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How difficult was it to decide to take action against the school district?

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As far as I know there are no opposing stories. These idiots pulled over a truck that didn't even come close to matching the description of the truck they were looking for and then opened fire on two women that are literally less than half the size of the man they were looking for.

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Most "Snowdenistas" aren't upset that governments are spying on governments. That's been going on since the beginning of time. I don't think anyone in the west is upset about spying on Pakistan, Iran, or the Taliban's communication either. What they are upset about, and what makes people passionate about the reveals, is the spying that is being done by the US Government upon its own citizens.

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Is it possible that they distrust both their own government as well as the Russian government? Whether what the NSA was doing was wrongdoing or not is up for interpretation, but at the very least he exposed the spying the NSA is doing on its own citizens which is, quite frankly, terrifying in some respects. That spying is not debatable. It happened and continues to happen at a level that was previously unknown to the majority of people.

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What do you expect the hardware requirements to be for your game? I remember when Sim City 4 came out, which I absolutely loved, even with a relatively good computer I was having trouble playing it when the city got large.

How are you planning to keep hardware requirements accessible for large cities? What kind of music can we expect (loved Sim4 music especially "ElectiCITY")?