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Norm, have you ever listened to your farts, I mean really listened to them, to see if you can hear words within them that could serve as a warning of something horrific to come?

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First came the Bang Bus, then came the Fuck Truck. I would like to propose the next big thing: The DP TeePee. The scenes practically write themselves. Two buff, native amercian dudes are hanging out smoking a peace pipe when in wanders Pocahontas and...well, you get it. You're welcome for the idea and I only ask for a lifetime pass.

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When William H Macy said "my wife's got an ass in her cock on the driveway" in Boogie Nights, did he misspeak or was the line written that way?

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What does winning The Masters feel like?

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Were you treated differently on the set of Boogie Nights because you were an actual pornstar?