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Do you actually know when your birthday is? Or is part of it a guess at this point?

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Here's an idea... you can buy star shaped ice trays. Maybe keep a cooler in the car, then put into the star cubes into the freezer at the home of party. So if the girl asks for ice and you can't do it, wait until she's kind of by herself and slip one into her hand. It'll blow her mind.

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That is the derpiest dog I've ever seen. Are you sure he's not half sheep?

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If you decide to do anymore surgery, I highly recommend the NYU Medical Center. I did the data entry for their craniofacial division and the before/after photographs are astonishing. It's one of the best in the world.

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How are gay lifestyles and gay marriage accepted on reservations? I read somewhere that in Oklahoma there's a loophole involving a ban on gay marriage because two people of the same gender can marry through tribal ceremonies...true or not?