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Katie_Pornhub13322 karma

Hey Ryan,
A few questions from various Pornhub team members:
1. How does it make you feel that at least 5 team members have a crush on you?
2. Have you considered changing your name to Cryin' Reamer?
3. How do you take your coffee?
4. Will you ever visit the office?
5. Have you considered doing a collab with Fake Taxi called Real Taxi where you just drive a cab?

Katie_Pornhub5362 karma

Still waiting for an answer Jenn. Even after that really awkward email thread.

Katie_Pornhub4356 karma

Did your teacher give you the D? -Katie

Katie_Pornhub3908 karma

You love it when I viral market you.

Katie_Pornhub3792 karma

Because I keep our flash developers in a cage programming 24/7. We accept nothing less. Rusty