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How does that affect filming?

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Going through your comment history is like reading the sad angry cries of a desperate hippie, angry at himself for being a failure in life. Did you get fired by shell? Or are you really this mentally unstable?

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My dad worked with shell/equillon/motiva in the early 2000s, I was wondering how many of these joint style ventures exist? And what is the benefit from having them versus a direct purchase or lease? Also, how do you see the change in allowable sulfur level in gas affecting production? Given that some crudes can be sulfur heavy do you think that will affect their pricing?

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When you talk about having experience outside your comfort zone, would something like working in a military hospital in Afghanistan or Iraq count as experience? Or is it more based upon working with limited resources?

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Thanks ken for your amazing work!

Is there a subject you've wanted to cover but couldn't because of lack of visual material? Baseball and jazz were great topics as photography and film were around to capture it, but is there something you would like to cover that you can't?