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Sami mentioned something about being "a gangster". Based on what you know/have heard, was he likely joking around, or is he possibly involved in shady mafia business?

Also, how on Earth have they managed to stay afloat for so long?

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Do you believe racism played a role in your conviction?

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Do you believe the same false conviction could happen to somebody in the present day, or have technology and/or legal procedures changed enough to prevent that?

If it still is, what do you feel should be changed in society to prevent a recurrence of your tragedy?

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IMO, one of the major failings on Reddit is the moderator system. The top mod is, for all intents and purposes, king. He can close a subreddit visited by the President and Bill Gates on a whim, he can make the default news or political subreddits omit any news he doesn't deem worthy or relevant (or which goes against his political bias), he can do absolutely nothing while a gigantic subreddit withers away (so long as he merely logs in once every 2 months), and he can make a once-friendly subreddit a hive of hate and bigotry.

The various solutions I've seen proposed (users voting for moderators, all the moderators voting on policies, etc) have their own failings , but are there any discussions about revamping the mod hierachy/power system, particularly for default or large subreddits?

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"Don't answer questions about Rampart"