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Was there ever a point where you gave up and accepted that this was your fate? It must have been extraordinarily difficult to keep up the fight for that long. Also, did the other four guys who were convicted with you launch investigations of their own?

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Doing a show like yours must require you to encounter a lot of 'strange' people and experiences with an open mind (or at least an ability to fake one).

Have there ever been times when you've been genuinely uncomfortable and excited to be done filming?

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I saw a report on the poaching situation in Africa recently, and it included some horrific video of poachers chopping a Rhino's horn off with an ax, leaving the the animal brutally mutilated, bloodied, and alive. Seeing that animal wake up with a gaping hole in it's head, trembling in pain, is seared in my memory.

Within that report, there was mention of farms in Africa as well as the South Pacific, where Rhino's are kept in captivity so they can be tranquilized, their horns sawed off, and then they are free to roam the farm in safety while the horns grow back. This is to help meet the massive demand for Rhino horn and hopefully make poaching less profitable. What is your opinion of this practice?

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What’s a story about your job you want to share but haven’t been able to yet because nobody has asked the relevant question?

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Working undercover for such a long time had to have taken an emotional toll. Did you get to be friendly with the people you were working alongside? Did you ever wrestle with guilt over the fact that you were there investigating them, and that ultimately may help in having criminal charges brought against them?