I have been performing in adult and mainstream films since 2012. I was voted Miss FreeOnes Best Newcomer of 2012, and was nominated for Best New Starlet at the 2013 AVN Awards. Quora.com recently named me one of the Top Writers of 2013. I am happily married and don't believe in sexual monogamy. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd. My official site is www.SIRIpornstar.com. You can follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/SIRIpornstar. My interviews and podcasts can be found at http://blog.siripornstar.com/interviews-and-podcasts/ and my IMDb page is IMDb.me/Siri


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James_1894369 karma

Does your husband also have sex with other people?

siripornstar512 karma

Yes, he does. We are equal-opportunity non-monogamists!

nuqqet9k312 karma

Do you feel any pressure to lose weight?

siripornstar1301 karma

(Please note that I am answering this question from the POV of being a mainstream porn performer, and not a niche performer. There is a fetish for everything, and obviously in certain niches, there is less, or no, pressure for performers to be thin. I am speaking only in the context of the LA-based adult film industry and the large commercial studios based here.)

I'll start by mentioning that I am 5'9" tall, weigh 145 lbs, and wear a women's dress size 8.

The average American woman is a size 14, 5'5" tall, and weighs 164 pounds. Look at this website: What Real Women Look Like (http://www.mybodygallery.com/search.html?gender=female&height=165&weight=73&age=any&pantSize=0&shirtSize=any&bodytype=&p=2) and you can see the variety of ways a 5'5", 160-pound woman can carry her weight. Most of these women look just fine to me, but by porn's ridiculous standards they would be considered fat or obese.

The average porn star is a size 4-6, 5'5" tall, and weighs 117 pounds. (here are some more reference photos from What Real Women Look Like http://www.mybodygallery.com/search.html?gender=female&height=165&age=any&weight=54&pantSize=32&shirtSize=any&bodytype=) -- considerably smaller than the average American woman. (avg. porn star statistics are from Jon Millward's infographic compiling stats from 10,000 male and female porn performers. The entire graphic is linked at the bottom of this post).

The concept of what a normal, healthy woman looks like is warped in the adult film industry. I have seen myself incorrectly labeled a "BBW" (Big Beautiful Woman), which is considered a niche in the porn industry, typically referring to very overweight and obese women. This is a huge red flag to me, because I am well within the healthy weight range for someone my height; at most I would consider myself "thick," because I have a big butt and thick thighs. (Also, my boobs alone account for about 15 pounds of my weight.) In contrast, my bra size is 30H, which means I measure 30" across my back, whereas the average female performer has a smaller cup size but measures 34-36" across the back.

Amazingly, I have never been told directly by a director, producer, agent or other decision-maker in the porn industry that I should lose weight. And if they had told me that, I would have told them to suck it, because I think I look great. On the other hand, some of my female friends in the industry (who are thinner than me) have been told to lose weight and "tone up."

...But, despite not having been told face-to-face that I'm "too big," I have indeed felt a lot of pressure from the adult film industry to be smaller. In my case it seems to manifest by certain companies and producers simply ignoring me because they think I won't "sell." It doesn't take a genius to look around me and see that girls who are 20 pounds lighter than me are considered to be more marketable and less of a "gamble" by producers and directors. There's a handful of "top-tier" companies who have never hired me for this reason, and probably won't ever hire me--unless I magically become a size 4. That's their loss. (And genetically, that is literally not even possible for me - my hipbones are so wide that I will never wear a pants size smaller than an 8. If you see a photo of me naked, the widest part of my hips is already the bone itself). I could starve myself trying to be a more "perfect," marketable porn star, and I would get absolutely nowhere, except hating myself. Besides, I wouldn't ever try that, because one of the many reasons I became a porn performer was to change the image of what a successful, attractive adult film star looks like.)

This is where I see a bit of a chicken-or-egg scenario: There are some porn decision-makers and avid porn fans who are conditioned to think that the only attractive female is a thin one with less than 10% body fat. And because porn is created in order to satisfy fan demand, this is strange to me. Which came first - the director who only hires thin girls, thereby conditioning fans to expect and like that, or fans demanding to see only thin girls, thereby conditioning directors to like that? Either way it's a completely pointless, self-serving concept, which does nothing but limit the profitability of studios and performers.

I have a large, extremely loyal fan base which is very willing to spend money to support me. My fans are also fans of many of my peers who are average-porn-star-size-4. In the fan's mind, there is no difference in desirability between me and my thinner peers; we just have different body types. Each of us is equally valuable to the adult industry; just as marketable as the other. I just wish that more of the decision-makers in the adult film industry could be on board with me on this. It's a change that is definitely going to have to come with time, in baby steps, and with lots of hard work.

Deep Inside Porn Infographic: http://i2.minus.com/iwSAQN5XMtPoM.jpg

ken27238299 karma

Where's the weirdest place someone has recognized you?

siripornstar761 karma

In the security line at the airport. And it was a TSA agent.

Munkie91087288 karma

Has "porn sex" altered your regular sex life at all?

siripornstar465 karma

For the most part, no. But every once in a while, I have a scene which is so hardcore it leaves me too sore to enjoy other sexual activity for a few days, in one case two weeks because I was vaginally torn during the scene. I try to avoid that kind of situation by knowing and explaining my physical limitations to male talent/directors, and by not working with giant cocks.

Geekosexual134 karma

Do the male performers/directors ever feel guilty about that after it happens?

siripornstar358 karma

Depends on the performer and the director. Nobody's going to force a girl to finish a scene if she can't continue, but they sure will judge her and probably tell everyone else about it if she can't at least make it through to the pop shot. Personally, the attitude I've encountered most often is, "If your vagina can't handle the biggest penis the porn industry has to offer, then you're in the wrong business." Which is part of the reason why I'm independent (not with any agency), so that I can have more control over the size of the guys I'm paired with.

TheRtHonSirFappalot270 karma

Hey Siri,

Thank you for doing this AMA.

Been fapping on your videos since 2013 .

Regards, Sir Fappalot

siripornstar267 karma

Nice. Keep fapping!

ceocfo262 karma

Do you and your husband look at your own porn or is that too odd?

siripornstar443 karma

All the time. And we have sex while we watch it.

momentgenerating191 karma


siripornstar267 karma

Hi. :)

syvyn11182 karma

Have you deflowered any male virgins?

siripornstar238 karma

One or two that I know of.

DealwithitARAB103 karma

On Camera?

siripornstar172 karma

Nope. Not on camera. Before I even did adult films.

DealwithitARAB95 karma

You should do it on Camera, those are the best.

siripornstar229 karma

I've tried and they keep getting cold feet and canceling on me.

dunderwood201179 karma

I know you've said that decision to get into the adult industry was a well thought out plan. What was the biggest surprise when you finally started working in it compared to your expectations going in?

siripornstar398 karma

Also, I was most surprised to find out that all female performers are expected to work as usual while on their periods. And the industry's incredibly elegant solution to prevent a girl from creating a bloody mess on film? Shove makeup sponges up your vagina to block the flow of blood.

Cpt_squishy121 karma

How does that affect filming?

siripornstar275 karma

It doesn't. It's just a weird factoid about porn.

Well, if a girl got a sponge pushed so far up there that she couldn't retrieve it herself, she'd have to have someone else (a man with larger hands, perhaps?) retrieve it for her. Not a health problem, just awkward.

Thinkingformyself75 karma

What about the Diva Cup? That would be much easier, I would think, than having to deal with sponges.

siripornstar252 karma

Have you seen some of these dudes' dicks??? It would literally rip through a Diva cup. Well, maybe not rip through but definitely overturn it, and then three ounces of gooey vagina blood would come spilling out onto the guy's dick. Boom. Boner gone.

siripornstar243 karma

The biggest surprise was and always will be, the number of "fans" who will tell me to my face that they don't think porn is worth anything, and that it should all be free. Lots of fans assume I'm getting rich and a large number of fans think performers receive royalties or residuals for our performances (we don't).

I mean, I don't go around telling people who do something that I benefit from whether emotionally, physically, orgasmically, or whatever, that their work is worth nothing and I would never consider paying for it.

Jbizzo176 karma

If you weren't in the porn industry what would you be doing now?

siripornstar368 karma

I'd be a makeup artist. It requires a lot of skills I possess and enjoy putting to use: entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and a steady hand, to name a few.

ster1ing141 karma

What's a talent nobody would expect you to have?

siripornstar267 karma

Playing mandolin.

And I have two brown belts in different martial arts.. but zero black belts. I've always found that mildly amusing. And somewhat representative of my horrible attention span.

derrekbgn129 karma

Does the idea that a bunch of dudes fantasize about you turn you on? Is it empowering? or do you not think about it?

siripornstar226 karma

I honestly don't think about it too often.

But when I do, it does turn me on. I don't know if I'd say it's empowering necessarily, because I realize that a majority of porn viewers won't ever think of me as an actual human being. But it is kind of fun just to think about how many guys must have blown their loads watching my scenes. I've made a lot of penises happy.

BobLeBuilDerp111 karma

Hi Siri, I just wanted to say thanks for making the videos and helping us fap since 2012, I also love your vines! That's all, thanks for doing this AMA.

siripornstar95 karma

Thanks for the love! <3

RadiographyRat100 karma

Just a big fan, you are of course a beautiful woman, but, as pornographic actresses go, you "talk the talk" very well. I've heard that women tend to lower their voices when they're aroused by someone they're speaking to, and in... viewing a lot of pornography, it seems like you're the only actress who will actually lower her voice. It seems very sexual, and, y'know, the things you say tend not to sound quite so ridiculous as some other actresses.

Do you have anything new and exciting coming up in the near future?

siripornstar110 karma

Thanks. I'm glad you notice that about me. It's not rare that I'm asked to speak up when I'm dirty talking, which is hard, precisely for the reason you described. When I'm turned on I naturally speak in a lower tone and volume. I know there's a mic that needs to pick up what I'm saying, but damnit! It's so hard to remember that when I'm in the moment sometimes, lol. My first scene with Lex Steel just came out http://www.evilangel.com/en/evilangel/scene/62259/?utm_source=214502&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=

and my first scene with Manuel Ferrara comes out soon, too. http://siri.empirestores.co/1681500/stacked-porn-movies.html

nicklauschalk99 karma

Will you go to homecoming with me?

siripornstar194 karma

College? I'd consider it. High school? I presume three things: 1) You are at least 18 years of age or you would not be asking; 2) You are allowed to bring a date who does not attend your school, and more than three years older; and, 3) Your school district would not allow it because of my work and that I would be in the proximity of minor children, and even if I said nothing of my job, my presence will make people uncomfortable. There is no sound reason to invite controversy to such an important milestone in the lives of your friends. Not the best idea.

twiistedtwilight86 karma

Is your name actually Siri? Because if that's the case, that's pretty cool.

siripornstar192 karma

Siri is the only name I go by. So yeah. It's a Swedish name, or a nickname rather. The full name is Sigrid. It means "beautiful victory" in Old Norse.

sofakinghugh83 karma

Do you do any daily beauty routines to keep your assets as beautiful as they are?

siripornstar116 karma

None other than drinking water, sleeping, eating healthy, and working out. Well, bathing, too. There's that.

norciuolo80 karma

Siri, What is your favorite dish at Zankou Chicken ?

siripornstar138 karma

OMG best question ever, because I'm obsessed with Zankou Chicken.

Either quarter dark plate or chicken tarna plate, depending on my mood. But that garlic sauce... holy fuck.

brimstonebathgate79 karma

Siri what's your best tip for giving cunnilingus.and/orbyour best memory of receiving cunnilingus

siripornstar172 karma

You know, I don't think there's any universal technique for eating pussy that all women enjoy.

The best thing is to just ask the girl what she likes. And I guarantee you she won't think you're weird or inexperienced. Only experienced men have the forethought to actually ask a woman what she likes in bed. Generally, there are a few pieces of information you need to know:

  • Does she like light touch/pressure, or a firmer touch?
  • Does she like an up-down or side-to-side rubbing or licking action, or a circular rubbing/licking action?
  • Does she like faster motion or slower, steadier motion?
  • Does she like any finger insertion at all while being eaten? Some girls don't. It's really better to not assume we all do.

Hopefully she's comfortable to let you know when you're doing it all right, and to keep doing it that way. Once you find the right "groove" you'd usually need to keep doing it exactly like that for several more minutes and as she builds toward orgasm (either you ask if she's close or she'll tell you) then you slightly increase the intensity, speed, or pressure (or all three) until she explodes.

DO NOT under any circumstances try to mimic whatever weird-ass "make a girl squirt in five seconds!" finger tricks you've seen on the internet. Honestly, the dumbest thing you can do is attack a vagina with your mouth/fingers/penis assuming that you're going to successfully make it squirt. And if you do do that and she "squirts" on you it's highly likely that she was just peeing, the squirting equivalent of a fake orgasm.

anthraxattack74 karma

will you ever do a bukkake?

siripornstar111 karma

I'd like to. But it doesn't seem like there are any companies in the US producing quality material of that sort. (And I'm not talking blowbangs, it's not the same thing.) They are expensive to film because of all the performers involved, and my guess is that they're not profitable enough anymore because so much of that type of content is already available for free on the interwebs.

sofakinghugh40 karma

Would you consider going over to Japan for this?

siripornstar88 karma

I wouldn't count it out. But if it's filmed and released in Japan, then it's all censored. So I don't know if there would be much point in it...

shockg8873 karma

Which male performer gave you the biggest on camera facial?

siripornstar142 karma

Alan Stafford gave me a ridiculously huge one last week. Scene not available yet. :P

backseatfucking72 karma

hi siri. just curious, as a lady, if you have always been confident in your looks/body or is this something that developed later in life? how has being in porn affected your perception of yourself (physically and otherwise, if you feel like addressing it)?

curious bc, contrary to what is commonly believed, i feel i have developed more self confidence since discovering all the different body types and looks in the adult industry. you're gorgeous and i love you! thanks siri :)

siripornstar87 karma

Hey fellow lady. And thank you for your comment. I love hearing anything from female fans. <3

I would love to write my detailed answer here, but I literally just wrote a long piece about that EXACT topic within the past week. Here is the link: http://www.quora.com/Attractiveness-and-Attractive-People/What-does-it-feel-like-to-go-from-physically-unattractive-to-physically-attractive/answer/Siri-4

skaterkid00765 karma

Are female orgasms faked in the industry?

siripornstar143 karma

Yes, that's pretty normal. The vast majority of mine are real, I always make my best effort to do what needs to be done to get there, which fortunately for me is pretty easy. But sometimes when the sex positions are ridiculously uncomfortable and the director just randomly decides when he wants me to visually appear to orgasm on camera and yells "Orgasm in 30 seconds," it kinda ruins the mood.

andymalone65 karma

You've used the word 'slut' to refer to yourself on your site(s). What do you think the connotations are of using a negative term like it? Shouldn't porn actresses (who presumably want to portray a healthy appreciation of sex) use positive words? Does that mean you consider yourself a slut in real life, or is it just a marketing term to sell the illusion of your sexual availability?

siripornstar101 karma

If we all agree that the modern usage of "slut" generally means "a promiscuous woman," then that I am. I have a lot of sex with a lot of people, and not just on camera. And I'm a swinger in my personal life.
I do have a healthy appreciation of sex, and IMO "slut" is only a negative word to the extent that men (and often other women) hurl it as an insult toward women who behave in any manner, sexual or not, that the insulter deems inappropriate. Here is an interesting (and pretty comical) read about the etymology of the word: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=slut

MrJAG47 karma

When and if you have kids. How would explain you actions when they are older?

siripornstar139 karma

Already answered another kids question. Don't want 'em, don't like 'em, won't have 'em.

Antelope_sandwich45 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've had in your butt?

siripornstar105 karma

Only three things have ever been inside my butt: my butt plug, my own finger, Nina Hartley's gloved finger, and my husband's penis. I'll let you choose the weirdest of the those.

satanjunior45 karma

Do you have a swing agreement that only he gets in your ass? Does that help keep something intimate for just you two?

I'm really wondering if this would work. My gf and i have swing fantasies but I don't want anyone to have her as completely as I do. If that makes sense.

siripornstar94 karma

No, it's not something that's been agreed-upon or a boundary that's been set. I just haven't ever felt like anal sex with another person. My husband is really good at it and I always orgasm like 10 times when he fucks my ass, so I don't feel the desire to have anything else in my butthole. Pretty simple. Of course, the demand for me to do an anal scene on camera is there, so eventually I'm sure it will happen. It just needs to be the right male performer. I'm going to be very picky about that one, haha.

Veganpuncher54 karma

How does one become 'really good' at anal? Serious question.

siripornstar77 karma

My husband teaches it better than I can...maybe he should do an AMA. LOL. "IAmA talented anal trainer. AMA!"

blacksweat45 karma

If you could only get fucked by one vibrator for the rest of your life, which vibrator would it be?

siripornstar77 karma

The same vibrator I've been loyal to for the past two years since I got it! --> Jejoue Mimi. http://jejoue.com/html/products/MiMi/

collin300043 karma

I've heard the following rumors please confirm true or false 1. You're in a dom-sub relationship with your husband where you are sub 2. Some of the things/shoots you do is at request of your dom 3. When you did Big girls are Sexy 2 you were told that "Big Girls" meant tall girls and were assured that it didn't mean BBW and you were mad when it turned out to be a BBW themed video

siripornstar49 karma

First of all, please link me to where you heard such a rumor. I've been in this biz for just under two years and have never seen that anywhere. It's completely false. I've said publicly I am more sexually dominant toward women, and more submissive with men, but that's only in bed having sex.

This was my dream job, not my husband's. I honestly don't want to paint him as some kind of sub, but everything he does takes a backseat to my career right now. While I'm still on the rise, I need all the support and assistance I can get. So I use him to help me do business, especially since I represent myself and don't have an agent.

With respect to my shoots, he's not requested I shoot anything at all. Don't forget, no one let's you request a shoot. No company. Porn performers don't initiate shoots for third parties and say "hey, please hire me to shoot X kind of scene with X performer." It just doesn't work that way. This week, Brazzers might say, "we need a big-boob release and this is right for Siri so let's contact her." And that's how it always begins. It doesn't emanate from me. I take most shoots offered, so long as they are on my list of sex acts I am willing to perform on camera (see www.BookSiri.com). The only time my husband comes into play at this stage is if I am not sure if a certain kind of offer would be good for my career, and I bounce it off him because I am considering turning it down.

The only thing you've asked that has any validity is how you've summarized the BGAS release in question 3. But I've stated that publicly on forums many times before, albeit not as condensed as you've put it. However, that's the crux of what happened. I do not shoot BBW porn and if you ask BBW performers, they get mad when girls like me who are smaller than the American average, get offered slots in films that should belong to them and that niche.

AnEddieNunn42 karma

Do you have any interest in mainstream/indie acting at all?

siripornstar65 karma

Yes, definitely. I was a total theater nerd in high school and college. I was in a campy horror flick last year called Ooga Booga (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2579836/?ref_=nv_sr_1) And I've always got my feelers out for other mainstream acting opportunities.

Sethmanok39 karma

Whose your celebrity crush?

siripornstar101 karma

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Lawrence.

soulexpectation39 karma

If you went to hogwarts what house do you think you would be in and who would you bang?

siripornstar90 karma

I like to think I'd be a Gryffindor. But all logical reasoning points toward a greater likelihood that I'd be sorted into Ravenclaw.

Let's be honest, I'd probably bang almost everyone who's not in Slytherin. Except for Snape.

Bmwe9239 karma

I have recently seen a lot of models start doing webcam shows; do they usually make more money per month from webcam shows or say someone who does three or four scenes a month?

siripornstar90 karma

Webcam shows are almost always more profitable for the model in terms of time investment vs. income.

Also, the market for live shows and webcamming only gets stronger, as piracy gets harder for the industry to combat. It's pretty fucking hard to pirate a live show WHILE it's still live. And there will always be people who'll want to pay for the live interaction.

immorta138 karma

What is the nastiest thing you have ever done in a porno?

siripornstar87 karma

I haven't done much extreme stuff. I'm on the "slow burn," as I like to call it. The one thing that's generally considered "nasty" that I did was ATM. The movie hasn't been released yet, so you can't see it. But I sucked Steven St. Croix's dick after he pulled it out of Bailey Blue's ass.

2slowam20 karma

Is there a different taste? Hesitations? You think about her ass while blowing him?

edit: st.croix is ugly :(

siripornstar81 karma

Aw, I think he's cute. You jelly?

I didn't think much of it. I've done it many times in my personal life, lol. And I've heard most girls usually do like 20 enema bottles (fo realz) before an anal scene. It was literally the most tasteless butt I've ever tasted. Props to Bailey Blue :)

kleinle52237 karma

Do your nipples ever un-invert?

siripornstar61 karma

Sometimes, but it has basically nothing to do with my arousal. It's more related to wind and cold temperatures.

toomontoo30 karma

I don't like it when porn stars state that they don't enjoy the sex during filming as it's "just work." I feel if they were going to lie about anything, this should be it. That being said. Do you enjoy the sex you have during filming?

siripornstar59 karma

99% of the time, yes.

HolyFro26 karma

firstly, i am a huge fan of yours. what did you do before porn and i have to ask, have you ever fucked a fan? if not, would you?

siripornstar35 karma

Before porn I worked various random jobs in retail and went to university full-time. In college I majored in Communications and Spanish.


Siri, you didn't answer the question all of us anticipated. Fucky fucky fans or not?

siripornstar47 karma

Have I had sex with some humans who know I'm a porn star and have watched my porn at some point, and therefore might be considered a fan? Yes. Have I ever had sex with a fan who only became aware of my existence through watching porn, then proceeded to ask me if I would have sex with him? No.

dodgydecoy14 karma

Do you have plans to do anything with Kink.com's Fucking Machines?

siripornstar25 karma

If they hire me to.

khaotickk14 karma

Have you ever been asked to do a scene that you actually refused to take part of?

siripornstar34 karma

A few times. I don't do anything on camera that I haven't first done and enjoyed regularly in my personal life. One of the reasons you'll never see me doing DVP or DAP.

shaky_handed_surgeon7 karma

What are your thoughts on sherbert?

siripornstar12 karma

Not a fan. :( But frozen yogurt, fuck yeah!

i_make_awesome5 karma

1) Sorry for a lot of the dipshits in this post being ridic.
2) I loved the scene you were in with the politician who couldn't keep it in his pants, it was hands down amazing and you're smoking hot in it.
3) Where do you see porn in 10 years? I honestly think its getting worse, with all the deep throat gagging (i hate that duck call noise they're doing these days), do you see any kind of reset happening?

siripornstar9 karma

1) THANK YOU! a nice comment like that offsets the other 100+ comments from douchebags. 2) THANK YOU, again. I had a blast filming that scene. 3) I honestly don't know. I'm a hopeful person but when I look at where things are now I honestly do start to lose hope. Especially seeing how much so many redditors cherish their pirated porn and will defend it until they (and the porn industry) die. Who knows what will happen. Either the industry finds a way to cope and adapt to what's happening, or it doesn't. And personally I feel like if it were going to adapt, well... we'd be farther along with that by now.

At the current pace of things, in 10 years there probably won't be more than 5 mid-to-low-budget studios producing content in the US, and those studios will probably all be owned by one singular entity and produce a narrow variety of content. It will all look the same (same type of sex, same type of girls) because producers will be too terrified to deviate from what they know they can profit from. Nobody will want to take any risks in a market where they can't protect their copyrighted content from being stolen. Worst of all, the people who LOVE this industry and do it for the love of it and not just the money, will all be driven away by how dismal things will be. The only people left will be the ones who are doing it because they have nothing better to do and they need the money. Anyone who has other options, will choose those other options.

The vast majority of porn would then be amateur-produced content online, like the weird fetish stuff you see coming out of Germany, where they once had a thriving adult industry producing content with high production value, which has basically collapsed into nothing as a result of piracy and a fan base which prefers not to pay for porn.

Porn stars wouldn't really exist anymore in that future, because there would be very little money to be made as a performer. Girls who at one point would have jumped at the chance to become and adult star will instead choose something that better rewards them for their time investment, like webcamming.

flameswithin4 karma

I've always been put off by the swinger scene, due to its (typically) socially conservative context, and the fact that single men, and male-on-male contact are taboo.

What has your experience been within swinging? Have you found these things to be the case? Or if not explicitly forbidden, at least conspicuously absent? Thanks! Love your work!

siripornstar14 karma

The type of people you'd find in a swinger community can vary by lightyears from city to city. In Dallas, where my husband and I met and I had all my earliest swinging encounters, there's a mix of affluent upper-crust social conservatives and young liberal hipsters. Either way I'm fucking them, not dating them, so I don't really give a hoot how they lean politically.

A general rule in swinger communities and at parties, even in areas which lean heavily left or right, is to never bring up politics or religion. It ruins the sexy mood.

NOW, when it comes to male bisexuality in swinging, yes - that's generally taboo. (Unfortunately IMO, 'cause I love watching dude-on-dude action as much as the next penis-loving woman) I've never been in a couples scenario where male/male was even discussed or hinted at, and in most swinger clubs such discussion or activity would not be well-received.

Is it homophobic? Yeah, it is. Do I dislike it? Yes, I do. The general reasoning seems to be that, for every open-minded straight guy who wouldn't judge if some male/male action took place in a swinger's club, there is likely to be another straight guy who is really turned off by it and then can't get hard and play with the couple he and his partner want to play with. When you're paying $100 or more to be admitted to a club or private party, that would be frustrating. So I think most parties/clubs leave it as some sort of unspoken rule, and assume that men who are interested in other men will look elsewhere.

Notably, when I was in Paris I was really delighted to see that all the swinger/sex clubs there have signs on the wall stating that to even enter the club you must not be homophobic.

bigred5233 karma

I've been thinking about getting into the industry, how easy it it for guys to get started? (Pics in my profile, any advice would help).

KnowYourRoleBlvd3 karma

Do you enjoy having that piece of shit, Derek Hay, as your agent?

siripornstar3 karma

Mr. Hay has not been my agent for one year now. I've been exclusively booking myself independently since February 2013.

stesta903 karma

can u tell me (in your honest opinion)

optimal:lenght optimal:girth

and can you post an the name of the pornstar that was the best sex you ever had.

or pornstar with the best/optimal penis. (inb4 you kill my ego)

siripornstar16 karma

I'm a big fan of the average cock size. I'm certain there's a good biological reason that the average is what it is. Gee, maybe that it fits better in my vagina! ;)

The best sex I've ever had is with my husband, who is not a porn performer, and is of perfectly average penis size.

TChuff3 karma

Why are many of your answers at some other site I have to sign into? Also fuck google, I'm not signing in.

siripornstar1 karma

Many? Two. I linked to Quora.com in TWO answers.

123lurker4562 karma

How is redban "off air"? Just as silly?

siripornstar5 karma

Yep, pretty much. He's a cool guy.

Phenomenon1012 karma

Ok, I always read different things from female pornography actresses, but does size matter?!?! And be HONEST dont BS it to make it acceptable or over dramatize it.

siripornstar3 karma


Fairlightchild2 karma

As a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd, who is your favorite character? Favorite book/movie?

siripornstar3 karma

I like Luna Lovegood. I have a replica of her wand in fact, in my Harry Potter shrine.

Favorite book: Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

Valde3141 karma

So, for science of course, how does one tell if a pornstar's boobs are fake?

What Harry Potter spell/item would you like to have in real life and why?

And, I must say, you have fantastic breasts.

siripornstar2 karma

When the girl lays down on her back and rests her hands above her head, if her tits don't fall to the side toward her armpits and give her the appearance of being flat-chested, then they're fake.

This only really holds true if the boobs are, like, bigger than C cups. Smaller, firmer boobs usually still hold their shape pretty well when lying down.

Lachrymologist1 karma

I've noticed that when they aren't erect, your nipples appear "inverted". I have seen it on a few women before, but it seems pretty rare. Has this (being considered "different" or rare, sexually) ever caused a lack of confidence or positive body image?

siripornstar3 karma

I've always been a big fan of the Internet.

So when I was a teenager, as soon as I thought that maybe my nipples were weird or unusual, I Googled inverted nipples. And I found that about 20% of women have at least one innie nipple. Not THAT unusual.

So now, whenever a guy writes me an email saying something about my nipples "looking weird" or asks me "what's wrong w ur nipples lol" and clearly has no idea that inverted nipples are a thing that exists, I assume he is either a virgin, or has seen less than 10 pairs of real-life tits attached to real life girls in his lifetime and therefore has been exposed to very few nipples.

MartianGuard1 karma

Do you ever regret becoming a porn-star? How do hardcore scenes effect your mental state? Would you ever consider having kids, and how much does your occupation affect your decision?

siripornstar2 karma

Nope, I've never regretted my choice to be an adult film performer. I decided I wanted to do this when I was 19 and in college and I thought it over for an additional four years before actually acting upon it. So it's not like I just woke up one morning and decided this seemed like it might be fun. It was a serious career decision for me.

Hardcore scenes don't really affect my mental state. Except I may be a little "cock drunk" afterward, which is normal. Much like a guy's blood flow goes toward his junk during arousal/sex, I feel a similar effect for 30 minutes to an hour after a really hardcore pounding...Nothing bad. It's actually kind of relaxing.

I decided loooooong ago that I didn't want children. I've never liked kids much or been very maternal. Also, I'm fine openly admitting that I'm way too selfish to even imagine devoting 18 years of my entire life to raising a child. No-fucking-thank-you! This world does not need any more unwanted pregnancies or overpopulation.

Sydrek1 karma

Hi Siri, sorry if this already has been asked, but 5 somewhat random short questions.

  • Sunny beach OR cold forest ?
  • Pancakes OR waffles ?
  • Puppy OR kitten ?
  • Sweet OR salty ?
  • Star Trek OR Star wars ?

Ps: if you ever consider building a male harem, let me know.

siripornstar2 karma

nice. :)


engineeratlarge1 karma

If given a chance what body parts of yours would you insure ?

siripornstar3 karma

If I could only pick one, I'd insure my fucking face. I mean, if my face became disfigured because of some horrible accident, I would immediately stop getting booked for scenes. If I could pick two, then I would also pick my boobs. Obviously.

BASKETBALLgod1 karma

how is the hooking on the side?

siripornstar4 karma

I wouldn't know, because I don't.