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shaky_handed_surgeon81 karma

So if you fainted, could you still be woken up with smelling salts?

shaky_handed_surgeon51 karma

You should take a run up to Dallas sometime, and you should try to hit up my employers in Austin! I'm sure that they wouldn't mind some grilled cheese at lunch.

shaky_handed_surgeon47 karma

I never thought to ask the property manager, I know at our sites in Dallas food trucks just kind of come chill sometimes. I've never seen them shunned. I'll ask Monday for you though!

shaky_handed_surgeon22 karma

Ragnar was equal to Jesus in the show, at least that's my belief. He's the embodiment of Odin. So he'll be back, in a different body.

shaky_handed_surgeon19 karma

I'm native, doesn't offend me at all.