My short bio: Hey! Decompressing from a full Saturday of parties... I've been a professional princess (i.e: character performer) for nearly a year now... it was always a job that made me curious prior to being one (logistics, pay, costumes, childrens reactions, public reactions, etc...). I'll be up for a while, feel free to ask anything :) I'm sure I'll get stupid creeps here, but i'm willing to chance it for the sake of human curiosity (famous last words, i'm sure)

My Proof: Here's a photo of me as Cinderella: (whom i play often)

Me with my username (i am a near-albino sans costume/makeup)

anyway, ask away, if you want!

EDIT: 4:45 AM, going to sleep for a bit before getting up for another party! i'll definitely keep answering when i wake up! thank you to everybody for being so awesome!

EDIT 2: 1:05 AM it's been nearly 24 hours since i initially posted this! thank you all for your questions :) hope i helped clear up some misconceptions (especially about what a 'professional party princess' is, lol). You guys were great! -nosillaprincesa

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bechampions321 karma

Do the kids actually believe you're the actual princess you're portraying? And has there ever been a time where a kid who didn't believe you were a princess and lashed out at your for it?

nosillaprincesa483 karma

Yes! It's amazing! it took me a while to get adjusted to the blind trust many of the sweet children i visit have (now i get why a lot of religions encourage their believers to emulate the strength of faith exhibited by the young, lol)

the majority of them take me completely for face (and costume) value... i think in their heads, i haven't given them a reason to NOT believe that i am who they "know" i am, so the thought of deception doesn't even pop into their heads...

i had one little girl that got extremely upset at me while i was being Elsa for not displaying my ice powers, but she was mainly upset at me (as Elsa), not as me (random girl in wig) for deceiving her... again, i don't think many of them have the experience to conceive of that as an option yet... oh to be young, ha

PlasticGirl272 karma

Here's an idea... you can buy star shaped ice trays. Maybe keep a cooler in the car, then put into the star cubes into the freezer at the home of party. So if the girl asks for ice and you can't do it, wait until she's kind of by herself and slip one into her hand. It'll blow her mind.

nosillaprincesa215 karma

That might work! lately i've been putting a ton of silver glitter into my hand and just waving them around and having the sparkles drift onto the children; then i make up a lame excuse about not wanting to get them too cold before we dance...which they usually begrudgingly accept, haha

accidental_tourist78 karma

Do you have partners to play other characters like Anna?

nosillaprincesa148 karma

Yes! :) I have a cast of other coworkers that all play various roles that correlate to their abilities (singing/not singing) and/or appearance :) luckily, my company is busy enough that we all are frequently called in for a number of characters!

accidental_tourist42 karma

Do you get constant training, acting and singing to get as close to the portrayed princess as possible?

nosillaprincesa85 karma

No! Luckily, i'm naturally peppy (not so lucky for people to have to tolerate me long-term, lol) so i mesh fairly well with the princess persona :) acting is something i've always found to come easily (especially regarding turning "on" or 'off' a character).. I think Disney is a bit more intense with their employees regarding reaching character quota, ha

accidental_tourist21 karma

From what I've seen in disneyland I have to disagree, they put a very non asian looking asian to play mulan. I was a little disappointed. I heard that their major rules are only below 24yrs ild and smile at everyone.

nosillaprincesa22 karma

Really? disneyworld is extremely strict :o maybe they have more options?

unwill14 karma

You should bring some dry ice or liquid nitrogen with you next time ;)

nosillaprincesa84 karma

oh my god, i run into the living room in costume with tears in my eyes, hands smoking, manic grin: "HELLO CHILDREN!" dry ice smashes to floor, children scream in terror

constipated_giraffe17 karma

These Boo Bubbles pop into smoke as long as you wear Elsa's gloves for protection. You could teach them a little bit about science too.

We did it a literal science fair that my company helped organize.The kids loved it.

nosillaprincesa10 karma

oh my god, that's actually really awesome! i'll show my boss, thanks! :)

Cheesetoast916 karma

bad idea, very dangerous. I hope you're not serious.

deux3xmachina14 karma

Oh come on, flash freezing things is fun!

nosillaprincesa99 karma

lawsuit? what lawsuit? this is MAGIC

long_wang_big_balls231 karma

I took 'professional party princess' completely out of context

nosillaprincesa89 karma

lol, you aren't the only one, haha

iguessimnic157 karma

Not a question but a story.

I used to date a girl who played snow white and others at childrens parties. I lived in colorado. And at that time I was in the army. This was before my deployment, so I would spend all day at fort carson doing nothing but busy work and then go home.

That day my girlfriend asked me to pick her up after a party. I told her sure. It was kind of on my way and we could go back to my place. Change out of our respective work gear and then go get dinner. No sweat.

So I drive straight off the base in my ACUs, tired out and kind of a bit stressed. I was going to be moved to 1st battalion in stuttgart germany in like 5 weeks so that was weighing on me.

I pulled up to the house without really thinking. Got out of the car and leaned on it and was going to have a smoke while I waited. Nope.

Around the house comes a herd of little girls. Swarming around my then girlfriends ankles, squealing and peeping and giggling. My girlfriend looks at me and I quickly ditch my pack into my pocket.

I figured she was just wrapping up until one of the little girls says something like "GI JOE IS HERE TOO".

What followed were the most surreal 45 minutes of my life. I went from being myself 18E communications sergeant, to the most all american soldier boy in a split second... Oh man my girlfriends face.... sigh.

nosillaprincesa24 karma

AW STOP that's adorable!! :') how did you like it? haha

iguessimnic25 karma

It was a very strange 45 minutes. The parents all laughed and thought it was cute, I was half mortified as I played with them all and answered questions as "GIJOEY" as I could.

When I gave the Fairy Princess (my girlfriend) a hug I whispered in her ear that she needed to get me the hell out of there. She laughed and eventually we got to go. She thought it was cute, I was scared shitless. I think one of the parents made a comment to their daughter along the lines of "Just like you play honey, GI JOE and the Princess are in love." Awkward moments.

nosillaprincesa8 karma

LOL, are you still together? You guys should have a fairy and a g.i joe as wedding cake toppers if you ever get married; it would be an inside joke of corny love OH MY GOD sorry my sappy female side is showing through so I'll stop now.

Straight_6_Comrade140 karma

What is the sweetest story you have; like kids who were truly impressed by you being there? Btw, I think this is a pretty awesome thing you do for kids!

nosillaprincesa339 karma

Aw, thank you! It really is a rewarding job, especially for one I can do part-time while in college! The sweetest times in my job are definitely when I'm greeted with (what i call) a run-jump-and-hug... the ones that treat me like a well-known friend (which is more often than not), instead a scary stranger :)

I've had little kids just stare at me in awe and say: "thank you so much for coming!" I had a little girl hug me and whisper in my ear, "i love you so much!" A little girl brought her shy sister to come meet me and had me hug both of them at once, which caused the older sister to exclaim, "now you're our sister too!"

this little girl was obsessed with my wings:

this was one of my first parties, this girl ran to me the moment she saw me:

ahh, all very gratifying for certain :) especially visiting hospitals, when you can truly just give a sick baby a bit of magic, at least for a moment :) a weak smile or laugh is so precious when it's coming from a hospital bed.

Straight_6_Comrade82 karma

That is awesome; one of the sweetest things I've seen in a long time. I hope you continue to bring smiles to children! Thanks for sharing!

nosillaprincesa53 karma

aw, thank you! :) i hope so too!

CigarGuitar46 karma

When I play Santa, this is my favorite thing!!

nosillaprincesa61 karma

aw! :') there's a documentary on netflix about becoming santa, it's really adorable! that's a great job right there

winged_mssngr43 karma

That's awesome that you do that. I remember having the same reaction seeing WInnie the Pooh at Disneyworld at that age. As far as I was concerned, he was my best friend in the whole world.

nosillaprincesa46 karma

That's extremely adorable, just so you know

NorthKoreanDictator_28 karma

The first picture is a beautiful photo.

And aww, aren't kids sometimes the sweetest? Your job sounds like it has some really rewarding highlights.

nosillaprincesa23 karma

kids really are like magical dispensaries of love, my job is extremely rewarding due to them! :)

lawrnk18 karma


nosillaprincesa19 karma

Google! Gigsalad is a good website for checking reviews about princess companies :)

ThinkingBlur105 karma

Which is your favorite princess? Plus has anyone ever hit on you while in costume lol?

nosillaprincesa258 karma

my favorite princesses are the newer ones, that aren't so bland. i've found that the older the princess, the more a "shell" she is so to speak... i.e: snow white, aurora, cinderella... not a lot of personality going on there, if you catch my drift! with those you mainly just sing and smile sweetly, gaa

rapunzel, merida, and tink correlate best to my personality (energy and extroversion-level are dead-on), so they're definitely my favorite! i've been elsa from frozen lately and she's way too mature for my taste! ana's more for me :)

i'm a bit of an eternal kid, which is why it REALLY creeps me out when, yes, dads do hit on me...especially when i'm in "princess mode." i've had dads offer me wine (during the party...yes...), put their hands on the small of my back, ask me my age, ask me "what else i do" (IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN), and more... that's why i actually stopped being seashell bra ariel, too many creepy dads (and i don't have boobs, so i can only imagine what our well-endowed ariel has to put up with, eesh). really old grandpas that want to take a picture with me i tolerate, though! they're mainly adorable and less skeezy, heh

ThinkingBlur107 karma

Hahaha. Dad asking you what else do you do is just creepy (ew).

nosillaprincesa102 karma

right?! what was he hoping for? ugh

ThinkingBlur152 karma

You should have said something like "Well, I do many this like eating, walking, sleeping and also telling your wife". (Make sure you get paid first lol)

nosillaprincesa84 karma

LOL i'm definitely going to keep that! or just stare pointedly at his wife while inching away... oh! i just remembered one dad asking me if i "was in theater" while i was holding the birthday girl... i just stared blankly and laughed

Scudstock118 karma

Don't you think many of these questions aren't creepy and you might be projecting "creep" onto them? I know for me, as a dude, it would make me VERY uncomfortable having to try to talk to you like you're an ACTUAL fucking princess for hours... I would rather think of you as a real human, so I might ask what else you did or if you're in theatre (ya know, because you sing and act... Not a stretch). I'm sure some are creeps but those aren't creepy questions.

nosillaprincesa138 karma

no you're right :) i have come across some nice and respectful guys that really don't know how to deal with me, which is actually quite endearing... i only deem them as creepy usually when they combine something i.e: touching me repeatedly, offering me wine after i politely decline, interrupting children who are talking to me, etc... also, when i'm holding kids, asking me questions that don't correlate to my character make my job harder, so i get a bit grumpy :) but good perspective to keep in mind for next time!

GirlMeetsHerp18 karma

When you play rapunzel, do you play her with the short brown hair or the long blonde hair?

nosillaprincesa33 karma

long blonde hair... i usually just say it grew back :) (i am the princess of BS)

GirlMeetsHerp12 karma

Hahah!! Good one :-) I guess you have to be quick on your toes when working with kids!

nosillaprincesa19 karma

definitely! as long as you say it with confidence, they'll usually believe you!

thecouponking99 karma

How do you even get started in this business? Do you work independently or for a company?

Also, you're very beautiful! :D

nosillaprincesa149 karma

I know some individuals work independently, but marketing/gas/costume upkeep/etc... is more of a hassle than it's worth (unless you're dealing with a very low-competition small-town market). I work for a small company that I actually stumbled across on craigslist (i was initially convinced the ad was actually some sort of rape/organ-theft ploy but I sent in my resume anyway, natural selection defied again, lol!)

I auditioned with a few songs and I met the owner in person, and it went from there! Also, thank you for the compliment :o i feel very average sans the ballgowns, though, haha!

5iveby5ive79 karma

Do you do bachelor parties?

nosillaprincesa138 karma

it would probably be very lucrative, but no :/ most of us aren't willing to sacrifice our nights potentially being fondled and vomited on by weepy almost-married men, haha! it sounds like a comedy tina fey would write though and have amy poehler and kristen wiig star in

cara12345678925 karma

songs? do you have to sing at the parties?

nosillaprincesa81 karma

Yes! although it does depend on the package they purchase. i usually learn one or two songs per princess so I can just churn it out upon demand, lol :) if we have a prince accompanying i might do a duet with him (if i'm cinderella)

brandon_159788 karma

Have you ever gone to a party and the kid was like," your not the real Cinderella." Or something like that?

nosillaprincesa417 karma

oh god, yes! but not as often as i though it would happen, actually... probably because i have real blue eyes, pitifully pale skin, and a high-pitched voice (kids are extremely visual) which they connect to the majority of disney female characters (disney fails at being diverse)

but when i do get that, usually it's from an older brother or sister who's in the "i know santa isn't real and i'm going to tell everybodYYY" phase, haha! usually i go, "i'm not the real me?" and start pinching myself, "who am I?" and look frantic...the children all laugh and rush to reassure me/shun the nonbeliever... ;) i usually don't have to do much work when it comes to that! SHUN THE NONBELIEVER, CHILDREN

phlamewiz109 karma

You could start a cult D:

nosillaprincesa313 karma

too late, disney did that already :(

AquaBear44 karma

Haha sick candy mountain reference!

nosillaprincesa95 karma

one day i'll get my kidney stolen and then i'll have an even SICKER REFERENCE MANN (also, pun, sicker, kill me)

AquaBear20 karma

Just think about that before you answer the next organ theft craigslist ad lol.

P.S. albino unicorn would be an awesome rapper name for you. You're welcome.

nosillaprincesa60 karma

gotta get my street cred! i'll tattoo "albino unicorn" above the kidney extraction scar. hardcore, man

CandysaurusRex58 karma

A lot of the kids I work with get upset about Ariel having legs, and I have to remind them that my father gave me legs at the end of the story. Otherwise they're usually all too eager to buy into it, and the older ones aren't too hard to convince.

nosillaprincesa70 karma

when i'm ariel there's always at least one kid that wants to know about what happened to my mother! cue awkward changes of subject

CandysaurusRex59 karma

I do know that her name was Queen Athena. I'm assuming she died due to complications from giving birth to seven daughters within six years, but yeah that's not something to bring up at parties much.

Edit: Apparently not! She died saving her eldest daughter.

nosillaprincesa33 karma

eh, might bring the mood down a bit, hahaha

eZCoffeE83 karma

Most interesting story?

nosillaprincesa347 karma

Lots of stories, i'll give you a few from most recent!

  1. Last minute party (got a 30 minute heads up) drove to party venue, found assistant in parking lot, ended up turning into cinderella in front of a basketball court (the cars were too small to put on the petticoat inside of them), the facial expression of the players was priceless, lol

  2. Missing tights for my alice in wonderland costume, 5 minutes until party, dashed into a cvs (in the middle of a really bad part of town)... security suddenly appears in front of the aisle i'm frantically searching tights for, and demands to know "why are you here?" Turns out people had shopliftws from that CVS a few weeks earlier and used friends dressed in costumes to distract the employees, lol... needless to say when my coworker/friend walked in a few moments later dressed as the Mad Hatter to see what was taking me so long their suspicion failed to ebb, lol

  3. One of my petticoats snapped while I was dancing as Cinderella (at a library of all places), so i ended up sitting in the middle of the floor while Belle had the children dance around me until i could dash into a random open door in search of a safety pin.. A librarian stapled my petticoat waistband, but then wouldn't let me return to the party until i sung her a line from the Roger and Hammerstein musical, hahaha

Hail_the_IT_Goddess117 karma

Most boss librarian ever right there...

nosillaprincesa78 karma

right? she was really prepared for anything and ready to barter it for a song

eZCoffeE17 karma

thanks for the reply!

nosillaprincesa20 karma

no problem! :)

allenahansen72 karma

Have you ever auditioned for Disneyland/world? With your look and coloring (and experience) you'd be a shoo-in.

nosillaprincesa93 karma

I'm actually considering a university quite near there! I'm definitely going to look into it, although I'm worried about getting sunburned, lol.. D: I think character performers have shifts that extend for quite a while, so I'll have to come prepared (idk how to prepare, lets be honest, i'll probably melt)

allenahansen59 karma

Tinkerbelle only performs at night, IIRC. (Also, they might hire you to work as an animation model at the studios.) You have that sweet-gorgeous natural look they're always on the watch for. Good luck!

(And if you're thinking of UCI, good choice.)

nosillaprincesa19 karma

Thank you! I'm still debating between UCI and UCF :) UCI of course is my first choice!

notanobelisk30 karma

Actor here, lots of friends have done the Disneyworld gig, most of them are doing at least half a dozen shows a day along with parades and appearances on 'main street' areas for photos and hugs. Most of the shows are all indoors, but then still do the two parades and street appearances. I think allahansen is right about Tinkerbell being exclusively a night feature though, something about her costume being a bit racy for daytime.

Penyl18 karma

At Disneyland, Tinkerbell and the rest of the fairies have there own dedicated area that closes in the evening. I've been forced to stand in that line several times thanks to having a young daughter.

The area is shaded and isn't in direct sunlight for the performers.

nosillaprincesa13 karma

That's awesome! I'm periwinkle's skin tone, so that might work really well :o

nosillaprincesa14 karma

tinkerbell sounds like so much fun to do! although i'm wary of working in disney if everybody there is too obsessed with it, do you know what i mean? i know some people my age that nearly worship at the altar of walt and it's kind of disconcerting


Do you watch Modern Family? In one episode, Cam makes the party princess break character then tells her that you should never break character! How important is this, and has it happened to you?

nosillaprincesa108 karma

LOL I remember that! And he's right, you never break character! it's equivalent to ripping your wig off your head and waving it around like a lasso. you ARE whoever you arrive as, and you stay as such. your tip and the dreams of children depend on it (no pressure) ;) on terms of breaking character, i've said quips and remarks during story time and while answering questions that aren't completely "princess-like," usually to make the adults listening laugh... but never something that would really mar the facade! i do insert a bit of my personality into whatever princess i'm portraying though, i can't help it (without a little piece of me DYING)

CandysaurusRex15 karma

Which season/episode is that? I also work as a party princess, and I'm curious to watch!

nosillaprincesa13 karma

i think season 2!

aReallyGayHobo61 karma

Have you ever slipped up in front of a kid and was like "this shit is getting on my nerves" or something like that? I Imagine a few jaws hitting the floor

nosillaprincesa136 karma

I've come close! i've referred to one of my coworkers by her real name, but luckily her name is Jeanie, so I BSed some line about Aladdin (which made no sense because she was being Belle and I was being Cinderella, but eh)

I've twisted my ankle and said "oh god" about to finish that with a well rounded DAMN IT but fixed it in time to garble out a "oh godDAness" and have everybody look at me expectantly (i think they thought i was about to burst into impromptu song)

luckily, i'm not a big expletive user in real life, so i don't have to repress too many phrases, lol

VonAether42 karma

I am imagining you bursting into a room full of kids, yelling "WHAT'S UP, BITCHES!"

nosillaprincesa31 karma


VonAether31 karma


nosillaprincesa25 karma


Atario61 karma

Have your significant others/dates ever requested anything… interesting… that would involve employing your professional equipment and/or skills? If so, did you grant their wishes?

nosillaprincesa138 karma

Oh my god yeah i told them a story so late (almost 10 o clock)! then i painted flowers all over their face with FACE PAINT and then i sang them a disney song ;) it really made for a wild night

lol, the guys i know are a bit wary of my profession, i think they feel like if they come in contact with it straight on they'll lose testosterone on contact, ha

Atario40 karma


nosillaprincesa88 karma

you know it babe

CandysaurusRex41 karma

Also a party princess, closest to this I've gotten is testing out new products on a very patient boyfriend. Definitely not the most erotic thing I've ever done, and I felt a little bad when the Aurora tattoo didn't come off as promised. :/

nosillaprincesa65 karma

hahaha! downsides of being a boyfriend to a royal

zsteelhammer60 karma

Do you ever find yourself going into princess-mode accidentally in social situations outside of work?

nosillaprincesa263 karma

Oh god, yes! I was actually presenting a report to my class, and I just went on auto-mode... I thought it went fine, but when I sat down, one of my friends was like "why did you do that?" I didn't know what he was talking about, and he said "Just now! When you went up there you sashayed and waved to everybody before you began, and then you giggled and waved again when you finished your report!"

note to self, never run for president

zsteelhammer54 karma

Lmao! I would definitely vote for you. Sashays and giggle quality are the only thing I look at before voting (Ron Paul 2016!)

nosillaprincesa46 karma

he'd totally win ultimate grand supreme!

Mister_Terpsichore21 karma

How did you do on the report? Did other people in the class react to your...unconventional mannerisms?

nosillaprincesa56 karma

Most of them are used to me being a bit crazy, so they tolerated it; the majority of them are high when they come into class, so who knows how many were actually lucid enough to evaluate how i was behaving, lol

Spideymv52 karma

I used to work as a costumed mascot for parties. I would dress up as Spongebob, Elmo, Cookie Monster all that stuff for parties. I got fired one day when the Spongebob costume I was wearing had really tight fitting tights; they ripped down the middle and my junk was showing, no joke.

My question to you, what's the most embarrassing thing to happen to you while working?

nosillaprincesa52 karma

LOL, that's simultaneously hilarious/awful

Most embarrassing thing? When I was first Elsa, the wig was...not up to par... So when I was telling the story (with everybody, parents, children paying extremely close attention), a little girl began to scream "is that a wig?! is that a wig?!! are you fake!?" LOL i ended up having her sit on my lap and help me tell the story... i'd probably be good in PR

_Momotsuki46 karma

How long do you see yourself doing this for? You mentioned that you're in college, what are you studying and what is your ideal job?

Also, for some reason your Cinderella reminds me of Bernadette from TBBT . Don't know why :/

nosillaprincesa108 karma

Probably until fall, when I transfer (i just received my AA, so I'm waiting a few more months to accumulate funds for my upcoming tuition and to help my mom with divorce proceedings)... Eh, not the best situation (but I'm attempting to salvage whatever I can for my positivity tank.. My major's a bit up in the air at the moment; I'm an ENFP so I'm a bit all over the place when it comes to interests (and i'm horrible at committing). I write, model for the odd event, sing, illustrate, photograph, do graphic design for this small publishing company i found on craigslist, make videos, act, bake, etc...

My ideal job would be an elementary school teacher (a la' miss frizzle) with the salary of a college professor (one can dream).. Or i'd love to voice cartoons, be on a children's show, be a children's book writer, etc... I would part-time make youtube parody videos and be a princess/photographer on weekends. Every year I would give each student of mine a children's book I made about the adventures our class had. Then I would get married and move probably to greece where I would have a giant hat, garden, and get fat on pasta... yeah, that's about it; TOTALLY ATTAINABLE (sobs)

nosillaprincesa59 karma

i also want to be a nanny/au pair for a bit and direct a documentary! again, TOTALLY ATTAINABLE

MahaliAudran44 karma

Who's do you think is the easiest princess to be? The hardest? You mentioned singing in another response, are you expected to sing if the princess does in the movie(s)? Last book you read for fun?

nosillaprincesa90 karma

easiest princess definitely is Cinderella... she lacks a lot of distinctive characteristics so I can insert a lot of my own personality into her without being suspect of breaking character ;) the hardest has to be Elsa (although she's a queen, not a princess, meh) she's a bit reserved, which comes across as mean to younger children, so i usually boost her a bit when I'm playing her...

i'm expected to sing a lot of the time, but I only do a full on song number if i'm paid to do so, heh :) i usually sing a bit while reading the story just because it makes the kids so happy and it seems to really cement their belief in my authenticity :D

the last book i read for fun was a re-read of ramona ausubel's "no one is here except all of us" :) highly recommend, she's a beautiful author and it's a beautiful story.

Torgo_the_White31 karma

You got the hair for Elsa. But can you nail "Let it go"?

nosillaprincesa80 karma

I can and do on a weekly basis! :) nothing's cuter than hearing 20 little girls sing let it go from the bottom of their hearts with you!

CandysaurusRex43 karma

Hey there, fellow party princess here! Would you be comfortable sharing what city you work in? What do you find is the most frustrating part of your job? Ever encounter a crowd that's just not into you? What's your favorite game to play at parties?

nosillaprincesa68 karma

i'll message you! :) most frustrating part is definitely when a parent asks for a princess when they honestly haven't gauged if their child will care at all.. arriving at a party to find a completely disinterested/frightened birthday girl/boy is really confusing to me, like, "why did you do this to your kid?" usually those are the type of parents who put on giant celebrations that consist more of adults than children, which is always odd, ha

my favorite game to play is usually freeze dance, especially as elsa ;) otherwise i usually make up my own games when i run out of dance songs; which usually end up being the favorite (like exploring, princess lessons, ask a princess, princess says, etc.. ) :)

i've encountered crowds that aren't really my target age demographic (i.e: older) so i usually just try to tailor my manner of speaking to something the majority of the people there don't feel degraded by LOL... i usually crack jokes (class clown syndrome) and it breaks the mood :) and i continue on with facepaint, storytime, etc

CandysaurusRex32 karma

Cool, thanks for sharing! Honestly the most frustrating thing for me is dealing with the company I work for, since the boss seems to like to cut corners. The only good costumes I have are the ones I make!

I like to play "Poison Apple," which is basically just hot potato with an apple toy. Instead of getting out, the person who catches it falls under the sleeping spell for a turn!

I gotta say, I'm seriously jealous of how light your eyebrows are. I have to use a lot of powder and wear wigs with long bangs when I play Cinderella!

nosillaprincesa38 karma

luckily, my bosses' mom is an extremely talented seamstress, so she makes our costumes by hand and tailored to our measurements (so amazing, right!?), but the wigs are another story, sigh (i've resigned myself to either dealing with them or buying new ones out of pocket, eh)

I like the poison apple idea! I might steal it on the rare occasions i'm snow white! :)

yeah, this job actually made me grateful for my eyebrows, ha! a lot of my coworkers have the same problem! they either end up dying them lighter or covering them with a bit of concealer :o

CandysaurusRex14 karma

Steal away! I barely knew how to see before I started princessing, and now my boss has me making Anna and Merida costumes in addition to what I'm making for myself. I'm still learning, but I'm picking up pretty quickly. I've been avoiding having to dye my eyebrows so far, but once I make the new Cinderella dress I may have to for a while to be competitive in getting bookings. :(

nosillaprincesa17 karma

good luck on anna! her costume's a doozy! i say dye the eyebrows! you can just pencil them in for every day! actually that sounds a bit awful, ahh

theonlydiego140 karma

Have you ever been at a party were you wanted to leave early?

nosillaprincesa88 karma

yes! i had a party where i was Ariel (pink dress ariel, not shell boob ariel), and the girl loved me so much that her parents wanted to extend my hours from the initial 1 hour to a 3 hours.... oh my... GOD never again! by the end, the party was nearly over and the little girl had convinced herself I was going to live with her forever... she then proceeded to almost knock her fish out of the fishbowl she had on her dresser (why was i in this girl's bedroom? who knows) Also--better question--why does a 3 year old have a fish in her room? hmm

red_40 karma

What is the most brattiest client you have had to deal with, and how did you deal with them?

nosillaprincesa104 karma

Bratty is an interesting adjective, but one i don't use that often when describing the kids i do work for... they aren't intentionally malicious, more so overstimulated by parents that sometimes shower them in needless things (exorbitant parties, endless gifts, etc..) that they have no idea where or how to display gratitude or direct their attention for an appropriate period of time...

there was a little girl whose sister was adamantly against our presence, and made it (loudly) known... we ended up pretending to be hurt which resulted in the little girl and her friends shunning the sister, oops! it wasn't intentional, but it did the trick and the rest of the party went fine, ha :)

red_22 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! You answered exactly the way I felt when I worked in the party industry in high school :)

nosillaprincesa44 karma

no problem! it's difficult for me to usually blame children for behavior that their parents are blatantly doing nothing about, eh :) there's a lot of sweetness in most spoiled children, it just takes some coaxing!

LyingPieceOfShut26 karma

You sound like you could make an amazing mother!

nosillaprincesa35 karma

i'd probably be too soft on them ;) i might need to be a nanny for a bit first, but thank you for thinking that! i hope to be one day! :)

LyingPieceOfShut40 karma

Procreate with a drill sergeant, you'll have the best of both worlds!

nosillaprincesa121 karma

oh god, or a sitcom

LyingPieceOfShut25 karma

I would watch the shit out of this programme. Please, OP.

Even if you have to resort to reality television, make this come true.

nosillaprincesa23 karma

I actually would as well, come to think of it... have you ever seen wife swap? the scenarios they make come pretty close to the above, sometimes

bradynelise15 karma

Maybe you can practice by showing up as Mary Poppins! Not a princess, I know, but still a Disney gal I'd invite to MY party.

nosillaprincesa29 karma

Mary Poppins is actually kind of crazy which is something I love about her! you know you're badass when your main source of transportation is a flying umbrella

MrCoolguy8038 karma

Does Disney give you or your company grief? I would think that using their likeness might cause some issues. My 5 year old daughter is in love with the Frozen princesses, so I can only imagine the reactions you get. She saw them at DW last month and was the highlight of the trip.

nosillaprincesa38 karma

They haven't so far! hopefully not... i think my boss doesn't refer to us by name, people just request characters and she sends characters that just so happen to perfectly resemble them ;) The frozen characters are a nice addition to the disney princess line, although I wish they were a bit more unique appearance wise (although I shouldn't complain).. does your daughter find elsa intimidating by any chance? i have a bit of a problem when i play her because her personality is so 'regal,' heh :)

Scudstock36 karma

How few male actors do you work with, and do they generally resemble the characters they're representing? It seems like finding women that resemble princesses that also have skills in singing and acting would be easier to find than hulking, athletic, square-jawed men with chests 8 times larger than their waists... that also have singing and theatre background. Thanks for the AMA!

nosillaprincesa39 karma

No problem! I work with around 2 or 3, but not very often :) They all have very good voices and are surprisingly tall (not extremely buff, but lean). My company is near a college that actually specializes in musical theater, so my boss was definitely in luck when it came for casting male roles :)

15blinks23 karma

I read that as "muscle theater" after all that talk of lean, hulking men. I kind of like the image. :)

nosillaprincesa29 karma

they could all flex their muscles in rhythm! it would be hypnotizing

digitalastronaut36 karma

This is so lovely :) My daughter recently had a "Princess Teaparty" in the UK where Sleeping Beauty hosted a party for about 8 little girls. They spent an hour in bliss. They couldn't take their eyes off her and 2 months on she is STILL talking about it. We got some lovely photos and memories that I can't wait to bring out when she is older.

nosillaprincesa7 karma

Aw, that's so sweet! She'll probably always remember it! :') I'm sure Aurora was happy to be there!

Dabee62530 karma

This isn't as much of a question as it's a hypothetical scenario:

So a (grown) man calls you and asks if you can come do a party in one of your princess outfits. All the bureaucratic stuff is worked out and you have a date reserved. You show up for the party and he's the only one there. He has no kids; he's the only one at the party.

How would you react to this bizarre scenario?

nosillaprincesa80 karma

LOL, we have gotten request for bachelor parties, I believe (but nobody's been willing to risk it, ha) Well, I work with an assistant, so I probably wouldn't feel too scared... I usually facepaint, sing, read a story, and do dance games? So, I mean, I guess I would probably do that as long as he paid upfront and people knew where we were (his address, etc..)

hahahah now I'm picturing face-painting flowers onto a man in an empty room filled with birthday decorations, oh my god

Bat_turd22 karma

I read that and laughed. Hard.

Mister_Terpsichore8 karma

Oh, that's great!

Does your company ever do superheroes like Elastigirl or Violet from the Incredibles?

nosillaprincesa9 karma

No! We do Jessie from Toy Story sometimes, but we don't get requests for those characters, really :( That would be awesome! I'd totally play violet!

Raven_Rise21 karma

Which princesses are the most requested? And is this something you could see yourself doing long term?

nosillaprincesa46 karma

Right now, the frozen characters are definitely the prominent stars... Also Sofia the First is one I do quite often :) But the classics remain pretty consistent in popularity (cinderella, belle, aurora, jasmine, etc...) Long-term as in for more than a year or two more? Probably not, at least for revenue. I wouldn't mind dressing up to visit children's wards of hospitals like I've been lucky enough to do a few times already :)

But, I'm sure there'll be a time where I look too old for the role, and I'd like to hope I've moved on to other new and exciting occupations by then! :) i'll be more than ready to step aside for a new girl to claim her rightful title, fully adorned with a (plastic) tiara, lol :)

rabidmonkey116321 karma

TIL professional party princess NOT euphemism for hooker

nosillaprincesa5 karma

that would be a great way to refer to yourself if i was a prostitute, though... i'd get it emblazoned on a giant tiara or something...

gerryhanes19 karma

Do kids ever get scared of you? And how do you go about reassuring them if so?

nosillaprincesa48 karma

The little ones do, sometimes! I never try to force anything! usually i get on their level, smile warmly and interact with the parent to show that i'm safe... then i'll walk off and play with kids who aren't frightened! sometimes i'll look up and see the previously scared kid is slowly inching towards joining the others :) easy as that

gerryhanes10 karma

Thanks for replying! I would've been the previously scared one, back in the day!

nosillaprincesa16 karma

aw! don't worry, i never hold it against them :)

Silenity18 karma

Where is the worst place you have been?

nosillaprincesa61 karma

A backyard in the ghetto; the fence dividing their yard from the neighbors was just a flimsy metal thing and the pitbull on the neighbors side continously barked and slammed his body against the gate throughout the party, oh my god how did I forget this until now

Carson36915 karma

It's a fun line of work! I used to work for a company that did this. I was almost always Spider-Man, but because the mask was "frightening" for kids, I was forever a maskless Spider-man.

nosillaprincesa34 karma

We have the same problem! although the kids seem to be most intimidated by our batman (he's really tall), spiderman alas is a mute, so he just uses positive hand motions during parties, lol! it's hilarious

jpmoney2k114 karma

Really awesome responses and images! Can we hear an example (through vocaroo or something) of something you say to kids?

nosillaprincesa38 karma

Like a song? or just in general? i'll try to get my assistant recording me as rapunzel today!

BoulderCat12 karma

As a mother of a 2 1/2 year old girl who is starting to become obsessed with princesses, I think what you do is lovely. I'm guessing one of the best parts of your job is getting the sweet hugs from children.

nosillaprincesa22 karma

Oh, thank you so much! and the sweet hugs are the biggest incentive for continuing on each weekend :) i literally get paid to have love given to me! children are the best

nhexum11 karma

I just wanted to say this is a great AMA. Lots of questions answered, with a great attitude. Thanks for doing this!

nosillaprincesa9 karma

Hey, no problem! I'm glad you like it! :) Thanks!

Ribenadrinker11 karma

How long does it take to do that hair or is it a wig?? (cinderella)

nosillaprincesa16 karma

it's a wig! :) it's very comfy, because i have a pixie cut, so it's like a hat

TheGreatJeremy10 karma

Best experience?

Worst experience?

nosillaprincesa42 karma

Best experience? Hmm.. probably getting to attend a giant halloween gala as a demented mummy (with a lot of my coworkers dressed as zombies, purge characters, etc..) and scare snobby teens out of their skin, haha (and leave the nice ones alone)...then getting to party at the end (in costume, which was basically unraveling at that point) and getting a great tip!

Worst experience: nothing extremely horrible popped into mind at the moment (perhaps i've repressed something, lol) but probably when we couldn't find a certain house (due to a miswritten address) and missing part of the party (i hate letting excited children down) :(

ElephantLauncher10 karma

I'm just gonna pretend your job is taking lots of drugs and screaming "LET THE BEAT DROP" into a microphone on cue while wearing glitter on all your exposed flesh. Because that would be an awesome party princess. This is cool too though.

If I had access to this costume, I'd have a shifty side business making rich dudes drink my pee as a very special dominatrix. Have you ever considered this? I suppose I probably need therapy. Sorry. But really. Answer?

nosillaprincesa12 karma

That's more of my monday through thursday gig ;) party princesses come in all shapes and levels of sobriety!

i don't know about the drinking urine part, but i will neither confirm or deny that various members of my job have taken shots and made plans to create a night-time bachelorette princess party business; hypothetical business plans made while intoxicated are the best

crash123510 karma

How do you get dropped off to the houses? Do you have to park down the road and wander up? Would sort of take away some of the magic if Cinderella was getting out of a 91 Mitsi Lancer.

nosillaprincesa11 karma

I have a 'royal assistant' that drives me to the event! it depends on the party; sometimes the parent will want me to make a surprise entrance or i 'll just on the door! we usually try to park far enough away that no child seems me extracting my ballgown from a normal vehicle, lol

tit_wrangler10 karma

Do you work often enough and get paid well enough that this is your livelihood? Like, does this pay all the bills? That would be pretty awesome.

nosillaprincesa22 karma

Ah, I wish, but no :) It's a good side job though! Especially for $50 to $100 a gig, it adds up quickly for a weekend of work versus minimum wage elsewhere!

whatAREyedoing8 karma

Would you be willing to roleplay as a princess for your significant other? I apologise if you're uncomfortable answering the question.

nosillaprincesa26 karma

haha, i'm not uncomfortable with the question! to be honest, a lot of the princesses lack a lot of personality to roleplay, but i find performance fun, so i wouldn't be against it unless it got weird (i.e: little girl voice)

RosiePosieTosies7 karma

Wow! Awesome job.

nosillaprincesa12 karma

i agree! :)

DookieDemon6 karma

How does the licensing work for this type of gig? I'm sure your company is probably paying Disney something, right?

You could totally start a public domain princess company and then avoid paying Disney anymore of your hard earned cash.

nosillaprincesa23 karma

I'm a bit in the dark about this one; I'm uncertain whether my boss does pay licensing or if she currently flies under the radar via naming loopholes... We do have a few company-specialty princesses that she made up herself, but they aren't as popular, alas :/

I would totally start a company that was of the original Grimm fairytale characters and completely freak out the children (kid tip: german fairytales will give you nightmares)

kilakan924 karma

Do you often work with other princesses at parties? And if so have there ever been two cinderallas at a party?

nosillaprincesa8 karma

Like from another company? no, never! that would be really awkward :o i'd probably end up telling the children she was my long lost twin, or something to that affect

rincewind4x27 karma

unless the kids are twins that are different genders where the girl wanted a princess party and the boy wanted a gladiator party so the parents decided to merge the two...

two princesses enter, one princess leaves

nosillaprincesa3 karma

that would be insane, and awesome. professional wrestling should have a princess-themed female episode

AdonisChrist1 karma

Let's be honest, here. How much of an influence on your chosen career path was playing Pretty Pretty Princess as a child?

nosillaprincesa2 karma

LOL i have no idea what that is; my childhood mainly consisted of running around a trailer park with a lovingly mutilated barbie in one hand and a book in the other. homeschooling! yeah!

Bean_T_necksnappers-12 karma

If I had your job I'd go around the party and separate the children. whisper in their ears about how I'm gonna come back later and steal their pet and shit on their bed.

nosillaprincesa5 karma

there's a thought