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andymalone65 karma

You've used the word 'slut' to refer to yourself on your site(s). What do you think the connotations are of using a negative term like it? Shouldn't porn actresses (who presumably want to portray a healthy appreciation of sex) use positive words? Does that mean you consider yourself a slut in real life, or is it just a marketing term to sell the illusion of your sexual availability?

andymalone18 karma

So when you use the term 'promiscuous woman', does that mean you have sex with a lot of men, or you're indiscriminate about the men you sleep with?

If you have sex with the exact number of men you want to, isn't that the same as a woman in a monogamous relationship (who only sleeps with one man)? If so, what makes you a slut and her not one?

Also, when 95 percent of the usage of the word slut is an insult towards women, aren't you perpetuating that by using the word, however properly?