Dear Reddit,

My name is Isaac Porter, I’m the Community Manager of – one of the most recognized porn brands in the world. This April we’re turning 10 years old, and we couldn’t be happier to spend a few hours answering most of the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Joining me in this pornographic romp are the following porn-pro’s:

Kevin Rosenbladt - Product Manager

Yancee Brazzers – Booking Manager

Billy Sniff – Head Scriptwriter

Buck Naked - Product Director

We’ve already been verified by the mods that we are indeed real, but in case you need more proof:

So Reddit, are you ready to AMAA?

EDIT: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. After 4 hours of intense questions, we're calling it a night! We love reddit, not as much as porn, but pretty damn close. For shits and giggles, the first 25 people to e-mail social at brazzers dot com gets a free t-shirt.

Check us out at (NSFW)

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HelenVonBiscuits3230 karma

First came the Bang Bus, then came the Fuck Truck. I would like to propose the next big thing: The DP TeePee. The scenes practically write themselves. Two buff, native amercian dudes are hanging out smoking a peace pipe when in wanders Pocahontas and...well, you get it. You're welcome for the idea and I only ask for a lifetime pass.

brazzersofficial2659 karma

that not bad....won't lie KR

brazzersofficial2907 karma

Guys, Kevin and Buck just discovered /r/gonewild. I just wanted to point that out. - IP

brazzersofficial2677 karma

my responses may be delayed ... BN

Aphex1172627 karma

I enjoy masturbating. Thank you.

brazzersofficial2567 karma

Keep on fappin' in the free world. - IP

freshasaurus1111 karma

I will never look at Nardwuar the same way...

brazzersofficial1186 karma

Do da da do do... - IP

tgiclgbr2208 karma

is there going to be a scene based on reddit? maybe a guy browsing cat pics who stumbles on gonewild and the girl in the pics comes to life. after its all over we see him give her picture an upvote and he goes back to cat pics.

brazzersofficial2517 karma

I want this to happen. Guys can we make it happen? - IP

rivalius132074 karma

I've an idea for a movie, hear me out.

So, a guy breaks both his arms...

brazzersofficial1494 karma

edward penis hands? been done. KR

thebody90001914 karma

I need help finding this Brazzers scene Imgur

brazzersofficial2451 karma

We don't talk about that scene anymore. - IP

thebody90001838 karma

You guys used to be about the music

brazzersofficial1773 karma

We've always been about the music, man. - IP

Katie_Pornhub1793 karma

What's your favorite tube site?

brazzersofficial1882 karma

Pornhub - BN

KAMALA_VESTA1663 karma

What is the most up going trend right now? (Except boners)

brazzersofficial2582 karma

Yoga scenes, fitness scenes in general. KR

metagadeth01241513 karma

Is it true that your hd porn is so clear, that you can see the disappointment on the star's parents' faces?

brazzersofficial637 karma

lol KR

Ineedemo1499 karma

When will you get Kate Upton on one of your videos? :D

brazzersofficial1836 karma

Oh my god I would die a happy man if we could swing that. YANCEE. GET ON IT! - IP

brazzersofficial1512 karma

On it! - BY

brazzersofficial1537 karma

i call her can dream KR

brazzersofficial1108 karma

First i need to get her to pick up my phone calls. - BN

Katie_Pornhub1356 karma

The most important question.. Tits or Ass?

brazzersofficial2935 karma

Well... - IP

brazzersofficial1091 karma

Ass all the way!

brazzersofficial953 karma


Ducky3Moons1120 karma

Why do you think people continuously keep you in business when there is so many other free porn sites?

brazzersofficial1758 karma

People will always want top shelf quality adult entertainment. There's tons of free content out there but for some it's not up to par and they're happy to pay if it means a satisfactory product in their eyes. KR

soulrebels1035 karma

What do you think the next big thing / market shift will be? I would say the tube sites were the last one. (If you don't think so what was?) and what's next?

brazzersofficial2122 karma

Space porn man. Space porn. - IP

soulrebels982 karma

Is a space porn facial even possible?!?

..and if that doesn't happen to the the market shifter. What would it be?

brazzersofficial2712 karma

I need Unidan to answer that. I've tried to do some light research into the plausibility into sex in space...but I usually get distracted. -IP

Unidan3571 karma

You have no idea how funny it is to me that the Brazzers team knows who I am. This is every scientist's dream.

Or, at the least, wet dream.

EDIT: I'm on my phone, so apologies for the brevity, but yes, assuming you're essentially point blank or at a contact shot. The surface tension and adhesive properties will make it difficult in space, but there's no good reason why you couldn't ejaculate! While I've yet to see it done, I suspect spacials are well within the grasp of humanity.

I also point to the real experts here, on whether you would fly backwards if you ejaculate in space.

brazzersofficial1787 karma

I fucking love you man - IP

Gothams_Redditing844 karma

My god... He's one of us!

brazzersofficial2067 karma

I've been lurking for years. Did anyone wanna talk about Rampart? - IP

brazzersofficial803 karma

Android porn......its coming. KR

NevetsMTL904 karma

Dear Buck,

Oprah, Barbara Walters, your wife. You gotta fuck one, marry one, kill one, go!

brazzersofficial1893 karma

Marry Oprah fuck Barbara kill wife BN

mcbendo980 karma


22taylor22523 karma

It only makes sense, Marry Oprah for the money and get the wife's insurance

psuedophilosopher130 karma

well, after marrying oprah, then killing his wife, he would be a billionaire widower.

brazzersofficial115 karma

what a perfect pickup line - BN

Razzers898 karma

I get jokes about my name because of you guys!

brazzersofficial1549 karma

Our legal team will be in touch. -IP

Daniellamb873 karma

Just want to say that you guys are killing it with your reponse rate. Awesome job on a fantastic (so far) AMA. If I weren't already a longtime fan and customer of yours, you'd have a new customer today.

Thanks for bringing good, wholesome fun into the world.

brazzersofficial655 karma


Thank you so much for the kind words. We're all currently in one big room together having a time of our lives answering these questions- IP

brazzersofficial484 karma

we do it for the fans. You people make us who we are. - BN

brazzersofficial452 karma

Much love. thanks. We do it for the fans. KR

SomeNorCalGuy829 karma

What kind of porn name is "Kevin"? I mean seriously, Kevin? I mean one of you is already named "Buck Naked" so that means you're either going to work in porn or you're going to be a top-40 drivetime deejay. But Kevin??!? You could have been an accountant or even a dentist. Why porn?

brazzersofficial1384 karma

I run the actual product...don't actually take part in production....altho if i did need a porn name.... Renzo Calabria....has a certain euro-filth feel to it

ZachariePoupon707 karma

How many of you have actually been on a real porn set?

brazzersofficial1473 karma

My life is a porn set -BS

brazzersofficial790 karma

Def have been. KR

parisiankangaroo689 karma

Do you (and your colleagues) still watch porn for pleasure?

brazzersofficial1341 karma

Of course!....we just get to call it research at the same time :) KR

brazzersofficial837 karma

You get desensitized a bit, but I still love porn more than most of my friends - IP

brazzersofficial628 karma

We are humans after all ;) BN

spooky981657 karma

Are there any benefits to working with pornstars all the time? And by benefits I mean do you ever get a pity fuck?

brazzersofficial1974 karma

Don't dip the pen in the company ink - IP

vedran64656 karma

How do you guys feel about /r/gonewild?

brazzersofficial1139 karma

i just discovered this. thank you very much. KR

UltimaCircuit643 karma


brazzersofficial998 karma

The first time I met Lisa Ann was amazing. I had prepared a big interview for her and everything. As I was having my morning breakfast, I dropped my cream cheese bagel on my jeans, leaving a nice healthy white stain on them. Luckily, she didn't say anything. - IP

fahk616 karma

How did you get into the adult film business?

brazzersofficial1735 karma

I used to write screenplays for huge Hollywood productions (can't name names here, but let's just say I wrote a little film that rhymes with Transbormers). One day an actor (let's just say his name rhymes with "Wruce Billis") told me I could make more dough writing porn and hooked me up with a company and before I knew it I was writing scenes like "Stick That Peener Up My Fuckhole", "Cum Sniffers" and "Good Cock, Worse Cock" and the rest is history. My net worth is 4 million bitcoins. - BS

brazzersofficial1220 karma

My sister got me in. No shit. - IP

mcbendo586 karma

How often do you get into fights in the clubs? I bet you porn people are like gangs, just jumping each other at every opportune moment..

brazzersofficial674 karma

who have you been talking to? you're in the know! - BN

jrfiv91528 karma

Do you find anything ethically wrong with pornography?

brazzersofficial1144 karma

To each their own. we don't force anything on anyone. You're free to like it or be repulsed by it. we respect both sides of the argument



Windir19519 karma

You did a shoot of one chick I went to highschool with whom I always at least wanted to see naked. Thanks for that.

brazzersofficial578 karma

Don't thank us, thank her. - IP

ps. Who was it? For...research.

brazzersofficial250 karma

Which chick is this? - YB

brazzersofficial197 karma

give it up...we must know KR

Dnar_Semaj517 karma

When I bought a trial membership and decided to end it (broke as hell, not an issue with your site, A++ porn guys) you made it easy to cancel. I was worried I would have to go through some kind of bullshit cancellation process. Thanks for that!

brazzersofficial519 karma

We aim to please. If you want out, we get you out! - IP

mcbendo463 karma

Buck, what kind of shoes do you wear? I feel like you're a boat shoes kinda guy

brazzersofficial661 karma

spot on! i like to throw in some sandals from time to time. Keeps the people guessing. - BN

DrinkinMcGee419 karma

Assuming the standard unit of measurement how many buttloads of Febreeze/other disinfectant have you used on that couch?

brazzersofficial719 karma

3.14 repeating. - IP

myhomeaccountisporn381 karma

Do you find some of the things you do over the top and ridiculous? Is it hard pleasing some of the stranger fetishes?

brazzersofficial633 karma

We try and make everything over the top and ridiculous.

As for strange fetishes: This isn't in our vocabulary ;)


brazzersofficial343 karma

We don't take ourselves too seriously..the content is made to be over the top. as for stranger niches we like to explore different things all the while keeping our core members happy and aroused of course. KR

thegreatestgeese353 karma

How many of your workers have jerked it in the bathrooms?

brazzersofficial823 karma

Sometimes it's hard to tell the sound of aggressive pooping from the sound of aggressive fapping.

But honestly I have no clue, who the fuck jerks off at work? - IP

brazzersofficial493 karma

Including myself? - BN

brazzersofficial398 karma

I've never come across an occurrence.....but i'd be naive to think it doesn't go on... KR

AGallagher410335 karma

What's it like in the offices?

brazzersofficial849 karma

It's an atypical office environment minus the fact that there is porn literally everywhere. Walk on any floor and you're guarenteed to see chicks getting railed with huge cocks. It's uncanny to say the least -IP

brazzersofficial644 karma

There's a hologram guy that nobody talks to. I walked right through him once. - BS

brazzersofficial310 karma

Great vibe, great people sharing ideas and working together. BN

VincentwithaV309 karma

Can you make me a star?

brazzersofficial957 karma

You're already a star in my heart - IP

LumberAdam293 karma

How did you all get started together in this, is there an awesome story behind it, or did you just sort of fall into it?

brazzersofficial496 karma

I came in on the business side as an analyst, and just grew into bigger roles. Behind the content is alot of analysis and number crunching that is often overlooked. Id rather sell sex than aluminum siding any day! KR

NotMathMan821240 karma

How exactly does one become a professional (read: paid) porn analyst? I have 20+ years of relevant industry experience with 7+ in business/data analyst, and I'm currently struggling to find a job.

Daniellamb451 karma

I too have much experience in porn analyzation.

brazzersofficial758 karma

Did anyone make an "anal"yzation joke yet?


Damn. - IP

vorteez271 karma

What are your favorite porn sites other than your own?

brazzersofficial483 karma KR

efinitix253 karma

When will brazzers be accepting bitcoin!

brazzersofficial338 karma

coming soon - BN

ManPlan777249 karma

Would you guys be down to support my Kickstarter? I'm trying to pull some money together to fix Christy Mack's basement

brazzersofficial280 karma

I love Christy head to toe. Give the cash to charity. KR

plasmafire242 karma

What's your favorite adult video from brazzers?

brazzersofficial390 karma

im a fan of anything from "BIG WET BUTTS" KR

brazzersofficial295 karma

Pump Fiction with Nikki Benz is my favorite - YB

brazzersofficial271 karma

I don't often like lesbian porn, but this scene is AMAZING. (NSFW obviously) - IP

brazzersofficial205 karma

My personal fav is called "Midnight Fuxpress" with Roberta Gemma and Choky Ice. Check it out now and let me know what you think. It's a beautiful story. Also check out the food fight scene with Kagney Lynn Karter and Billy Glide on the Big Tits at School site. - BS

brazzersofficial132 karma

teens like it big and real wife stories are my favorite - BN

mikejf395234 karma

Can you guys lay off the fake boobs a little bit?

brazzersofficial200 karma

then what would happen to the silicon business? - BN

Whiteb0ii200 karma

What is the funniest experience you've had, while working for this company?

brazzersofficial373 karma

It's the brainstorming meetings as a whole. Not very often do you get the chance to book a meeting with a title like "Double Dick Brainstorming".

All in all, the best thing that ever happened is when one of my followers sent me a Nintendo Wii so they could play against me. I never did play against them :( - IP

isiramgreen167 karma

Thoughts on /r/NoFap ?

brazzersofficial994 karma

We're not here to make any judgements on peoples decision to fap/not fap. Although one time I wanted to drop a bunch of free memberships in the sub. - IP

OriginalityIsDead119 karma

Give me a job.

I have no skills, no motivation, no drive, and an average sized totem-pole.

But damnit if I don't like titties, and I'm real go-getter when it comes to go-getting.

brazzersofficial246 karma

Ever hear of a fluffer? - IP

Kugruk116 karma

Exactly how choreographed is the typical scene? Is it in the script? Is it up to the director to make the actors do certain things at certain times? How do the actors know its time to switch it up? I've always wondered about these things.

brazzersofficial347 karma

I thought this was common knowledge but....all of our scenes are computer generated and none of the talent is real. It's all CGI. As for the script...There's actually tons of detail, the more we give the shooter, the more they have to work with. We tend to focus on teases and transitions so the shooter can ease into the foreplay and sex. The actors are pros and they usually know when to change positions, but sometimes the directors need to jump in because they're enjoying themselves too much ;) -BS

VoskyV81 karma

i read that as 'this is April , shes turning 10 years old'

brazzersofficial75 karma

"she" is brazzers...and our site is celebrating 10 years in April. KR

brazzersofficial81 karma

Thanks for all the love guys and gals. We're gonna wrap it up here.

Stay horny reddit! - Brazzers

keenankoso81 karma

Bizarre question, but who runs your twitter page? You guys used to give shoutouts to a lot of hardcore bands that I love, such as Counterparts. I always thought it was hilarious and just wanted to know what the deal is with that.

brazzersofficial130 karma

That would be me! I inject as much of my personality into the account as I can. I love hardcore punk, and I love hardcore porn! - IP

ubiquitousidiot77 karma

I may or may not work with you guys, but I hear Kev and Buck Naked are really sexy guys? Is this true?

brazzersofficial116 karma

False. I am the most attractive. - IP

brazzersofficial99 karma

Are you the company janitor? -BS

brazzersofficial82 karma

You're a sweetheart for saying so ;) KR

brazzersofficial4 karma

people tend to say HOT but i guess sexy is fine too. - BN

LyingPervert75 karma

No question. Just, thank you.

brazzersofficial77 karma

Pleasure is all mine...In a non-creepy way. - IP

MindOfJigsaw58 karma

Where is Shyla Stylez?

brazzersofficial81 karma

Retired :( - IP

noircin52 karma

Have you ever had anyone on your staff contact any /r/gonewild girls and offer them an 'opportunity'?

brazzersofficial109 karma

Our booking guy just discovered /r/gonewild today. Needless to say he's a bit preoccupied - IP

goldsmithb46 karma

how come Johnny Sins is in so many videos?

brazzersofficial61 karma

Well first because he is a strong performer and is a favorite with the female performers. It's not easy finding a strong, reliable performer. We've introducing some new blood lately though. - YB

brazzersofficial82 karma

Everything Yancee said plus he also looks like Mr. Clean - IP

jim7198945 karma

Can I have a membership? And are sites like Redtube and Xnxx hurting your business?

brazzersofficial52 karma

It's all about evolving ... we have figured out different business strategies that allow us to succeed and keep growing the brand. BN

jim7198930 karma

Well good luck... is there a company wide preferred pornstar? Sombody everyone can agree on. And why is it Eva Angelica?

brazzersofficial33 karma

Yancee is my favorite pornstar, he just doesn't know it yet. - IP

mavfeet19 karma

What do I have to do to get a month of free membership ?

brazzersofficial42 karma

join. KR

brazzersofficial27 karma

Pitch a scene... if you pass the test we'll talk. - BN

SYLBen18 karma

I watch your movies with my girlfriend. She likes the lesbian scenes, so it's a win-win for me. Thanks!

brazzersofficial23 karma

Now if you can only convince her to pay for the membership. Then you're truly winning - IP

brazzersofficial4 karma

Glad we can help. - BN

brazzersofficial4 karma

LIVING THE DREAM!! Cheers to that. KR

thegreatestgeese16 karma

Do you guys think the ultra HD porn might cum out a little messy?

brazzersofficial17 karma

Sex gets messy. i welcome it KR

yourface448 karma


ALSO, has working in the porn industry caused you to lose interest in porn, there-by forcing you to watch more extreme stuff?

brazzersofficial7 karma has what you need. KR

mcbendo7 karma

Okay. You're out for a night on the town with friends. Proper fucked. Suddenly, a wild paraplegic appears! What do you do?

brazzersofficial23 karma

im stumped ... what would you do? - BN

ZachariePoupon6 karma

Billy Sniff, how many fist fights have you gotten into? I bet none

brazzersofficial8 karma

Dear Zacharie. I lost my fists in a devil sticks accident and you really need to calm the eff down. - BS

messyshrooms4 karma

Is it considered research in the office if you are watching a porno?

brazzersofficial5 karma

Pretty much, If you're not watching porn it is considered slacking lol. We always have to study different niches and new trends in porn.


brazzersofficial4 karma

Yes. perk of the job KR

llano114 karma

Who have been your favorite female pornstars to work with?

brazzersofficial6 karma

All the models we shoot have been great! No paticular favorite.


Trippze4 karma

Which country has the most subscribers to your website? I heard Europeans are the most kinky

brazzersofficial3 karma

the majority are from North America. Europe is a large portion of our business but it trails off... KR

casual_shoggoth4 karma

How has the business of flesh changed your outlooks on human relationships, if at all?

brazzersofficial5 karma

For me personally nothing has changed. I still look at people the same way, albiet I can easily picture what people look like naked now. As an aside, it's always really creepy when I see pornstars who look like my friends. - IP

brazzersofficial4 karma

Hardly any change...except that i have learned people are alot more sexually charged than they may seem. KR

drivers2053 karma

Have ou or any of your staff been escorted away or arrested during the creation process?

Such as a public drive by sex scene or somthing similar.

brazzersofficial4 karma

It may have occured. - YB