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I have no idea how to phrase this question blob in my head, so here goes:

I’ve always wondered about the everyday lives of the actors behind very likeable relatable characters. When you meet someone for the first time, do they treat you like your on screen alter-egos? Is it hard for someone to get to know the real you? Or, do you put enough of yourself into your characters that the two overlap?

And, do you actively try to find a balance of people that are star-struck around you (because ego stroking is nice) and people you can be a, for lack of a better term, ‘normal person’ around? Do you think it takes longer for a person to be themselves around you?

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My middle school class was scheduled to go to your museum the day it was firebombed. I'd heard about the bombing on the radio on the way to school, and when I mentioned it to our teacher she thought I was making a horrible joke. The fact that you came to our class at Honey Creek Middle School to educate us in person (that same day?) showed so much strength and resolve.

Thank you.

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These Boo Bubbles pop into smoke as long as you wear Elsa's gloves for protection. You could teach them a little bit about science too.

We did it a literal science fair that my company helped organize.The kids loved it.

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Live as if you'll die tomorrow and learn as if you'll live forever.

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Quite a few of us have watched you grow from a child in Angles in the Outfield to an underdog in movies like 10 Things I Hate About You to, well, a bit of a heart-throb. What was it like going through that transformation?

Was there a defined point where people stopped asking for your autograph and started asking for your phone number (and masturbating to you)?