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Assuming the standard unit of measurement how many buttloads of Febreeze/other disinfectant have you used on that couch?

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Hi Bill. Thanks for doing this and for all your great work both with Rifftrax and MST3K. My question:

Having moved from the "classic schlock" of MST3K's selection of movies to the "modern drivel" that Rifftrax rips apart, have you found it easier or harder to lampoon things? Did the inherent sillyness of older movies make them easier to write jokes about, or is the modern material just as ripe for parody?

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Love your channel, thanks for contributing your wonderful insanity to us all.

My q - is there anything you'd really love to build but won't/can't? Why?

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I strongly recommend you read the Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons. It explores the ramifications of unexpected, unchecked AI evolution and the results for the human race. Short version - there are worse things than death.

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Assuming you had the ability, what movie would you improve by putting a giant mechanical spider in the third act?

/love your stuff, man.