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Cant these calls be traced for harassment? There has to be some plan to stop these people who take advantage of the system like that.

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Is this in the US? Can't harassment charges be filed?

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Such a stupid point to make. Of course they're not obligated. They're not obligated to even participate in AMAs period. The implied idea is that anyone who participates in this will answer questions from the audience besides what they're interested in answering. Otherwise you would have a ton of Woody Harelsons who only want to talk about Rampart. Fucking amazing that you don't know this.

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In your time with Bob, did you ever ever ever get even the slightest feeling of doubt with his decision? And I mean at all.

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Was this something you KNEW you wanted to do as a career? Did ever say like "meh, I don't like this I want to do something else with my life?" Was money (and I don't mean to say this in a greedy way) the motivation to graduate from the GIA?

One more, if you could go back and do one thing different what would that be?