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You've said you'd be interested in running for office. Please do. I'm a political reporter in Albany. We need more genuine people who have passion and a cause to get into office. I cannot tell you how often I find myself bemoaning the utter lack of humanity in our state's legislature and government.

And if you are ever looking for a PR/Communications person, yours is the kind of campaign I dream of working for. Don't lose that drive, and don't stop fighting until you've turned the tide.

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You take pride in making enormous document dumps with no regard for censoring or altering the information contained in the dump, but you're asking people for money so you can flick the switch and turn on the webpages "faster"?

Let's be honest, your whole mission is to publish documents without any interference or editorial control, or it's supposed to be. What part of the process is creating some kind of publishing speed bottleneck?

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Thank you for not allowing that series of comments to stand unchallenged. Her response verges on shamefully uninformed and inadequate. She is epitomizing a hyper-political campaign machine, hedging as much as possible in every sentence to avoid just saying, "Both of your primary options are shitty and untrustworthy."

It's a shame, because a year ago she might've had my vote, before she turned out to be an image-obsessed politician like so many others. Now I'm stuck with the lesser of the two evils from the main parties.

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They faced a challenge to Teachout's petitions to be on the ballot, and then a challenge to her New York residency in the NY Supreme Court (with the aim of having her removed from the ballot). The ruling of the Supreme Court, which found her to be a legal resident and qualified to run for the office, is currently being appealed to a higher court by Marty Connor, the guy running the lawsuits for Cuomo.

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There are a lot of negative voices in here, but they all choose to neglect the part where you turned $1,000 in Grandma money into a $100,000, saleable business, then immediately pursued another business venture.

I think a great deal of your story is luck when it comes to the money, but you really do have a great entrepreneurial spirit. It's awesome to see! I hope your success continues!

As my question, I am sure it's probably already been asked, but: how do you balance eschewing your traditional education in favor of entrepreneurial pursuits when your hero Elon Musk is such a huge supporter of following the normal education pipeline?