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Thanks for coming by, Sir Attenborough!

I was able to briefly meet you recently at the American Museum of Natural History after your bird of paradise talk, so thank you again for that. As a biologist, meeting you was a huge moment for me, as you're one of my biggest inspirations!

Anyway, when you were retracing Wallace's steps with the birds of paradise, were there any memorable moments that resonated between your trips and his? Was there anything about the account of his journey that doing it yourself made you appreciate more?

Also, have David check out /r/awwducational if he can, it'd be right up his alley! :D

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You have no idea how funny it is to me that the Brazzers team knows who I am. This is every scientist's dream.

Or, at the least, wet dream.

EDIT: I'm on my phone, so apologies for the brevity, but yes, assuming you're essentially point blank or at a contact shot. The surface tension and adhesive properties will make it difficult in space, but there's no good reason why you couldn't ejaculate! While I've yet to see it done, I suspect spacials are well within the grasp of humanity.

I also point to the real experts here, on whether you would fly backwards if you ejaculate in space.

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To truly get to know an animal, you have to experience it holistically. I eat all my research animals!

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Mr. Newell, do you ever hire outside consultants for some of the finer details of your games? By that, I mean, say, a chemist to see if chemistry-based dialogue is accurate in your game?

...would you hire a biologist from time to time to test the soundness of biological character designs?

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