a dark 6x8 cell for 18 years and had my life dictated by correctional officers and be subject to three counts a day where you stand up and they count you like you were cattle or something.

r-eddi-t21056 karma

Was your family still alive and well after your got out? What was different. Please explain from your point of view.

EricGlisson2419 karma

I lost my grandmother while I was in there. I had to attend her funeral in shackles and chains.

B0bbo8958 karma

1)Why did it take so long for you to be exonerated? Did they just recently look into the circumstances of your case? Did your investigation have anything to do with them looking into it?

EricGlisson2086 karma

I did my own research and investigation and found the real killers from inside my cell. Only when the US Attorneys office got involved did the courts in the Bronx take this matter seriously and re-investigate the case.

mylefthandkilledme790 karma

What are you going to do with your free time now? Are you going to start helping others who feel like they have been wrongly convicted?

EricGlisson2237 karma

I am currently trying to persuade anyone that I can to help me fund a foundation called Chimes of Freedom, to help exonerate other innocent individuals.

smooshie707 karma

Do you believe racism played a role in your conviction?

EricGlisson2325 karma

I believe that it's not just about racism, it's about not being able to afford a competent attorney.

KtotheC639 karma

Had you heard of or did you reach out to the Innocence Project ( in any way?

Were there other groups you reached out to for help?

EricGlisson1265 karma

Yes, but they only handle DNA cases and rejected me.

uberlad637 karma

What's your very best life advice?

EricGlisson1814 karma

Just enjoy everything that comes your way. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, good or bad, just take everything in stride. It'll get better before you know it.

tequilahhh491 karma

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where would you of seen yourself if you had those 18 years.

EricGlisson1793 karma

In five years I see myself running for public office. You can't make change from outside, you have to scream from inside.

I don't know. That's difficult to say. Different.

smooshie451 karma

Do you believe the same false conviction could happen to somebody in the present day, or have technology and/or legal procedures changed enough to prevent that?

If it still is, what do you feel should be changed in society to prevent a recurrence of your tragedy?

EricGlisson997 karma

It can happen to anyone, and happens all the time.

mymousetalkstome375 karma

Are you still being persecuted by people who still believe you are guilty? I'm sorry for everything you had to go through!

EricGlisson621 karma


terattt290 karma

Are you a man of faith? If so, did this challenge your belief at all? Strengthen it?

EricGlisson513 karma


MissMichelleP275 karma

You seem very well spoken for a man who has spent the past 18 years behind bars. Where were you in your life when you were incarcerated? What were your plans for your life at the time? What are your plans now?

I love the juice bar name! Way to go!

EricGlisson576 karma

They have a well stocked library! And also an inter-library exchange program. It's there if you desire to read and take advantage of those amazing books. Or, you can just hang in the yard and just let every day go by.

zunairabutt251 karma

You were innocent ,how does it feel being away from life ,from this world for that crime you never comitted .do u feel any change in yourself?

EricGlisson461 karma

I feel like the world has changed around me, and that it was kind of difficult re-acclimating into society. Overall, you take one step at a time and gain confidence from being part of society again.

duh_metrius195 karma

Was there ever a point where you gave up and accepted that this was your fate? It must have been extraordinarily difficult to keep up the fight for that long. Also, did the other four guys who were convicted with you launch investigations of their own?

EricGlisson274 karma

No, not that I know of.

ragweed195 karma

Is there a support group for innocent people who've been freed? Your troubling story is not the first we've heard.

EricGlisson284 karma

There's no support groups that I know of.

NancyAnnGrace121 karma

My username probably thinks you're still guilty. How do you feel about media and the circus that ensues around murder trials? Would a bigger media presence in your case have helped your cause?

EricGlisson179 karma

It would have definitely made a difference.

Ben_Ghay14 karma

Did you meet any big name criminals?

EricGlisson39 karma

No, not really. Just me?