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They generally seem alright (temporarily, at least) when the pilot brings a plane back Code 1.

Here is a good song for the maintainers. I think my personal favorite line is "I'll Over-G the targeting pod with a smile on my face"

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When you over-G anything (whatever its rating), it needs inspection at a minimum. For the targeting pod, they have to remove it and send it to the back-shop to be checked out, at a minimum. Past experience tells me that it's rarely a problem and more a precaution, but all kinds of things could potentially be/go wrong.

So like just about anything else, it's not a huge deal for a pilot to do this, but it creates a lot of work for other people. People have to remove and replace the pod with another, while other people have to check out and align the possibly broken pod. It's not always the fastest turn-around.

Another example is when he talks about throwing out chaff or flare, because he wants to see people replace the whole damn bucket. No effort on the part of the pilot to create a lot of effort for ground personnel.

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One thing I've seen pretty regularly is the integration of Steampunk with the kink community. Will there ever be elements of dominance and submission, BD/SM, or maybe even some mechanical or violet-wand play on Steamgirl?

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Pods and buckets or not, I'd shit myself if I was a wild-weasel pilot.

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"You're through, Soup Nazi..."