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If you could advocate for one change in the justice system, what would it be? And what piece of evidence did the prosecutors focus on the most?

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I agree! It's a numbers game to them. They'll say they've got a 90% conviction rate but no one bothers to ask how they got those convictions. If I destroyed evidence I'd go to jail. If the D.A. or a cop does it they'll spend a few days on paid administrative leave- if even that! I know a lot of people shrug it off but the fact of the matter is it should be a concern for everyone. First of all, it can happen to anyone, as you well know. Secondly, when you arrest the wrong person you're giving the real criminal a free pass. When you use shady evidence to convict the wrong person of murder it doesn't change the fact there is still a murderer walking the streets! I think if a D.A. or cop destroys or distorts evidence to wrongly convict someone they should face the same time you did. You gave up all those years for them, they should be forced to do the same for you. I'm really glad you're out though. Was getting them to listen to you an uphill battle? Are you going to volunteer for any organizations that help overturn wrongful convictions now that you're out?

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How do you feel? Are you in a lot of pain? Were you scared before the surgery?

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What made you decide to write a children's book?

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Do hospitals have wifi or do you have unlimited data? Is your family there? Is your nurse nice? Or is she Misery's Kathy Bates' gainfully employed and less stalkerish sister?