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How does one become 'really good' at anal? Serious question.

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Some cops turned up at a party near my place a few years back and returned a few minutes later to find two kids fucking in the back seat. No harm done. Just in it for the points. They were so impressed that the kids walked with a kick in the bum.

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Better than Rommel.

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From a less experienced former INTELLO, the USA got exactly what it wanted. The ME is a screaming mess. Israel is safe and the Arabs/Persians are going hell-for-leather at murdering each other, but still shipping that precious, precious oil to the rest of the world.

What more could the Five-Eyes want?

We have completely removed one source of threat (remember the 1970s?) from our radar and are selling shittonnes of weapons to all concerned, the Russians are bogged down and Iran is running out of money and International cachet. A huge strategic win for the loss of fewer poor people than die on American roads each year. And American arms companies are employing more people, making greater profits and advancing technology like never before.

This is the greatest war we've ever fought.

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What legislation could stop people lying? Freedom of speech is the basis of our democracy. Ask people in oppressive States what they think of freedom of speech.