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When I tried to donate sperm a decade ago in Seattle they said that I wasn't eligible because "My sperm didn't freeze well" and they said that was the case with about 75% of men's sperm. Just wonderingm did I misheard them, or isthat was their nice way of saying "we don't want your genes here", or is that true?

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Topics: No. Although there's lost of sensitive subject removing them from the "joke table" shuts down conversation instead of creating it. The approach to the subject is what matters. In the talk I cover pretty in-depth why banning a topic for joking could be negative.

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I've heard the following rumors please confirm true or false 1. You're in a dom-sub relationship with your husband where you are sub 2. Some of the things/shoots you do is at request of your dom 3. When you did Big girls are Sexy 2 you were told that "Big Girls" meant tall girls and were assured that it didn't mean BBW and you were mad when it turned out to be a BBW themed video

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Different then I thought. I never thought I'd spend 1/2 my time trying to figure out if boys were 18 (must be 18+ to post). It has created a fun new game for me though where I walk up to other comics and go "Does this boy look 18 to you!?!" those that didn't know I was modding roastme gave the weirdest looks. It's fun

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I lack a yard but I the milkshake have did manage to have a couple guys offer to be my sugar daddy. So I guess the quantity of boys brought is > 2