My friends thought this may be a cool to talk about how teaching sex in the south works, answering some questions, and talking about SEX!

I want to remain anonymous for the sake of my job and for the students I work with so I'll send proof to mods!

So.. AMA!

Edit: WHOA! Went to sleep and came back to this blown up! I'll answer as many as I can!

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DavefaceFMS80 karma

Do you often have confrontation with parents?

ITeachYouSex34 karma

Yes, but it's PRETTY rare! It's mostly if we run an STI or HIV test that appears on insurance. It will NOT say what the test is but if someone calls the insurance company they can find out what it is. I usually tell them I cannot disclose, regardless of power of attorney.

couldabeen9 karma

but if someone calls the insurance company they can find out what it is.

Insurance company will release that information to other than the person whom the test was done on? I think they better not.

ITeachYouSex27 karma

Depends on the insurance company, but most college aged kids are dependents and under the insurance of their parents. The primary holder can investigate any charge.

[deleted]1 karma


ITeachYouSex3 karma

Yes, we have them. They are rare. There ya go ;)

dlay53 karma

What is the most astounding moment in your work there? What has left you the most speechless?

ITeachYouSex229 karma

This actually is a story not from my position as an educator, but when I worked in the ER shortly before then. We had a patient come in that complained of abdominal pain, bleeding, etc. Basically, to cut it short, she was pregnant. When we asked her about birth control, she claimed she used Nuva Ring...Which is great when used properly!

We asked her how she was using it and how regularly because there are some issues with proper use and she showed me her wrist and showed me she ALWAYS wears it. To be safe, she also made her partner wear one.

Mind. Blown.

Edit: For those who don't know what a NuvaRing is, it looks like a jelly band that fits inside the vagina and sits against the cervix

dlay72 karma's like a purity bracelet!

ITeachYouSex52 karma

Yup, that release progestin and estrogen!

start_again43 karma

What kind of doctor would prescribe this without instructing their patient how to use it? This is crazy.

ITeachYouSex55 karma

Unfortunately, free clinics who care less about the patient and more about getting the day over with... That's not to be said about any or all free clinics, but some providers absolutely.

dracaris28 karma

Unbelievable that she didn't even think to read the instructions in the leaflet that comes with them. It even has diagrams, ffs...

lady1985119 karma

When I first started my period, my mother was NOT someone I could talk to about it. I just stuffed toilet paper between my crotch and probably walked a little funny to keep it from slipping out--which it would sometimes! One day when my mom was out of the house, I searched the bathroom and found some tampons. I read the instructions on the box and looked at the pictures but did NOT understand. I tried to figure it out but failed miserably. I tried taking them out of their plastic tubes first. I didn't understand the 'plunger' method at all. The tampons sort of flattened out like miniature pads, which I didn't know anything about, either. Then I got scared that my mom would notice some tampons missing, so I gave up. I kept using the toilet paper method until I turned 16 and could drive. Finally, one day I was allowed to go to walmart by myself and I explored the pad/tampon aisle. I bought a box of both. Went home, snuck them up to my room, and spent the next fifteen or so minutes reading the instructions and experimenting with the tampons until I got it right. I'm almost 28 now, and my mother has still NEVER talked to me about anything related to sex or body changes. I'm still angry that her prudishness caused me such personal humiliation and embarrassment.

Anyway, long story but I'm a very intelligent woman and I can relate to how strange and confusing diagrams and instructions are sometimes--but I knew that wearing a tampon around my neck wasn't the right thing to do. At least I had it in the correct general area of my body. The diagrams and instructions weren't THAT misleading!!!

edit: thanks for the gold, it was totally unexpected and appreciated! :)

ITeachYouSex25 karma

Great story, thanks for sharing! I'm sorry you didn't get the education you needed back then and this is why I wish we taught EARLIER in schools at the time in puberty.

And it's 100% unrelated to education. The university I'm at is top 50 in the country (not gonna be specific :) ) and we have plenty of women that are still learning about their period!

ITeachYouSex12 karma

They now have the instructions on the back that it is meant for the VAGINA. Maybe this was a frequent occurrence?

sammy041523 karma

Wait... So she just wore it around on her wrist... Like... Externally? I don't know what to think...

ITeachYouSex35 karma

Yup, it's exactly what you imagine. It was.

Serenaded10 karma

never understood how NuvaRing worked

ITeachYouSex20 karma

It's a bit complicated but it released hormone in the same kinda way that taking a pill does...just in the vagina!

oneAngrySonOfaBitch3 karma

Whats the benefit of that over the pill ?

ITeachYouSex8 karma

To clear up the conversation below me, the benefit for some women is remembering to use it. The NuvaRing can also be removed for certain time periods during sex so that's another plus.

carriegood4 karma

I believe it's like the IUD that comes with hormones. You don't have to remember to take it every day. Also, the hormones get absorbed into the lady bits, rather than having to get swallowed, digested, passed all over the body, etc. [Not to be too technical ;)] So there are less side effects.

ITeachYouSex3 karma

Actually to clear this up, other than what I posted above, 2 of the IUDs are hormone releasing and 1 is not. NuvaRing is ALSO a hormone released birth control with progestin and estrogen vs. Skyla and Mirena which only release progestin.

whentheredredrobin9 karma

To simplify it a bit, you have a polymer (a kind of plastic) mixed in with oestrogen/progesterone. Polymers of this type aren't totally solid walls and allow drugs to diffuse across them (to move out of the system they're held in and move into their surroundings, in this case into the vagina). Because the polymer does provide a bit of a barrier, you get a system which releases the drug you've included with the polymer, but it does so at a slower rate which is more regulated (like if you put a dam in a river). Does that make sense?

ITeachYouSex2 karma

I try to avoid science in this (having a biology and chem background), but you put this very well!

raging_goomba7 karma

Reminds me of this clip from House

ITeachYouSex6 karma

Holy...Love of....This is amazing!!!!!!! And somewhat true...

UnholyDemigod51 karma


ITeachYouSex80 karma

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed the condom :)

dancing_raptor_jesus48 karma

/u/UnholyDemigod just got a little bit more unholy.

rocketparrotlet35 karma

What's the point if it's got holes in it?

ITeachYouSex7 karma

If I had gold, I'd give it to you.

GeneralRose38 karma

How often do southern college students have no idea about safe sex practices? Stereotypically its a more religious part of the nation and the god squad aren't exactly known for being overtly sexual.

ITeachYouSex64 karma

In the region I'm in, there used to be a STRICT Abstinence only method of sex education. When students get to college they start either exploring their religious and spiritual beliefs, or their bodies. Sadly, it isn't just a religious thing and it's VERY common we get students that don't know about safer sex practices or even how to have sex! We are able to walk them through it all.

ITeachYouSex51 karma

It's useful to point out we also talk to LGBTQ students a lot about this! Growing up in conservative families may have put additional strain on education, but they 100% don't teach about THAT in school.

KennyGaming15 karma

What the hell is "Q"?

ITeachYouSex27 karma

Q stands for "Queer" in LGBTQ, which can also appear at just LGBT, but in that sense it usually refers to someone that does not fit the LGBT catagories, such as someone that isn't cis-gender. I'm not an expert on this topic but there are plenty of articles online I encourage you to read about it!

ecar12 karma

How has "walking" the students through how to have sex been going?

ITeachYouSex21 karma

I see what you did there

Braitopy33 karma

Are your students receptive to your message? I was wondering how you deal with students holding dogmatic opinions - do you try to convince them to think differently or do you address the ones most likely to be interested?

ITeachYouSex51 karma

Great question! For the most part, yes. When we see students (other than outreach events), they are there because they want to learn. However, we also do HIV and STD testing/counseling so we can get into some areas they they didn't come in for.

Example: It's HARD to get some students to wear condoms. I can preach all day about the benefits but it's sometimes nearly impossible. The number 1 way of getting around that, I've found, is showing WOMEN the different shapes they come in. Look at the ribbed, or spiney condoms! Put them in a new light and they aren't just a protective measure, they're a fun and sexy new toys to play with.

Juking_is_rude39 karma

condoms are awesome though. I don't understand how anyone can have fun during sex with the weight of an unwanted child with a person they might not spend the rest of their lives with over their head.

ITeachYouSex41 karma

EXACTLY! The idea of being able to have fun without the risk of a number of STIs or pregnancy is pretty sexy to me! Sex is physical and psychological, and if you know you don't have to worry about those things you're gonna have a better time.

kiasuten34 karma

This is totally off topic, but I think you just explained an issue I wasn't able to articulate until now.

I have a child that was not planned. My son's father and I are not together, but we were for a few years when I was pregnant. If you had asked both of us before I was pregnant, we both would have told you that we were eventually going to get married and have children.

And I think that right there is the issue with a lot of youth today. First boyfriends/girlfriends become expected life-long partners, when in reality, the relationship is not likely to last long at all. Suddenly something happens-- a pregnancy, graduation, moving, you meet someone-- and that person you thought you'd be with forever is now expendable.

More on topic: In addition to sex education, kids/adolescents need relationship education. I don't know anyone who is actively teaching youth not to rush into relationships, to casually date (not necessarily casually sleep around) because the point of dating is to learn what you like, what you don't, and to find someone you can be with until death.

I've had two serious relationships. One in high school, I swore would last forever. It didn't last 3 years, I was the one to break it off after graduation. My second was in college, it ended with the unplanned pregnancy. This time around I'm taking dating seriously and not rushing into things.

ITeachYouSex3 karma

Thanks for sharing your story! I'm sorry you had to go through that.

explodingcranium244232 karma

As someone who grew up in Texas and was fortunate enough to have a mother that encouraged sex education and not JUST abstinence, THANK YOU. I have seen first hand what can happen to someone when they have absolutely no knowledge about what's happening with their own bodies. You are a godsend for some of these graduates that need this kind of guidance.

ITeachYouSex18 karma

Thank you! I do what I can and all I can hope for is that everyone can have happy, healthy, safe, and FUN sex!

iwanttofork27 karma

What dildo or vibrator do you recommend for vaginas?

ITeachYouSex48 karma

That really depends on the woman! It depends if they find clitoral stimulation the best...or may they like just penetration. Or maybe penetration and g-spot stimulation. OR MAYBE ALL THREE!

ITeachYouSex33 karma

Also, it depends on their level of comfort with sex in general. A woman that does not want to have intercourse but does want to satisfy any innate sexual desire would usually opt for a clitoral vibrator.

ryantoar24 karma

What dildo or vibrator do you recommend for penises?

ITeachYouSex10 karma

Many fleshlight type products come with holes in the top that you can place a "bullet" that!

kayleighmc22 karma

Do you discuss masturbation? I know its not an "accepted behaviour" by some religions, but its really just as effective as abstinence!

ITeachYouSex29 karma

ALL THE TIME! Like i mentioned in a previous post, most individuals coming to us are there because they truly want to learn so it's rare to have a discussion about religion interfering, but it does happen!

I'd say 1/3 of the time I talk to a student, masturbation comes up and I'm happy to talk about anatomy, biology, toys, and everything in between! It can get complicated for some women and is all about exploration.

Oznog995 karma

Most high schools still have bans on discussing masturbation, right? I've seen stories about teachers getting in major trouble for mentioning the M-word, or even mentioning "sex feels good".

I see you do college, but do you know if these restrictions are really the case in HS? Do you think you'd be able to work in high school, or would you find the limitations too restrictive?

ITeachYouSex4 karma

It really depends on the school board. In my county and surrounding counties it's not discussed. It's a strange topic to talk about to kids younger but I think we should discuss it or give materials to explore.

Oznog993 karma

Some of the Reddit open-question topics have been just crazy. It's not surprising to me to hear people say they "discovered" masturbation at 9 or so...

... but the funny part was confessing they believed they'd "invented" something. Because, well, no one else seemed to be aware you could DO that. If it was normal, why hadn't anyone mentioned this??

ITeachYouSex2 karma

I dunno, I've heard some pretty creative forms of masturbation from those not taught! One involved an electric drill, a pillow, and a print out of a nude model

NeedToSay19 karma

Do women use birth control pills / nuva rings for anything other than to prevent pregnancies?

ITeachYouSex38 karma

Absolutely! BC is prescribed for MANY reasons other than pregnancy, but less so the nuvaring and more so the progestin only BC methods such as "the shot", "the implant", pills, and IUDs.

The hormones in birth control can control cramping during menstruation, PMS, lighter periods, STOPPING your period, ACNE, skin conditions, and plenty of other things! It's not uncommon to see non-sexually active women taking birt control.

Sporkicide14 karma

I wish more sex ed/puberty classes addressed this question. I've met adults who didn't realize that medications can have multiple uses, and that can be difficult for girls taking them for hormone regulation (they shouldn't be judged for their medication, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen anyway).

One of my friends was on them at an early age due to debilitating ovarian cysts and her parents were even surprised by the prescription. It wasn't until she got extremely sick and saw a doctor that she was diagnosed because the severe pain and vomiting were all chalked up as part of a "normal" menstrual cycle. Some mention of common abnormalities, like cysts, would probably have been helpful. I know way too many girls who went undiagnosed until they were in their 20s because it wasn't something you talked about and some level of suffering was expected.

ITeachYouSex6 karma

This is absolutely all too common to see! I truly believe we should start calling birth control pills something else to be inclusive of the fact they are NOT just birth control pills!

whentheredredrobin7 karma

I've more commonly seen the combined oral contraceptives (specifically not the progesterone-only pills) used for purposes such as reduction of acne, control of bleeding, etc, but I've not seen the NuvaRing for anything other than pregnancy. Probably because it's a lot more expensive.

ITeachYouSex3 karma

It's a different method of hormone release and regulation in the body. Without getting into the biology of it too much here, oral ingestion is the better method or some of these things.

stupidsexyflanders-18 karma

Have you ever had anybody pass out or faint during a lesson?

ITeachYouSex39 karma

Yup! We do guest lectures for classes and I had a student pass out at the sight of an STI.

NOTE: I NEVER include pictures of STIs in my presentations but I was going off the instructors ppt because it was a last minute thing. I hate fear tactics, especially with adults

Innuendoughnut17 karma

At what age would you say sexual education really needs to begin? College is by far much too late clearly...

ITeachYouSex26 karma

I believe in evidence based literature and what it says about sexual health education, and it's VERY variable right now depending on region, state, and even down to city. What I can say is that High School is too late, and that's evident by the increase in gonorrhea and chlamydia infections in youth. If I'm not mistaken (which I could be with these dates), back in the 70s and 80s, chlamydia most common in women 21-23. Today, it's most common in women 14-19 with rates being 1 in 15 sexually active! That may not seem like a lot but for an infection that can cause sterility, it sure is!

In my perfect world, we'd be teaching middle schoolers about sex, because stats show they ARE having sex and are getting pregnant and infected with STIs.

Lord_Thash32 karma


ITeachYouSex24 karma

Good! That's a good age to learn about it. Try to enjoy it and feel lucky you are getting the education!

GhostHandz15 karma

I'm in Indiana and sexual education started in 5th grade and continued into junior high.

ITeachYouSex7 karma

I wish this was universal.

guruatma13 karma

I teach 4th grade and we teach "puberty class", which includes the basics of sex ed.

ITeachYouSex9 karma

THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I'd love for you to PM me with some details about region and education methods if you don't mind?

That SHOULD start before puberty. That's a rough time for boys and girls (mostly girls) and needs to be addressed.

ITeachYouSex17 karma

To show you some amazing statistics, check out the CDC's report on STI rates

kezzxx14 karma

"Is it true that if "you don't use it, you lose it?""

ITeachYouSex19 karma

No steve, no.

AFuckloadOfLEGO11 karma

Before people like you, how did people ever find out that sex feels good?

ITeachYouSex28 karma

It's actually pretty innate! Animals and other organisms aren't instructed on how sex feels good, or even that it's possible. However, urges and personal exploration usually leads to it! It changes from organism to organism and culturally in human populations but it's always the same. Biology drives us, simple as that.

I_Anonymous10 karma

I recently got my depo shot :) I've read that a few individuals can get depressed. Is this side effect normal?

ITeachYouSex12 karma

It can be. Progestin, the hormone in the shot, can cause depression in some individuals. It's important that if you do have depression to tell your physician. There are plenty of other options if you do have side effects like depression

wethechampyons7 karma

First hand story and advice here! :)

The shot made me horribly depressed. The day I knew it was time for a change was when my boyfriend was cooking, asked me to open a box of noodles and I started crying because that was just so sad. I was also on a non-stop period for 2 months, after having been on the shot for 6. that case it was pretty obvious something was wrong, and it usually is in cases like that.

The pill also caused mild depression for me. I didn't know in that case because I'd just been on the shot and I was so much happier that I didn't understand I wasn't happy yet. It also kept me from getting wet naturally and killed my sex drive. I'm now on Nuvaring and it's perfect for me - but my best friend tried it and it caused her the same depression I had on the shot. I don't know about your age, but another friend of mine wasn't allowed to switch off the shot even though it caused her depression because her parents didn't think she would remember to take a pill every day - so educate your parents too about other methods, like the patch or a ring.

My point, which I preach about as often as I can, is to not settle for anything. It took me 3 years and 4 methods to find what worked for me but it could have been a lot sooner if I'd just asked my doctor if I could try something different. Remember that you can always switch back if you liked an old one better, and that many methods are relatively in the same price range under insurance/generic brand/nonprofit like planned parenthood. That said, you also need to give your body time to adjust if you're trying something new, so if you don't feel 100% when you first start a BC method, give it a couple months. It might still be the one for you.

ITeachYouSex4 karma

Great story! Everyone's body is different and it is your choice in your birth control method. If something isn't working, even the implant or IUD, talk to your doctor!! What's right for some isn't right for others, and side effects are based on the INDIVIDUAL, not the medication as a population statistic.

Dinos4Prez10 karma

Personal questions if you're willing to answer: I'm a college student. I was on the pill for 2 years and I found it made me very depressed. When I told my gynecologist she shrugged it off and basically implied I was being a drama queen.

So I guess my questions are, what kind of contraception besides condoms can I use? My boyfriend wants me to get an IUD but I've heard of those going wrong.

My second question is how can I have better communication with my doctor? I'm kind of shy, but I want to talk to her about birth control.

ITeachYouSex24 karma

Hey there Dinos!

First off, I can't give you medical advice, which unfortunately BC methods fall into, but I can tell you about the methods.

There is a hierarchy of BC methods and their effectiveness, and that's usually what I recommend based off of. My recommendations are always in this order IUD (most effective), Implant, Depo (the shot), and pills. The options narrow based off many things about your life style, health, etc.

IUD stands for Intra-uterine device. There has been some bad press about them, but I'm here to tell you a lot of it is NOT TRUE! Yes, like any medical procedure there are risks, but they are increasingly rare and IUDs are become extremely popular there is a waitlist at our university because we keep runnning out!

An issue with IUDs were that there were 2, a copper and a hormone based, and they were fairly large. Normally, they were recommended for women with a certain size uterus which is fairly large for a woman that has not given birth. A new IUD (Skyla) came out which is smaller and better for young women. The risk of complications is very low and the precautions for IUD insertion have gotten much better (measurement of the uterus before to ensure the correct placement/type, depth, anesthetic, etc.). It's a great method but you'll have to talk to your doctor about this one!

For your second question, it's often hard to talk to your doctor about this stuff! It can make people feel uneasy, nervous, and awkward, but they are there to talk about this stuff and make sure you live safely and happy! If you are still in college, ask your campus' health center if they have a "woman's health" available. Many universities have these that provide OB/GYN services as well as BC prescriptions.

The key to talking to your doctor about this is to really try to be open about what YOU want out of your birth control. If depression is a concern, tell your doctor. It's your body and you know it far better than them so be vocal. If something doesn't work for oyu, you can ALWAYS change methods or types. Just remember, you're in control!

AphiTrickNet7 karma

Does pre cum contain semen?

ITeachYouSex6 karma

It can, yes! This is different from man to man, though.

coketown6 karma

No question, just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. I'm a big supporter of family planning and sex education. I hate that so many people don't understand why its so important for young people to learn about sex. You'll never ever be able stop people from having sex, so why not make sure everyone's doing it safely? So yeah, awesome job dude.

ITeachYouSex4 karma

Thank you! I really appreciate comments like this, makes me feel good :)

Ben_dover965 karma

Can you go blind if you masturbate too much?

ITeachYouSex85 karma

If you aim for your eyes, yes.

Fissgig4 karma

I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the Diva Cup, if you'd recommend it?

ITeachYouSex7 karma

I never recommend diva cups for multiple reasons. They are messy, they can be uncomfortable, they can be VERY difficult to remove as they create suction against the cervix when there is a flow, etc.

Overall, I'm not a fan.

geekprincess35 karma

What is a diva cup? I've heard of the name buy I don't know what it is.

ITeachYouSex4 karma

To put it frankly, it's a cup that sits on the cervix and holds back blood.

ZizaniaPalustris4 karma

There's no health reason not to though, right? As someone who found tampons very messy and uncomfortable after about a 3 month learning curve the Diva Cup beat them out by a long shot. Many women prefer them to tampons so why not encourage folks who are having issues with other methods to give them a shot? I was honestly really annoyed when I learned about them on the internet at 16 after having suffered through four years of discomfort having learned about only tampons and pads in sex ed classes.

ITeachYouSex2 karma

We talk about the method, but we do not encourage it. I've had far more women come back to me and complain about them than like them. If there is a medical issue or preference, I tend to talk about it, but otherwise I do not advocate for them. That is not to say they don't work great for many women, but through work with Planned Parenthood and my job now, it's just not recommended.

merlin56034 karma

Friend of a friend worked in a fertility clinic. She had a couple come in for help. Turns out, the reason they weren't getting preggers was because they thought insemination happened in her belly button. True story.

I believe in abstinence before marriage. But I believe in education more. This kind of thing is inexcusable.

ITeachYouSex8 karma

Thank you for sharing! I understand the ideology of abstinence before marriage but I appreciate your willingness to accept education has it's place! Be sure to vote accordingly in your county with this in mind ;)

DrScientist8124 karma

What's the strangest question you've ever been asked by a college student? Functional, pleasurable, or otherwise?

ITeachYouSex16 karma

"Can I get pregnant if I swallow"

OralConception2 karma

Yes, you can: Verkuyl DA: Oral conception. Impregnation via the proximal gastrointestinal tract in a patient with an aplastic distal vagina. Case report

Br J Obstet Gynaecol. 1988 Sep;95(9):933-4. PMID: 3191066

ITeachYouSex3 karma

We actually have this article printed out in my office. I worry that you may work in my office.

thedragslay4 karma

My sister and some of her friends are in the process of organizing a sex-ed class for freshman during orientation at Emory University. Do you have any tips or advice to offer about the process of establishing these programs?

ITeachYouSex11 karma

Contact me through private message! I'd be more than happy to speak with her and give her some of our programming!

Davegrave3 karma

What are some of your best/worst incidences of college aged people just being totally naive about their own bodies and reproductive systems?

I'm 35 and STILL from time to time have moments where other adults say things that just shock the hell out of me by not knowing things I learned in grade school.

ITeachYouSex2 karma

I'm not surprised based on what I've heard from students!

There are really so many that I'm hard pressed to name just one. There is a lot of confusion about menstruation in women, how birth control works, and exactly what STIs are and the fact ANYONE CAN GET THEM!

The worst is probably ignorance of STIs and the reality that the majority are asymptomatic. I guest teach lectures on this and at the end we always have at least 20+ questions regarding myths about avoiding STIs or young people's inability to contract them.

Also...HSV 1 vs HSV 2...Yes, you can get both on your genitals or in your oral cavity!

pcmaniac63 karma

What is some things that you'd want/expect more people to know? apart from the obvious like practicing safe sex

ITeachYouSex5 karma

I always assumed women knew the difference between what a vulva is and what a vagina is, and that the urethra is not the same as the vaginal meatus (or vaginal opening). This is why I always try to encourage self-exploration in women as...let's be honest...your anatomy is WAY more complex

bittersister3 karma

I love what you do! May I ask, what is your training/background? Is this where you planned to end up or was it just how things worked out?

ITeachYouSex3 karma

I'm a biologist with an interest in public health and medicine. I've worked in medicine for some time with an profound interest in sexual health and behavior, mainly STI and HIV.

I'm actually pretty young and applying to med schools :)

thejennadaisy2 karma

Have you considered getting a Masters in Public Health?

I'm in an MPH program and your job sounds pretty awesome.

ITeachYouSex3 karma

I'm the only non-MPH/MPH student in my job actually! I just had the expertise and experience prior.

I plan on getting my MPH with my MD.

upjumped_jackanapes2 karma

I have a question about birth control pills. From what I understand, the pill prevents you from ovulating. So then, what is the period you get when you stop taking the pills for a week? If your body has not built up the uterine lining and not released the egg, where does this period come from? Is it a fake period? What causes it?

projectemily5 karma

The body still builds up the uterine lining because the pill makes your body think you are pregnant/recently ovulated. When an egg is released the tissue that originally surrounded it begins making progesterone which inhibits the release of any other eggs but things like lining maintenance still occur. This tissue sticks around until there are signals to be destroyed (near the end of pregnancy or a few days after ovulation) BC pills act like this tissue. So when the progesterone levels drop during your off week the body responds as it does when the progesterone producing cells regress naturally and get rid of the lining. So basically all carries on as normal you just don't get an actual release of an egg that could be fertilized.

ITeachYouSex3 karma

Pretty well explained without getting to hard in biology. Gj!

projectemily2 karma

haha thanks! I guess that's what happens when you work for a reproductive physiologist and have to learn how to explain what you do to non-science friends in a way that doesn't make you look like a freak for looking at samples of pig sperm all day...

On a similar note and you might get a kick out of this teaching sex ed in the south: I was working in Nebraska and got in a discussion about birth control with a kid that was super religious (like legit knight of columbus or whatever) and he insisted birth control pills were abortifacient. BUT since he was involved in cattle reproduction he understood what progesterone did completely on a biological level, he just never knew that that's pretty much all BC pills do and just took his priests word for it that they were abortifacient. The look of realization on his face was pretty humorous.

ITeachYouSex3 karma

It's a common confusion even that the college level in non-religious individuals! Emergency contraceptives are often confused for "abortion pills", and I constantly have to explain that if implantation and fertilization occurred, the pill has NO effect and research has proven that there is no negative consequence to the child.

friedjumboshrimp2 karma

How common is sexual encounters between College Professors and students?

ITeachYouSex7 karma

I've never had this disclosed so I really wouldn't know. We don't ask about the individual someone's having sex with other than sometimes the occasional detail for STI/HIV risk.

That being said, as an undergrad this happened more so with TAs than professors so I'd think that's a bit more common.

MissInkFTW2 karma

What is the most surprising thing that you've discovered a college-aged person did not know about sex or sexual health?

ITeachYouSex3 karma

I mentioned in a post above, but it's definitely confusions about the female anatomy and how each part affects sexual interaction.

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what are your thoughts on condom sizing - in Europe we now have condoms fitted to the length & girth requirements of the individual?

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I wish we had the same! Unfortunately, we have a culture of men obsessed with penis size and showing off with friends, so if we go out into the community they'll all grab the XL. In reality, that can lead to slippage and be a huge nono.

That being said, condom sizes are pretty widely shown through the web and I encourage my students to take a look and measure (yes...measure). It's based on diameter of girth or the head and base of the shaft and I think every man should do this.

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superb - great to see such a positive response. So often I get knocked back with "one size fits all" and unfortunately it seems to happen a lot with sexual health educators/experts :-(

a great resource for matching the measurements to a particular brand/variant is CondomSizer

disc: I actually make the European "TheyFit" condoms in question!

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Thank you for your work!!!

We DO teach about condoms fitting all sizes, but I always talk about different shapes and sizes....but Trojan is a rip off :)

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Are you like Galords mom in Meet the Fockers?

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Except I'm a male....dun dun dun

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Once upon a time I worked for a sexual health office in the South myself. It's a hard row to plow and my hat is off to you.

Fun question: If you can answer without tipping your hand too much, what's your favorite campaign your office has put on?

Mine was a fashion show that involved outfits made from condoms. It was a bit of a takeoff on Project Runway, and the student's outfits were AMAZING.

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I can't :( I'm sorry! But let me tell you it involves a LOT of condoms to a LOT of people.

I've said to much...GAH

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Strangest was probably asking me to observe a sex tape...don't ask.

I've never heard this before but no, in the same way "blue balls" isn't harmful. It can be uncomfortable but there is no danger to the man.

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Why do you think that the anti-abortion zealots are also the ones that are most staunchly against birth control? It seems counter-intuitive.

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I think they should probably read some books based in reality

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any idea about forcyde spots? as in frequency, or if they freak out the women?

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I've had one or two questions in my time about forcyde spots and confusion if they are herpes or HPV. In my experience though, it seems like such a common occurrence that it doesn't bother people. Plus, the internet is magical and it's searched for so often that it reassures people.

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So how has this job affected your personal sex life?

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It hasn't really. I've always been very open and very vocal about sex behavior and different aspects. All of my friends know this and my partners.

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What is the most terrifying sexual misconception you have encountered?

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"Herpes is only infectious when I have an outbreak...other times I'm fine having sex with and without a condom and not disclosing my status".

^ 1000000000x this.

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Trust me when I say that masturbation does not interfere with intercourse! In fact, we recommend it sometimes to women attempting to have sex with their partner and being unable to due to...sizing issues.

In short, don't stop masturbating and don't worry!

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What was the most awkward moment in your class?

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Someone interrupting the lecture and talking about her "VD"

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What's your opinion on implants ( like nexplanon) and do you recommend it?

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They are fantastic and I do recommend them! There is little for me to say that is negative about nexplanon/implanon, except for the procedure which often turns many individuals away. It's a fantastic device and works great!