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How in the loop were you with what was going on outside of the jail on a World/Political level? From what I can gather you were in prison over 9/11/2001. We hear what it was like for people who had the news readily available, what was your experience like?

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I recently became addicted to your vlogs. I always had a preconceived notion of what a 'vlogger' was (high pitched, squeeling, pre-pubescent teen). Yours are obviously different. I love how you still seem to be filmmaker first, and vlogger second. While it seems you still do things for the vlog, I really get the feeling that vlogging for you is just a way to keep on creating, which I think is something us videographers/filmmakers need to embrace.

My question is: Would you ever be willing to record an editing session and show us your editing workflow? I know I personally would find it fascinating, and the rest of us over at /r/VideoEditing might enjoy it too. You often talk quite a bit about what goes into filming vlogs, and the editing seems to be put to the side.


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And if they ever break up, I volunteer to watch it with his girlfriend forever too.

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At the annual Barney-con?

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The best thing about being in DC was when the Metro announcer says FOGGY BOTTOOMMMM.